: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Rakan!
My dearest Rakan... where should I begin. I'll start by thanking the team for considering Rakan for the skin. I was really looking forward to his next skin since Cosmic Dawn's head made buying it a big "no." Bird Boy needed another skin and I do think this one has potential, but it needs tweaks. ----------- **tldr**: In sweetheart, Rakan has a decent head but the cape doesn't "pop." The tie-in for Xayah/Rakan on these skins (giant 2-tone heart) is quite distracting. There are too many hearts on Rakan's costume overall. ^Minus the above, the rest of the costume is pretty nice. I'm really looking forward to what the skin will look like when the cycle finishes. ------------ ------------ **I will now split my feedback into 4 more detailed sections:** ---------------- Head: Decent head. Shape is good and hair is nice white, but he doesn't look like Rakan without the streak in his hair. This streak sets him apart from Xayah. Ears need differentiation too. Consider red marks like in base Rakan (or even a deep pink). --------------- Hearts: There's just way too many. It looks awkward, especially since they have no real colour palette/don't match each other. In the past (with the exception of maybe Orianna) this hasn't really been an issue. The other Sweetheart and heartseeker skins don't feel super awkward to lock-in at a time of year that's not Valentine's day if the player is feeling spicy, whether the skins are legacy or not. Having too many hearts makes it a bit awkward. --------------- Matching accessories (giant 2-tone heart and headpieces): Some may group this with "too many hearts" but it deserves a separate mention. **large heart** The heart on his chest is way too large. It distracts from the rest of the skin. A smaller, single-coloured red heart with the currently white accent changed to the rasin/eggplant shade on the feathers Xayah is holding would be more tasteful. Their magics are intertwined, I don't think they'd forge/acquire an inanimate object to show them being a pair. This accessory feedback extends to Xayah. Her right upper body looks really awkward so bare and an accent with one or two of Rakan's white feathers would look really nice either on her upper arm (above the imperial purple), **above her right breast at the distal tip of the gold fabric**, or hanging from the upper right back side of her cape. Bolded the placement that I think would look best and not interfere as much with animations. **headpieces ** Rakan would look nicer without it. It's also hard to dance with. He could stand to lose a heart or two and this would be a good candidate. Xayah's is the opposite. It looks like it fits nicely and compliments the skin. ---------------- Cape: The player's eye gets pulled to the head and that ginormous chest heart and just stays there. Compare that to his base skin where there's a flow from the head, down the cape, then it loops back up to the head again. A flow is aesthetically pleasing, and Rakan wants people to look at the cape. Consider more "pop" in the shift from white to pink, like a two-tone rose: https://dncache-mauganscorp.netdna-ssl.com/thumbseg/1872/1872394-bigthumbnail.jpg At least darken the hearts at the very tip of the tailfeathers to match the red of the chest (or meet at a mid-tone like magenta) to draw the eye down to the tips of the feathers. Right now it is too muted because of how far down his cape the white dominates over the pink. ---------------
: There's something fishy going on. We're looking into it, but not finding any leads. So sorry... This may take a while.
Please let us know if you guys need traceroutes or anything that can help you guys.^^ If it helps, I am located in Northern Ontario (Canada) and usually have 30ping but now have a fluctuating 400ish ping like the OP. It is likely not West-Coast isolated.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
I have a few points of feedback from a usability standpoint: 1. Grid mode is easier to work with all around than list mode. I think it should be the default since it allows the newer player to "quick check" if that path has a particular rune that they want and recognize. (ask around for consensus though obv.) 2. It would be really nice if "deselecting the keystone" (i.e. right clicking the path) on an otherwise blank page would bring the summoner back to the create new page screen with all keystones on it. It would add selection speed due to reducing the hover time. (Right now there's the extra 'chose your path' click instead of just clicking the keystone.)
: Champion Select filtering, sorting, and favoriting now enabled on PBE!
The first time I favourited a champ I got a bug where everything froze and I couldn't select any other champ, nor lock in and the screen held through multiple champ selects. (this was triggered in practice mode champ select where I favourited Gnar at 27 seconds and the screen just froze there, so I quit the game and formed a new one only to be greeted with the exact same screen frozen but the music suggested that the timer was reset. I then quit that game and formed a custom game, but was still greeted by the frozen screen, and this persisted until relogging.) I am since unable to re-create the bug, but wanted to log it here in case it shows up for others and it needs further investigation. p.s. This feature is really nice, thanks for implementing it.
