: Happened to me too!!! Here are the steps to reproduce it: 1) Pick twitch 2) Activate Q (Ambush) 3) Die BEFORE the stealth activates 4) enjoy your transparent body :)
Haha, still sad they can see us :( It would be fun having hide and seek with them
: Kicked in Ranked, and server is busy to reconnect
I was in ranked too, i guess the game will be canceled and they must be updating something. Just wait it already happened sometimes this week
: PBE Lag Problems (Europe)
It's pretty strange, i have 200ms and i can't feel one connection problem on pbe while on Euw i have 50ms but when i get 200ms i'm alrease freezing. I'm located in France. Can the connection depend of the computer of the player ?
: Oh dang. I scrolled for a few pages and didn't see your post ;; I'm sorry!!!
I can't even find them too haha no problem ;)
: Turrets Disappear Yet Still Alive
I've had the same problem, i've already posted it [here ](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/l52HNuQE-turrets-dissapear-after-freezing-15-seconds) It's happening most of the time after you freeze for a certain time. (like 500ms) You can't see the vision of the tower, you can't target it and you can't know if someone destroyed it.
: Afk/Leaving punishment system
The CS:GO punishment system was working before on League of Legends (ban time) but cause some people faught that this was too cruel , riot decided to change the punishment system. I never played Dota 2 before and it's the first time i hear about the system's benefits and i think it would be awesome for the players that try so hard to win a game to be able to quit it if there is a leaver. **[BUT]** If all the team goes away cause of this option, one person maybe would wanna stay a bit longer and play. Should that be fair that all the team disconnects from the game while one player still wants to play it ? If this system exists one day, it will need **a second type of vote** that ask if you all **wanna leave the team**: **4 (max) YES**: **Everyone leaves or can leave the game if they want and the game wont count in there stats** **3 YES and 1 NO**: **Everyone must stay in the game before they surrender or they can keep playing** (the stats wont count again) (of course the fifth player is the AFK)
: I cant play in league i press the button it doesnt work
Maybe it's a problem with your client, did you try re-installing it ?
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: Store - An Error Has Occurred
Still cannot reach the store but you can buy champions and skins **profile -> champions** after re logging.

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