: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Koalifier,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=Edkyv02H,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-11T23:45:00.470+0000) > Our goal is for this to have no noticeable change or impact, so hopefully you won't notice anything has changed at all. Then what Is the point in doing this? Does it have performance improvements or does it allow you all to do more with the engine? Also how can we be excited for something if it has absolutely no changes? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
It's like updating spaghetti code, probably doesn't have an impact right now, but it will make this easier to code/optimize down the road and will prevent further issues. Would like to see some performance improvements for particles though, teamfights can impact fps a fair deal depending on which champs are present.
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: Regarding damage over time spells and adaptive helm, will the helm reduce the damage from the remaining damage ticks of the spell? For example, Malzahar's malefic visions deals 27.5 magic damage every half second. For the first tick, it deals 27.5 damage. Will the remaining ticks deal 23.375 damage? Will this also apply to persistent AOE damage over time spells as well such as Singed's poison trail or Galio's Winds of War? Will Adaptive Helm reduce damage from bonus on hit magic damage such as Kayle's righteous fury, Teemo's toxic shot, or Jax's grandmaster's might and empower?
"Fills a niche of being top tier _**protection against sustained magic damage dealers**_ (somewhat akin to how Warden's Mail and its upgrades do this, but for magic damage). Unique Passive: Taking magic damage from a spell or effect reduces all subsequent magic damage _**from that same spell or effect**_ by 15% for 5 seconds." It's specifically targeting DoT effects and mages who can reliable refresh damage, yes. Say Cassiopeia hits you with Q, the first tick will deal 100 damage and every tick after that should deal 85. Not sure how it calculates multiple instances of DoT though, like if Cass Q, Liandry's, and Deathfire are all applied. I assume it reduces each one by 15% individually.
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Personally, I think the Banshee's and Abyssal stat swap is confusing and much more complicated than it needs to be, primarily because Banshee's Veil has always been a purely defensive item and Abyssal Scepter has always been a utility offensive item. Is the balance team so obsessed with an item's "identity" that they would rather swap EVERY stat EXCEPT the unique passives instead of swapping JUST the unique passives...? That sounds really dumb, honestly. I'd much rather buy the new Abyssal Scepter and say "oh, that's right, this has a new passive (spell shield)" rather than re-train myself to buy a completely different item. Plus, I would have to swap the two items in every AP item set, that's just annoying.
: Update on Sewn Chaos
Personally, I had no interest in either of these skins, but I can see why you axed them. If I had to pic one major criticism, it's that the visual theme of these two skins don't line up with the only other Sewn Chaos skin (Orianna's). Sewn Chaos Orianna is simply a sewing-themed take on her traditionally-robotic form, but with dark and somewhat twisted undertones (voodoo doll + pin cushion, dark magic, etc.). You look at this skin and think, "I wouldn't want that thing sitting on my desk/shelf, it will probably try to kill me in my sleep". The sewing theme is also coherent, tastefully incorporating **_only sewing tools_** and multiple patterns of stitched fabric while still looking like Orianna, Meanwhile, Sewn Chaos Blitz and Amumu are...two **_cute_** stuffed **_bears_** with an excessive amount of sewing elements and other odds & ends. First and foremost, why are they bears...? They're in Annie's toy chest, I get that, but is she so obsessed with bears that she turns _all_ of her toys into bears? That seems a bit silly, both for Annie and the theme of the skins. On top of that, they look less like dolls and more like a jumble of random toy parts, especially Blitz's hook and battery pack. To me, it looks like Blitz and Amumu are still using their base skins but are trapped under the layers of cloth, which is also a rather dark idea, but I think it's entirely different from what Sewn Chaos theme represents. If Riot ever decides to revisit these skins or the Sewn Chaos theme, I very much think they should focus more on the "voodoo doll" idea and less on "tinker toys in disrepair".
: [Closed] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Quinn!
This is just a screenshot from Surrender@20's patch notes, so I don't know how janky it actually looks in-game, but...what the hell is going on with Quinn's torso during her recall? She apparently grows 50% more torso at some point during the animation. https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-BrIJiDCMvLY/WEc1cBQ9S7I/AAAAAAAAZqM/o1LNdmI9YBQf2zxIPhkctUH1o5LrkEp7QCLcB/s1600/quinnrecall.jpg
: *Updated* 6.14 Bugfixes
**Elise** - Over the last week or so, I've repeatedly failed to transform into Spider Form after rapidly casting spells in Human Form. I don't know if there was a stealth-nerf for a buffer that prevents Elise from transforming within a certain amount of time after casting a spell or if it's a bug, but this is extremely disruptive to my play. There have been numerous instances where I just walk at the enemy team in Human Form, not casting spells because I expected to be in Spider Form and continuing my combo. I think this most commonly happens after casting Volatile Spiderling and Cocoon, then trying to transform. **Riven** - Not sure if this one was ever fixed, but there was a bug from at least 2 patches ago that prevents you from using Riven's E if you die while casting her 3rd Q. If this occurs, _you can't use her E until you cast your 3rd Q again_. This happened to Boxbox a few times on his stream and he assumed that there's code which prevents Riven from casting spells during her 3rd Q, but that same code locks out her E for some reason on-death. And, I don't think this one is champion-related, but there seems to be some bug that ignores movement commands. It feels completely random, but I'll be moving around as I normally would (rapidly right-clicking) and sometimes my next few commands will just be ignored, making me walk towards the enemy team, away from a fight, into a wall, etc. It only lasts for a second, then it allows me to input movement commands again, but that one second has been enough to get me killed several times. I don't have any special keybinding to move, it's just the standard right-click binding.