: Feedback Thread: Preferred Slot
Tried it out in practice tool a bit and so far I really REALLY like it. I also appreciate that multiple items in the item set can have the same binding, but it prefs the first one purchased, since my giant item set (it has all completed items in it) includes items that I'll only buy one of but I want the same binding for whichever I buy. Noteworthy: this also makes it so my sightstone won't move anymore; for that I am grateful.
: There is a chat notification at the beginning of game with how to turn it off ^^ I agree, the Thresh Announcer toggle wasn't surfaced very well :( We will fix it going forward with the same method. Thanks for the feedback! ^_^
: We do think that having the toggle may allow us to enable these in Ranked going forward, but that's still up in the air. As for the "this could have been much more awesome" feeling, we did think some players would feel that way, but also know that a lot of players think an overall map skin is overwhelming. We will be monitoring how people receive this to help us make decisions going forward. As a note, just because some things we will make are Accents, it doesn't mean we won't also make cool map skins going forward! This is our first try at something in between :)
Sorry for not responding for so long. I do really like the middle ground myself; yes I find full maps overwhelming when it overlaps with the gameplay itself^^" To be completely honest, I'll likely be disabling it in ranked unless I'm playing one of the Arcade champs. The exception is special game-modes, and Dark Star is amazing <3 You guys keep doing great stuff, I'm so grateful Doom Bots especially was able to return due to the team's new map tech.
: It's a really interesting idea that I hope gets further developed in the future. So far I think it's a great! Something bugs me though. While I know the idea of Accent is to have just some stuff modified and it's not a total map conversion, I can't help it but have this feeling of "this could have been much more awesome if they went for a full Arcade themed map". I kinda feel that the Arcade themed structures just stand way out too much compared to the normal SR textures, if that makes sense for anyone. Don't take me wrong though, I still think this is a good first step on something new, but would like to see some modified textures around structures so they fit better in the future!
Then they wouldn't be able to have it enabled in ranked due to gameplay clarity...
: Arcade Map Accent is now enabled for testing on all Summoner's Rift Queues and Custom Games!
I don't remember if it's there or not from my last game, but if it isn't: Could you guys please put a notice in the chat at the start of the game that tells them they can turn off the feature? With the Thresh announcer I had many games where I ended up needing to type to people how to disable it, once they stated in chat it was tilting them. The new visuals are very cool though :) Love the poros.
: [CLIENT] Loot Description Boxes too small
Try restarting your client. I do not have this bug on my end.
: Kayne Feedback - Tracking Unseen Enemies from Wall
No idea if it's intended or not, but much like Camille's hookshot doing that at release I think it should be removed. His shadow step also lets him sit within turret range. Don't know if that's intended or not either.
: > [{quoted}](name=NotSoEvilDead,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=Os2hs1jE,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-06-29T15:04:29.669+0000) > > The Shadow Assassin form looks entirely inconsistent with the other two forms Hmm, is that because the Base and Darkin form both incorporate some green/teal into the model and VFX? While the Shadow Assassin form goes with red?
It's mostly the hat covering his face, which results in it looking like he has a really long beard if that makes sense? Comes across kinda like Ryze Whitebeard with a scythe.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Nightbringer Yasuo!
The animation for his ult only has one strike, which makes gameplay a bit fuzzy for allies when timing the enemies falling from the suspension. The "Xerath W" effects are also louder on this skin than his others, making it look a bit like a dangerous ground aoe.
: [Heimerdinger] - Is he working like he should?
He's bugged; apparently they will fix it by tomorrow.
: With regard to the application of the new champion
I'm uncertain what you mean by this. This server is meant to test new content. How would someone test new content while not using it?
: Will Gargoyle Stoneplate redurce true damage ?
^ Huge question. Think of the possibilities of buying it on champs with reliable true damage sources.
: I love every part of the skin except the face. The one glowing 'eye' just kinda looks off. I had imagined some kind of mask like Cosmic Reaver Kassadin has. I also agree that Alpha Strike feels a little slow with its animation.
: Both his E and Q are way to hard to see, the animations are miniscule aswell compared to his other skins. This skin will get banned in competetive play 100 %
^This. If left as-is there are many visual clarity problems with the skill particles.
: Legend of the Poro King: Portal Party Coming Soon to PBE!
