: i tried it with soraka, did you see it on a spesific champion?
Janna was who i was having trouble with, specifically her shield
: i don't remember anything about the cursor target boxes being changed, and i didn't notice anything while playing yesterday :/ unless it's a new change from today in which case i'll check it out later. im not playing on Howling abyss so maybe that's why{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Yeah, maybe I'm just crazy, it's a very subtle thing, so it's hard to provide any proof of it.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God Staff Jax!
So, I know riot has pulled back skins in the past, is it really out of the question to pull this skin back into development in order to make it an 1820 RP skin? I am damn sure you guys would sell a HELL of a lot more of this skin if you guys gave it more love and time.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God Staff Jax!
So, being that this is "god staff" I feel like "Imagine if i had a real weapon" should be changed. Something along the lines of "They finally gave me a real weapon!" since it's his joke and all...
: Snow day ARURF but on howling abyss
So, back when URF first came out, it was on H.A. The problem was, a very select few of champions (nidalee, R-thus, ect) dominated on HA, and I mean 10x harder than some champs dominate on SR. Ziggs is one of the big offenders that comes to mind
You sound like a screaming two year old, man. Do you think a riot employee will respond positively to this?
: URF summary
i think at this point a good chunk of people would have been fine with "plain" arurf
: About Dark Harvest in Aram
It works the same as it does in any game mode, for aram specifically; cannon minions, super minions, and champion deaths (regardless of team) drop souls.
: > [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=FNlyn316,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-07T18:26:55.539+0000) > > Hopefully after maintenance and the maintenance will still be today?
They have maintenance every day on PBE... Now, whether it gets fixed today or not is another matter {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: That champ can flash twice in 3 sec {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
{{champion:81}} You belong in a museum.
: Crimson Akali Skin 2017-18?
Legacy skin only, try getting it in chests
: Possible Vel'koz centered issue regarding loot
I can also confirm i can't redeem my definitely not velkoz icon
: welp, wish riot could atleast give patch notes
UPDATE: you are now getting double RR refreshes after your first aram
: 242MB update?
Fingers crossed for aram reroll fix >.< Edit: Testing now Edit2: So, i have a reroll again, but it looks like we aren't getting double RR refreshes :/
: [Unsealed Spellbook] - does not prevent you from buying smite items
I honestly think this should be intentional... it adds more depth to later in the game.
: Dark Harvest change idea
{{champion:223}} love's the idea of farming souls by spitting you at the enemy team.
: People (Trolls) are abusing the report button
If you didn't say any of those things and you're innocent, you have nothing to worry about, on PBE reports go before a riot staffers eyes, they see the logs. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: About the next skin from Illaoi
Personally as a fan of the game prey, i really like the concept of deep space illaoi, but i agree, the rest are just... meh. Hell, even deep space is kind of eh...
: I dig your idea. I'm not a designer in this area, I just work on servers and the team who deploys our patches every two weeks! However, from a fellow ARAM player perspective, I imagine that I'd go mad getting champions I haven't purchased on ARAM, since I mainly want champions that I'm actually good at playing. In fact, we even hear a lot of players give feedback that they don't like that F2P champs are available in ARAM, so they get ones they don't necessarily like playing. I don't think we'll be turning off F2P champs on PBE any time soon, btw.
Totally understandable, I appreciate your reply :] I have noticed however with two RR's, it's not very often that people are locked into someone they can't play when all champs are unlocked. Simply for the fact that everyone can trade. What about the RR refresh?
: Hey, thanks for the report. This is a known issue, and I updated the bug report with a link to this post, in case the devs need to pop in for more information (unlikely). Thanks!
Thanks banf! May i say, as a mainly ARAM player in both PBE and on the live servers all champs being free and fully refreshing double rerolls actually makes ARAMS a LOT more enjoyable as a whole. Is there any possibility of this feature being implemented in live? I am sure that making the entire pool of champions free for only aram might take a bit of work, however, as a possible solution before you guys turn off all champs being free on PBE trying to leave them on for aram and testing it out? Thank you for your time Banf :]
: That seems rather like an over-reaction. You still get 8 damage added per cannon minion wave and slightly better AD scaling. If your gameplan is building tankier and relying on some nice burst later in the game, it's still viable.
I can see this rune working on {{champion:75}} , but with an already weak early game, he's at an even higher risk for losing his lane now. If you're planning on building tanky, grasp of the undying is a better choice for late game burst, with a heal attached. I honestly can't think of a single champion I'd take this new version on, over another rune. (If anyone has an example, I'll gladly admit being wrong.) I don't believe it needs to be NEARLY as strong as it was, and I do agree it needed a nerf, however, I don't believe it needed to be crippled though.
: dark harvest nerf
It honestly went from one of the most busted runes to having no reason to pick it at all.
: That isn’t a thing though?
Ah, I stand corrected, I infact misread the rune {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: I don't think that really matters since the mana restriction has always been more important.
Unless he's ascended....then LOLL
: Dark harvest
I think the biggest problem right now is the stacks not being expunged like they're suppose to be upon use.
: Out of BLUE essence it's been days I have just 37
Keep playing games and leveling up, then sell the champ shards from the capsules {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Blue smite not working with Glacial Augment
Summoner spells=/= Activatable items is my best guess....Although that would be a neat interaction if not a little broken.
: jana kata ults too visually similar
On this note, am I the only one who noticed kat's lack of sound on her ult? I mean I personally use a lot of auditory queues in game to help reaction time and this really throws me for a loop sometimes.
: 10/24 PBE Thread - Current State of PBE & My Learnings
On a related note...Would it be possible to replace the login animation screen with essentially these update posts you're posting? Could almost be like the Patch notes page, just on the launcher screen with a scroll bar...
: edited, happy?
Yeah, sorry, wasn't trying to be a jerk, I honestly misread it. >.<'
: 10/24 PBE Thread - Current State of PBE & My Learnings
So, I didn't realize the filter was down, and am honestly curious if I need to change it now. Rather ask than get reported :o
: Yes I saw them, but didn't find one as specific as mine with the pictures and the unstacked loot, so thanks for pointing it out in a sarcastic manner, totally needed.
*sigh*...ok, you're right. I was a jerk in the way i stated that, so I do apologize. Let me try this again in a more constructive way. In the future, if you see a ton of threads with a similar problem to yours but not quite the same, instead of making an all new thread, find the most popular of those threads and post your portion of it to that thread so we can avoid clutter and increase the odds of riot seeing these problems all in one thread instead of sorting through 50+ similar bug report -pages-.
: Loot and Rewards
you know how to figure out if the issue has been reported? ... ... ... Spend five seconds to look at the 50+ threads already made about the issue. ORR...use the search bar to find out.
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: Store Bug (double buy)
What's odd also, is that only some of those double purchases can be refunded lol.
Rioter Comments
: Now that there are more people in the server, What about readding /equalize?
What do you mean by reading it? Edit: oh, "Re-Adding" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} ....Re-Adding what thought? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
I have an idea, since the store is probably gonna get overloaded again, and we just had an influx of a TON of new players (I'm one of them) Would it be possible to stagger the opening of the store, (oldest to newest players) in a phase opening kind of way? If you guys have record of when everyone signed up just do it in groups, maybe?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dreadnova Gangplank & Dragonblade Talon Chromas!
I really enjoy the tinted section of hair on those two talon chromas Gotta say though, Sapphire and Emerald are my favorite of that set.


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