: Hey Nurse Flan! First of all, I think the splash art is absolutely amazing, one of the best but I do have a few suggestions for the in game model. My first suggestion would be to brighten up the colors like you did on Atlantean Syndra a while back. I think the gold on the in game model should be more of a brighter yellow shade of gold like the splash rather than the dull green/grey shade it currently is in game. I also think the white part of his clothing should be brighter white like in the splash instead of the grey/silver it is now. And the chest area is quite blue right now which I think should be changed to more dark purple like it is in the splash. Another thing I think should be added is instead of having blank black spaces for the eyes it should be bright blue like the splash. Also a nice effect you could add to the skin may be twinkles/sparkles around him much like how some other skins have auras (leaves around Blackthorn Morgana). Anyways great job so far and I hope you can improve on these points. I'll see if I can add more feedback once the PBE is back up and the particle effects for the spells are out. Edit: The spell particles and sound effects are amazing! Great job. ~Kaceytron
: due to high server demand custom games temporarily require a minimum of 2 players...FOR 3 DAMN DAYS!
You do realize that normal queues are empty because there's so many custom games going on, right? This is perfectly normal behavior for the PBE, happens with almost every new champ release to some extent.
: [Kindred] - Wolf Stuck
Certainly worth looking into unless it's confirmed to be intended.
: Reduce kindred's heal when hitting minions. (full power vs jungle camps and champs)
: Kindred Q Explanation not Sufficient
It says she vaults. Perhaps it could say she "vaults a short distance" instead?
: **Just wait until they fix it.**
That only works if Riot knows the bug exists. It has to be reported at some point.
: ... or simply press F11 (or was it F12) ingame and check your screenshot folder afterwards ^^ Also, instead of uploading to an external source you can directly attach them to your post, too.
Confirming that the screenshot button is F11. Also, uploading the picture to an external site means that you can embed the picture in your post, rather than using the nasty attachment system.
: Featuring KINDRED
Probably the reason that Q doesn't do damage when dashing over a wall where you have no vision is because it acquires targets at the beginning of the dash.
: [Zac] Elastic Slingshot
This frequently occurs when an enemy Zac jumps in out of fog of war, but I don't think this is serious bug. It is not limited to just Zac, he's simply the most noticeable; I've seen it happen to Gragas as well.
: Reporting a player named II TTTT II with an i or ll TTTT ll with a small L
This means you missed your opportunity to report the player at the end of the game. However, this is not the correct fallback option. No naming and shaming on the Boards; keep it between you, the player, and Riot. If you absolutely still want to report them, attempt to search for their profile (in order to verify how it's spelled), then send in a support ticket. Delete this thread (at minimum remove the name), as it violates the rules for this forum.
: Once you go burrow it has no cooldown but when you go un-burrow again it goes on cooldown
More accurately, Rek'Sai can always unburrow by attempting to auto-attack.
: new champion?
This is just a teaser, to go along with the recent "They are coming" thing. Wait for the next patch/PBE cycle (which should start approximately next Tuesday) and we'll probably see the next champion.
: I just noticed PROJECT: Zed is mirrored.
I don't think that's quite as much of an issue as iBlitzcrank having 4 fingers per hand in his splash, but 3 in-game =P
: I don't mean you, I mean the people that want proof of it x)
: Meh, those who complain are attention seekers and ignorant. If they desperately want to get noticed for the bugs they found, then this is probably not the right place for them.
I don't want any individual recognition. I just want the PBE playerbase in general to get some positive feedback from Riot.
: They won't do that for the same reason they do not reply to everyone: time efficiency xD The fact that bugs get fixed should be enough of a sign, right? :3
I'd like concrete proof to be able to link to others on the main Boards when they complain the PBE doesn't do anything.
: You're too pessimistic. Just because they do not reply to your post, doesn't mean they do not read it.
Kinda gives me an idea. What if every week or so a Rioter created a post listing all bugs found/fixed with the help of PBE testers over the last week?