I want to be constructive, but it's hard with this new mode... But I legit just can't stand it. As someone who plays a lot of ARAM and enjoys Poro King, the new mode just makes me sad and feels very punishing instead of exciting. When it's portals combined with mark/Dash there's just too much that people need to mentally keep track of. Try to relax for a second and you just die. The screen flashes constantly and if there's a trap user it's just unfair-feeling. We also can't actually buy snax at all; it's not just the popup :( Edit: Yeah, 4 games, that's all I can take. Now I feel sick from the VFX.
: Well sending a ticket is out, because Blitzcrank grabs it and pulls me back here. So hopefully something gets done about him automatically, though I don't have much faith.
send it under "i have a question about league of legends" as "general questions."
: Alpha client wont change size
: The lack of interaction with the community is kinda sad though. Through the boards, i mean. I know they don't have dial up but they should at least leave a comment to let us know they looked at it. Wish it were that easy.
Mmm I don't think so. I think there's just too many of us compared to them. Plus there's the people that ask random questions/give comments not related to that Rioter's field or even the post the Rioter commented on. If a Red name posts, it shows on the Redtracker, and then a ton of people see it and flood in to swarm them. Not everyone is probably comfortable handling the swarm, so they avoid it completely since otherwise the time commenting might swallow up their work time. There's also the aspect of Reddit being easier to communicate with across servers instead of the boards with one each, so there's a few reds there too.
: Well they asked here for some ideas regarding the cancellation. But since the board seems closed now i put it here as a question, rather. And i have put it on Live as well but its beyond old and it's been brought up by more than just me before plenty of times. This is just to bump and refresh the idea. Not to mention some people have left their live client lives for PBE and only look at PBE for new things. P.S: I've been minor banned for posting too many and harassed for bringing it back up. But i'll keep trying if it means i get some sort of answer.
The specific thread asked for Amumu and Blitzcrank ideas, but I see where you're coming from and your passion for the Vel'koz skin concept. I assure you that the skins team sees all the threads because there's a lot of cool stuff people think up, draw, and then post. They do keep these kinds of things on file for future pitches, even if they don't always respond directly to the threads.^^
: Update on Sewn Chaos
> [{quoted}](name=I am Carlos,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=qnK0MB8Q,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-25T02:01:38.870+0000) > > Hey everyone, > > So what does this mean for Blitz and Amumu skins in the immediate future? Well, we're going to head back to the lab and figure out how to give both champs the skins they deserve. And we'd like to hear your ideas for skins that would best represent these champs. > Here's the Amumu post. * Sad blossom/Death Blossom Amumu: He's modeled after a daffodil or Narcissus or Bluebell. These flowers already resemble weeping so his expressions should resonate with the visual. His Q would be a single vine or root (care not to look like Zyra's ofc), while for the ult the symbols could be changed to important plant nutrient symbols (N, K, P, CO2, etc.) * Tackler/Nose Guard Amumu:<---crappy name ik; humour me here... He's all "buffed up" in Football or Rugby equipment. He's in charge of locking people down during the play. Would work well with the ever so demanded Linebacker Sion. -------------- The next few I was able to find threads that illustrated them: ---------------- * Spidermumu: It's everywhere. Too bad copyright makes this one super impossible... * Arclight Amumu: Suggested in the past http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4835785 ; I think it has potential. Would need to use the green bandages loosely covering him to mute/contain the glow. Base particles for the ult at least would still fit. * El Tenaz Amumu: (Tenacious Amumu) First suggested here http://forums.eune.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=369969 Wrestling skin. Not sure how the others were received (Voli, Mundo, Gnar) but Amumu would fit this line very well if it is revisited.
: Was this considered?: Sewn Chaos Vel'koz
This should be posted on the live boards; it will get more visibility there too. The Pbe boards are for feedback on content currently being tested, not new features.
: I Want to Test the new Ranked System!!
Ranked was disabled in order to stop people from denying WW testing by banning him. Not sure when they'll re-enable it.
