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: Game crashes at load screen then client auto repairs, no effect.
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: 16 GB instead of 7GB? Help me
Nobody help? It's really 16 GB? The standard League have 9.56 GB on RADS folder. After open the PBE client, it downloads 7 GB, but later appears "applying patches..." and return to 16 GB... Sorry for my bad english. Any idea?
: Why do I have to download 15368.mb for the pbe?
7700 MB installing... Applying patches... 16700 MB installing... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: PBE installation and patching crashing and freezing computers.
I also had this problem, but it was just me trying to download it the other day that I was able to download without crashing. If you are in a hurry, I recommend downloading it over the Wifi. I suspect it is the ethernet board that is overloaded. And one question, are you downloading the PBE with 16GB or 7GB? *** Eu também tive esse problema, mas só foi eu tentar fazer o download no outro dia que consegui baixar sem travamento. Se você tiver pressa, recomendo baixar pelo Wifi. Eu desconfio que seja a placa do ethernet que esteja sobrecarregada. E uma pergunta, você está baixando o PBE com 16 GB ou 7 GB?
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