: I don't believe so. I don't really play Ahri much but I'm pretty sure it goes the way your mouse is pointed, like Nidalee W or Riven E. EDIT: [Here is what it says on the LoL Wiki](https://gyazo.com/ec9d0daa2b86c20c7a0a36b6c6a244b9), "Ahri dashes in the direction of the cursor".
I'm not much of an Ahri player either, but now I want to double-check the targeting paradigm for her ult, just to be sure.
: Initializing PROJECT First Strike & PROJECT Sync
First things first: I know perfectly well I'll be buying all 5 skins during First Strike. Despite this, I don't think I approve of the skins being full price from the get-go. That's 375 RP for just the loading screen border, which seems a little high to me. Consider the fact that summoner icons, at 250 RP, are visible on the loading screen, as well as on your friends list, summoner profile, and all comments on the Boards. That's much more visibility, and the same level of exclusivity, for 125 RP cheaper. If, however, the corresponding PROJECT icons are included with the purchase of each skin during First Strike, or there is a decent set of bundles, then my complaints are pretty much moot.
: [Ahri Ult] mixed up with Q target?
Did I miss an update at some point? I was under the impression that Ahri's ult always caused her to dash in the direction she was facing.
: Meh makes sense. Nobody is ever gonna find it, though :')
I also reported it through the new tool earlier today. Hopefully that gets something done.
: How long did you search for this thread xD
: I don't think this is a bug.. Whether it's intended, *that* is a question xD
Now it's definitely a bug, because the same reproduction steps now cause Nidalee to Pounce *backward*.
: Azir Turret interaction with Teemo Shroom Bug
Sounds like an oversight from the recent Teemo update. Shrooms now have 3 health, but apparently the turret (only Azir's, or does it apply to all turrets?) doesn't know how to handle that yet.
: Heyo ^__^ You need to load in with at least 2 PROJECT skins on the same team on Summoner's Rift to see the PROJECT minions. Hope this clears things up!
So that would be every game on the PBE right now, correct?
: PROJECT Zed Problem
Similar thing happened to me. Before the patch earlier, Project: Fiora was apparently in the shop; I purchased it twice somehow, and after the patch I already owned Project: Zed without actually buying him.
: How can a 6 stacks, elixired Cho'Gath hide in such a smal bush? Questions upon Questions my friend...
The inside of the bush is bigger than the outside? Yeah, I'm gonna go with that.
: Can't sign in
Just a quick reminder to at least read the titles of the first 5 posts before reporting something. It's a quick way to eliminate duplicate reports about incredibly prominent bugs. Edit: That's the first 5 posts when sorting by New. Results may vary when using other sorting methods.
: Make PROJECT: Zed's weapons glow please :-)
But how would he hide in the shadows if he's glowing?
: Why are alot of skins unavailable for purchase?
Likely a problem with the shop associated with the new patch today. PBE went down again, presumably to fix some kind of urgent problems, so hopefully your issue will be fixed.
: Can we please gift chroma skins?
I think the reason is that bundles don't work very nicely with the gifting system.
: i wouldnt say that it is with Yorick's ult since its a spell from a different champ and "revives" the targeted champ, where Sion, Kog Maw and others are kind of "still alive". What I'm trying to say here is that it may be different cause it isn't from the killed champ itself Haven't tried it though
Best guess is it should apply to Yorick's ult, because the same pattern of "champ dies, but retains control temporarily" is still there. Worth investigating in either case though, because that could be important in the bug-squashing process.
: Darius passive bug or intended change?
I assume this would also be the case with Sion, Kog'Maw, and maybe Yorick's ult as well?
: Windows 10 compatibility
I've had exactly zero problems with it myself, but you could try running it in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or 8. Let me know if you're not sure how to accomplish that.
: Not change it, just slow it down like in Street Fighter where they dramatically fall in slow-mo.