: Update on Sewn Chaos
> [{quoted}](name=I am Carlos,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=qnK0MB8Q,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-25T02:01:38.870+0000) > > Hey everyone, > > So what does this mean for Blitz and Amumu skins in the immediate future? Well, we're going to head back to the lab and figure out how to give both champs the skins they deserve. And we'd like to hear your ideas for skins that would best represent these champs. > I thought up a few Ideas for Blitz, some of them rather strange, and the skin names sucketh but I hope maybe one of the concepts inspires the team^^" * Sockpuppet Blitzcrank: Just as it says on the tin. Blitz dresses up to perform a sockpuppet act. No particles really other than the very end of the hook. It's still obviously base Blitzcrank underneath. To show the passive he could be covered in shag carpet instead of a sheet, where if the passive is up the texture poofs a bit with the base static particles. * Cherrypicker Blitz: This one was inspired by Lumberjack Sion. Who picks up the trees he cuts down? None other than our trusty grabbing friend. * Ranger Rescue Blitzcrank: Matches Firefighter Tristana. Blitzcrank thinks he's _saving_ you from the dangers of the enemy team... but you're on the enemy team. You don't want him to _save_ you at all. * Booty Hunter Blitzcrank: To go with Deep Terror Thresh <3 Why should Blitz not hunt for treasure... or dat Ashe. I also did web searches on the above but came up empty, so I don't _think_ people have pitched them before? Unless you guys did internally ofc. Amumu post coming soon~
: Update on Sewn Chaos
Hello _I am Carlos_ and whoever else may read this, First of all, thank you for being honest and upfront about your decision regarding the fate of these two skins' immediate futures. We all appreciate it, even though some of us show it differently than others. I do agree that the two skins don't hit the same bar as the usual skins do, but for different reasons: 1. I don't think they fit the theme Sewn Chaos in their current iterations. When I sit them beside Orianna, they look too neat. Not chaotic at all really... Ori looks pretty terrifying and creepy actually; these two don't. 2. The way they were designed doesn't 'fit' _something_ that's key to each champ. In Amumu's case it's the raging curse and in Blitz's case it's the static. Amumu: Maybe something like Knitting or crochet chaos where you'd be able to play up the yarn or wool aspect would have worked better for Amumu's kit. I'm not saying he _should_ get this skin, just a thought for future iteration's sake. Blitzcrank: The 'hook' is there, but the materials he's composed of don't give off a 'static' vibe at all. It's kinda strange in that way. Using fabrics and materials that give us humans static shocks such as TV glass, Nylon, felt, and leather would have made him more Blitzy If that makes sense.^^" Anyways, thank you for opening this thread up to feedback. If I think up anything cool for the two of them I'll be sure to send it your way. -LostFr0st
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
Please let us chose which lane the single bot goes to. It's frustrating that we can only practice bot lane. At least make it so it TPs to our detected lane please. Edit: A couple more things; just want to have them all in one comment: 1. Is there a way to enable normal mana/hp regen while locking lvl? It would be very useful when practicing low level mana management in lane. 2. Please move the reset game button to the second (hidden) page, or just not in the middle of the buttons. Many people accidentally press it. Thanks for making a feedback thread for this^^
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=LostFr0st,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=EnRnLHoq,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-01-11T18:45:03.397+0000) > > Popstart Ahri Citrine chroma&#x27;s ears are the wrong colour; they don&#x27;t match her hair so it looks weird. Lol I read that as Poptart Ahri at first, i love it. But seriously, thanks for calling that out! I've brought this up with the team. :]
O rip. She's too sweet I guess. Freudian slip^^ Glad to have been of help.~
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Popstar Ahri and Prestigious LeBlanc Chromas!
Popstart Ahri Citrine chroma's ears are the wrong colour; they don't match her hair so it looks weird.
: Garen skin reinos de guerra
Are you saying it gives you Azir's loading slice instead of Garen's? Not quite sure what you mean.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cant Remorse,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=auEY7jEU,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-10-18T21:11:15.203+0000) > > Wish that rumor on shaco getting an ap scaling on q was true. Oh well {{champion:35}} But with this amount of small changes, does this mean hes gonna receive a full VGU? It wasn't a rumor and it is in fact true ^^ The full list of Shaco changes was hard to fit into the summary post at the beginning. List of changes from memory: all spells that had variable timing (Q,W,R) now have consistent timing, lots of bugs fixed across the kit, R AI improvements (should only matter if Shaco isn't issuing orders himself), his passive took the mini-crit stuff from Q and has a per-unit cooldown that can be reduced by cooldown reduction, Q has bonus flat damage that is multiplied by the P mini-crit and has an AP ratio, Q stealth duration scales with rank 1.5-4.5, Q cooldown nerfed a bit but hitting something with the damage portion refunds 2 seconds of it, W can be placed while stealth but briefly reveals Shaco when he does, W has a small AP ratio on total (not triggered) duration, W Health scales with Shaco level, E has % missing health damage and TAD scaling and is no longer good to rank first (that's Q's job now), E monster attack speed slow removed, R drops a triangle of mini-boxes that do less dmg/fear, trigger together, and share health.
