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: I know it's frustrating, but I don't think there is anything that can (or maybe more accurately, will) be done. As Frost said, there just isn't enough of us. You could argue that they should just allow more people into the PBE to compensate, but that opens up a whole can of worms with monitoring and regulating the fragile PBE environment. They don't want to let just any rando onto the PBE, for fear of them being super toxic and negatively effecting everyone elses ability to do what we are here for. Not to mention having two PBE servers doubles that problem in and of itself. Keep in mind, Riot isn't dumb. They know where people are from when they invite them to the PBE, and I assume they know some people will have poor connections. They might even do this on purpose, as a way to test and monitor connections, and their infrastructure. You're probably aware of the large NA server project going on right now - your playing on the PBE may be providing info they are using to guide that project, as well as others (ya know, ones in your region that you would actually care about). And who knows, when the NA project is finished, maybe it will improve your connection to the PBE as well.
: Riven doesn't need Q buffs
They buffed her Q ? With what ?
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: Hey guys, We got way more volunteers than we expected, thanks! If you were selected to help you will be receiving an email from Lyte@riotgames shortly. Thanks again!
Well, there will be always "way more volunteers" when you type something like "receive a reward".
: Hopefully this isn't secretly an account-harvesting scam by someone who's hacked a Red's account. But I would be interested in taking part. Why is this being done through email rather than through the forums?
How can you get your account hacked, only by saying your summoner name ?
: PBE forums don't register that I'm logging in
: the new map has lower FPS than rhe old map.
If you got fps drops on the new map, you need to disable your sound so you won't get them anymore.
: [FPS Drop] - Serious fps drop after 30min mark on new Summoner's Rift
When you are In-Game, go to options and Disable your sounds. So you won't get FPS drops anymore.
: [New SR] Extremely low FPS (with screenshots)
Just turn off your sound and the fps drops are fixed. At least this worked for me :P.
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: Game Freezing
: FPS issues.
You aren't the only one. I got the fps drops too.
: FPS drops
Same here. At least i'm not the only one who is playing with 2 fps.
: *UPDATED* TESTING WINDOWS: Season 2014 Summoner's Rift + Preseason 2015 Summoner's Rift
I have extreme FPS drops since this patch was introduced on the new SR. Usually i play with 60-72 fps, but now im playing with 10-5, the game is unplayable for me.
: Major FPS Drops since recent PBE Updates
Same here. The game is unplayable.
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: Game crashed
Same happened to me when i was playing thresh and hooked the enemy adc near the nexus, the game suddenly crashed with no stats on history.
: Extreme FPS problem
: Pre-Season 2015 map hogging memory
Me2. My fps is dropping from 60 to 10-15. It's unplayable.
: Gangplank ult change incoming
Nice how much time we gotta wait for it ?
: Silver 3 after 1 Placement Game?
Usually you skip the promotions and you jump 2 divisions instead of 1. This goes for only Bronze - Platinum. From diamond you will need to play your promos in order to promote.
: Current Talon Iteration and Snare > Slow suggestion
: @Riot - Bit of ranked clarification, please.
True, my Frost brother. They should do a patch soon and fix this. It's way more fun with the ranks. I upvoted this, hope others will do the same and Riot will read this and fix it.
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: Barron Nashor exploit new Summoners Rift
: updated summoners rift is not working
Just create a custom game on the old SR and go to video options and put your shadows on. It doesn't matter what quality just put them on.
Or you can simple make a custom game on the old SR and put your shadows on. *any quality*
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: Crashing at loading screen
Same to me, we are in the same match lol. I'm still trying to join but no succes...
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: [Critical] Thresh's Passive do not work
Yeah... its hard to play with 16 armor base all the entire game... In early you don't notice... but in mid-late it will be a pain in the ass when the enemy adc will just 2 crits you and you are dead lol.
: Nidalee PBE changes for 9/11
Fix the thresh bug, with the souls.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Karma
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: Experiencing the "Attempting to Reconnect" message? You can help!
: Self Mystery Gift
HA ! Riot gotta put the mystery skin to 1 IP for testing purposes of course. So we can find out what skins gets this error :D
: Remove MMR on PBE
Ya, they should do same for ranked, because yesterday i waited 45 minutes for 1 game.
: Computer completely Freezes
Got crashed 10 times in a row, just right after joining in the game I played for 1 minute more then crash, then again and again on ranked.
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: RP to IP
I agree with this, but only here on PBE, not on main servers.
: PBE off ?
They are in maintenance, just wait for it.
: Victorious Skin Sneak Peak
: [SUGGESTION] Rotating Featured Game Modes
Nice suggestion bro, but i don't think riot will approve this. I think they won't even try to answer... Cuz most of the time they are scumbags.
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