Still involves adding more to the animation, though, or risk having it look super choppy because of the reduced number of frames per second that would be displayed by simply slowing it down.
If you've got any IP at all, just use that to buy things. There's hardly even any need for the starter bonus now that everything is 1 IP. Just play some games and earn IP, which will be enough to buy several dozen more skins.
: inb4 lvl 10 ppl report you for {{item:3102}} or {{item:3026}} passive
That's part of the reason a Cheating report isn't very helpful. Players may not be familiar with obscure mechanics, and could report for something that's perfectly within the limits of the game.
: Add a "Cheating" option to the report screen.
There's no need for it. If there's actually "cheating" (I assume you mean bug abuse) going on, Riot tracks and bans those that deliberately use game-breaking bugs to gain an advantage. Adding an extra report category for it wouldn't really bring any more offenders to their attention.
: I had it earlier
This one in particular is interesting to me, because it involves a crystal that did not have the issue when I saw it. Needs more investigation to narrow down the conditions.
: Ward doesn't show when place inside bush
The area that is actually defined as "brush" may not perfectly line up with what you can see. This is most often a problem in the bot-lane bushes, but can also be noticed in a few other places. For future reference, try holding down the key (if using smartcast with indicators) when placing a ward; if the spot your cursor is on is inside a bush, the targeting cursor will turn green instead of blue. http://lkimg.zamimg.com/shared/guides/232395/images/cursor%201.png
: The ':' was not made an option in this discussion and therefore not considered. That could be possible, though idk if Riot will do that.
By now it's probably pretty much set in stone. I personally don't have any problem with Battle Boss.
: Battle is the adjective, boss is the noun here. In case, you cannot have it the other way around. The skin title has to refer to the champion. Blitzcrank is not a battle, that's simply not the definition of the word battle. Sure, you can have *a battle with Blitzcrank*, but he is not *the battle*. So it's kinda impossible to name the skin boss battle without making it look weird.
Rioter Comments
: regaining globs from a distance while rooted or slowed, gaining hp and lowering w cd. it's small, but a warranted change
: it's a fun buff, it's just not practical.
I'd like to see some feel changes for Q, mostly. Its effectiveness, such as it is, doesn't seem to justify the long-ish cast time/self-root. Your suggestion by itself would make it much more interesting, though I'm unsure how helpful it could really be.
: The wrong direction of Zac buffs and what needs to be prioritized by Challenger Zac player
Despite your points (which, being a fellow Zac player, I largely agree with), I'm still quite excited to have even more range on Elastic Slingshot.
: Wrong Arcade Riven, Battleboss Blitzcrank Splashart
The flipped version (the one for Battle Boss Blitzcrank, where he is on the right side) is the one that incorrectly displays their handedness. It's not something that can really be fixed, because if one or the other requires the art to be flipped, it's bound to show everything backwards. Think of the version for Riven as being the original, correct version; it correctly has Riven holding her sword in her right hand, and Blitzcrank's hands are also correctly oriented. The other version is only flipped so that Blitzcrank can be on the right-hand side when his skin is viewed in the client.
: Seems like it would be an insane defensive item on more mobile champs like Hecarim or Vi who are more likely to land an auto where it counts. I'm just speculating as I've only ever built the item once on BMB, but I mean, it's got some really good stats on it. Are you guys worried about other, more dive-y bruiser classes "poaching" the item or is it no big deal/intentional?
I've seen Tahm Kench use it very effectively. It seems to be good on tanks/bruisers that have additional incentive to auto-attack, and is particularly useful on champs that don't have good gap-closing abilities. In extended fights or long chases the damage really adds up.
: Mini Boss or Battle Boss Blitzcrank - Which is it?
The [official feedback thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/0kUy3bsU-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-battle-boss-blitzcrank) calls it Battle Boss, so that's probably the correct name. The client is far more likely to have instances of a previous name that were missed in the pass to update it.
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