Can we pretty please make it so a new box shifts over existing boxes instead of shifting the new box? The shift is hard to predict and, as another summoner mentioned, it's hard to replace expiring boxes with the update. Even if the shifted box re-appears or disabled for a bit.
: Plant Spawn Full System Design
Red side into Krug-pit blast cone gives creep-block. Tested all other cones at all angles and it is the only one that makes the champ walk completely around the monster to get out.
: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
Hello Riot Whale, Not quite sure where to put this, but Katarina Bot hasn't received the memo that she was reworked, and has forgotten her masteries in champ-select.
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
Would it be possible to look at the ip gains for the mode? it's pretty low atm. I know ip means nothing on pbe, but it means a great deal to some people on live for the time tradeoff vs win/loss ratio of games. Thanks for your time. -LostFr0st
: Alpha Client Aatrox picture bug
I guess Aatrox is more important than we think.
: To quote Shantizilla from another discussion on another discussion platform.... "Championship skins are narrowed down through a bunch of different criteria, and yes impact on the competitive scene is a big one. When we select skins, though, we're looking at the entire history of the champion, and not trying to guess what will be in meta in the next year. Sometimes that means champions get the nerfbat while a skin is in production; Riot doesn't balance around skins, it balances around the needs of gameplay. While it's true Zed has fallen off in recent competitive play, take a step back and look at the champion's contribution since he's come out. Some of the biggest players in LoL esports history have been on Zed, and I don't think anyone imagines he'll be out of competitive play forever. :P"
What are the chances of us getting an AP champ next time? :3
: Well it clearly wasn't part of their orignal design for the skins as well as they hadn't done it for any of the other teams, even the other skt skins. The reward should always be the same if you win worlds cause if they gave four skins for a team that lost one out of three for every round, I would be so incredibly mad and I'm sure they would too. It just doesn't seem like something that is really fair.
The thing is, both midlaners played an equal amount of games. How to choose between them? About the Sivir vs Kalista: The AD player asked for Kalista initially and they refused it and forced Sivir. That was them making things right.
: Twisted Fate - Cant pick a card (W) when out of mana
Idk what's happening but maybe it's trying to grab mana twice? Could you check that next time you're in-game as TF?
: SKT T1 Skin Feedback and Question
OP you need to read this for context on Azir: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/Miavcl5e-so-about-those-skt-skins
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
Firstly, thanks for making an official feedback thread! It's nice to have one since it keeps stuff more organized^^ I have a couple questions/feedback points: 1. has the ult cd for ARAM been adjusted to an appropriate level? It is quite impossible to avoid on that map. 2. I strongly believe that allies who join the charge later shouldn't get the same ms buff as those who join at the start, for the same reasons Sivir received said change.
: Add the Flux duration to Ryze's Spell Flux's Tooltip
Could you post it here http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/q6YMpE4v-ryze-champion-update-feedback-and-discussion to keep stuff all together?
: Ryze Re-Re-Re-Rework Feedback
You should post it here http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/q6YMpE4v-ryze-champion-update-feedback-and-discussion so we can keep all the Ryze stuff together <3
: nah, there was no schedule announced. They are probably just testing DynamicQ emblems that shows your preference (team, dynamic or solo). Most likely they are going to bring back normal queues with the next patch on Monday.
: I think it's because all the Normal Queues are currently disabled and only Ranked is available which the new Client doesn't support at the moment.
Lunar, is there a normal schedule for them doing that? Does that mean ranked pbe is back? I'm so excited if that's the case, I've been busy with work the past couple patches. <3
: buugs ?
OP, log onto your LIVE account, go to the live boards http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/ Log in to the LIVE boards, scroll up to the top of the page and click "SUPPORT" From there send riot a message and tell them which account you can't get into. They should be able to help you. The people here on the boards physically cannot help you.
: どうして、一ヶ月二度のヘクサキル
彼らはまだスケジュールを変更することができます。 彼らは支配権definetlyない添加したときに前にそれを切り替えました。 Hexakillは非常に人気があります。 だから、わざとである可能性があります。 They can still change the schedule. They've changed it before, like the time they added Definitely Not Dominion. Hexakill is very popular though. So It could be intended.
: These Kindred nerfs cannot go through, here's why
While I definitely see where you're coming from, they did tell us they were balancing basically for worlds these next few patches. I'm pretty sure it's her clear they're targeting, since the changes to double-edged sword will buff her clear quite a bit.
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