: Farsight Orb
Yup, this thing, even with the recent buffs which allow it to trace people, needs a powerspike when upgraded. I can't really see why I would prefer to use this over any of the other trinkets. I feel it needs to be one of two following things: It traces waaaaaay longer, but has a longer CD and shorter range. This means that if you can manage to find a key champion of the opposing team, you can cripple their movements. Say you hit their jungler while on his red. He cannot go for a lvl 2 gank any longer. Positioning and strategies can be made around this and it opens up for counterplay to strong gankers and assasins. It has way shorter CD. One problem a lot of supports have when warding is that when warding they can easily get caught unless they already have vision of the opposing team. Sometimes going in blind is required to place key wards around baron when those wards have been cleared. Having a shorter CD will give safety to those in need, whenever they need it. ~20s CD.
: Thanks! We've tracked down the base issue here. :)
Having random skins might be an interesting sales pitch, seeing as this gamemode is not permanently available and getting a taste of a skin might lead to purchasing it. And once you purchase one skin. Well... (Random skins from a selection of all of the skins, including ones not owned ofc)
: It'd be convenient but unnecessary if the summoner names are very distinct, however, I can't imagine how nasty this would get against a premade team with similar prefixes to their names like pro teams.
TRUTH. I do support this. Then again, pro or premade teams wouldn't really have problems communicating. (Or shouldn't) And should we really adress that type of concern? If per chance they have similar names, I'm sure most people could solve it themselves.
: This isn't a bad idea. A few tech hiccups prevented us from getting it in for this weekend, but we'll keep the idea around when/if One For All cycles back.
If? IF? This better come back. In fact, I think having more traditions in league would be cool. Winter maps in the winter, lunar festival, the harrowing. Make a gamemode for each of these so that we can plan ahead and prepare. Make a ladder and give icons to anyone that reach the top 10% or something. More on the subject though, the naming can be according to the season. You could probably make something cool out of this kind of naming. Like, not only numbers, but random short nicknames, maybe in line with the season? Like CookieThief(CT) or Shorty(S). And have the acronyms be unique for the game (IE Shorty(S) and Stinky(S) would never appear in the same team. Just Give it some love! Number 1 & 2 is a little boring. (Or mabye I'm just a tad childish)
: CertainlyT on Yasuo
I like the additional power to his skills. I think it opens up for counterplay on both sides. He has a lot of potential, and I can imagine him being a lategame lee sin. The power in the skillset makes the skill of the player truely define a Yasuo. The shield has a lot more potetial to be refreshed in fights than Malphite's. You can choose whether to get it back up after initial burst by burning some escapes (the targeted CD on his E). 20% is a lot. This means that the Yasuo shield has the potential of blocking a mage's combo a second time. Insanity I say! Although I am not properly informed of recen changes on Yasuo, I will say that he is strong and possibly needs a nerf. This might have been it, taking away his defencive stats only rewards skillfull play. TL;DR He has a lot of potential to dodge/soak/block damage through skillfull play, therefore, if a nerf is needed, it should be put into skillfull counterplay. If you manage to damage this elusive swordsman, it will be more rewarding.
: One suggestion: **Number each player.** Generally it's easy to refer to each individual player by their champion, but obviously that isn't something you can do here. What I propose is that a number be added to the end of each player name in chat, above their health bar, and on the leaderboard. * Above their name, it should be as simple as **[#] Playername**, similar to how team tags are shown. * In chat, it should appear after the Champion name, eg: **Playername (Ziggs #): Message** * On the leaderboard, it should appear the same way: **Ziggs #** Pretty simple change that would resolve a lot of confusion that seems to be happening.
Seems a little unneccessary. We have summoner names. Then again, it's not like this is a major change, and if it helps teamplay by even the smallest of margins, I think it should be implemented.
: Suggestions - Jungle and Minions
Sure, the wight camp is, eh, not really that apparent as of right now. Personally, I feel like its just a random druggie on one side of the map. It need a camp. But, like Only Viktor NA stated, this is subject to change. As for the minion wave, you do have a point, although very minor. Of course champions who have aoe or multi target abilities that are shaped in a certain way will have an easier job of clearing waves. But changing the way minions move will only make another set of skillshots better at dealing with it. Having a variation of movement will be a little unpredictable for champs that require them for movement, such as lee or amumu.
: [Ward Skins] Quality of Life Improvements in Season 4
I agree with this. Alas, there still remains the problem of identifying the different kinds of wards, now that there are quite a few different ones. Of course, this could be easily solved by a small coloured aura around the wards, or something like that. But I am definately seeing the same issue about the wardskins not really coming to show a lot of the time.
: Soraka - Little more utility?
IMO Soraka does what she does well. She sustains and gives a HEAVY armor buff. There are also a lot of play that can be integrated into having good map awareness and utilizing her ult properly. She is one of the only supports that I can think of that can do this. There is a lack of late-game scaling in her kit, as her starcall never really comes into play with its mr-reduction. This, however, may change in s4 with more gold for the supports, allowing her to build tankier or with more AP. TL;DR she is very unique with her free mana sustain and heavy heal/armor buff, therefore we should be careful with adding in more to her kit as she might become a jack of all trades suport.


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