: maybe make it so it's a larger radius but as soon as she moves out of it, it disappears or slowly decreases in radius?
Having them instantly disappear defeats the purpose of having an added effect from casting Q in the first place. As for the shrinking radius, that might work if they also put a limit on how many instances of Worked Ground she can have active at once (3 or 4?) and give her the ability to restore the radius by walking back onto Worked Ground. I think she also gains a movement speed bonus while on Worked Ground, so I'm not sure how much the above changes would negatively affect her general performance. Not much, I imagine. Another possibility would be to simply reverse how her Q works: "_first Q cast fires one projectile and creates an area of Worked Ground, subsequent Q casts on top of Worked Ground will fire multiple projectiles_". The only problem I see with this is that it will make an already weak kit weaker.
: If they don't ever intend to Buff her QoL , I guess I will have to make a mental note on every single one. So far I don't have TOO much trouble keeping track of them on her classic. Except for when I flashed unto one to Q and didn't get the kill because of it, lol.
The mechanic itself is quite annoying, in my opinion, especially since there's no limit to how many areas you can produce (as far as I'm aware). You either litter your lane with Worked Ground in an attempt to continue firing multiple Q projectiles, or you have to purposely stand on existing Ground and only fire one projectile. I know it's supposed to help her lane sustain with the mana refund, but I think it's an unnecessary power constraint on an already clunky and somewhat weak kit. More on-topic, Worked Ground in rivers is _slightly_ easier to see if Taliyah is standing on it, but it still desperately needs to be changed before shipping to Live.
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: wolf is in there, he is behind lamb..{{item:3070}} {{champion:203}}
I didn't even notice him until reading this comment, he's way too obstructed and just looks like background noise.
: Im with you part of the way. I like the new passive but everything else I agree. I want the old Circle back for Q W HP is a non-issue plants die just as fast if Im not jungling. E is still slow, easy to dodge and the root is still really short E Plant needs more slow or more damage or attacks faster else Q plant is 1000x better R ulted plants NEED to be IMMUNE to damage like Illaois tentacles. They are how much of her Ults damage budget and are killed in one attack from an AoE
I don't really agree with your ult suggestion, her ult has always been about area denial rather damage. In other words, the ult itself is a deterrent/counter-engage and any 'mega' plants that spawn are supposed to discourage enemies from staying around afterwards, lest they be poked to death. I've never felt that it was supposed to be a 'dump all the damage' button and I think making mega plants immune to damage would push it into that category, the only counter-play would be to immediately run away. I could maybe see them getting a slight duration or health increase while mega, but not full immunity. P.S. Illaoi's tentacles aren't exactly a shining example of a balanced mechanic.
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: PBE not launching
Open Task manager and make sure LoLLauncher.exe, LoLPatcher.exe, LoLPatcherUx.exe, and rads_user_kernal.exe aren't running. If they are, end them all and try opening the client again. Usually it's just rads_user_kernal.exe that's causing the issue.
: Some Shen skins have mismatching sword visuals
I just figured he wields two _different_ swords/scalpels/glow sticks/whatever. Each one has its own purpose and whatnot, like a Katana and Wakizashi. -shrug-
: Yea i see this. But in my opinion the Shadow Isles theme (beginning with Headless Hecarim/Underworld TF/ Haunted Maokai) gave League of Legends an individual interpretation of Halloween with a great skin theme and an awesome cinematic last year. I hoped Riot would maintain this specific LoL Harrowing character and identity but instead you just switched to an overhyped theme like this zombie apocalypse survivors thing, which you could have released anytime else, because it's not linked to Halloween/Harrowing in a deeper context. It's a real shame that League of Legends is losing its special Harrowing history/atmosphere for such an ordinary and replaceable theme.
To be fair, Flan said "_this year_", not "from now on". I have to agree that I prefer Shadow Isles/something else League 'themed' though rather than just 'here's some zombie stuff'.
: Ultimately we didn't want a players perception around the quality of their game experience to be determined by a pre-determined color on the latency bar. Yes you can hover over the bar and see the latency, but we felt that was a layer removed and the colored bars didn't really tell you what your connection was like outside of when it was pre-designated to turn green/yellow/red. We want to offer complete transparency and just put the actual number up by default so you can see exactly what your connection looks like and make better decisions off of that than colors.
I honestly don't see the problem with displaying ping as a number + the bars, it gives you the detailed (number) _and_ general (bars) information _all the time_ and it's up to the player to determine which is more important at any given time. In fact, your reasoning falls flat on its face pretty quickly because any player that doesn't know how ping works_won't know what any of the indicators mean to begin with_ (they likely won't even have them enabled). In my opinion, all this does is negatively affect players who _are_ actively seeking the information about their ping.
: Changes to Latency Bar in HUD
While the colored bars may not be an accurate indicator of what a "good" ping is, _it quickly let's me know how severe my current ping spike is_. If it's green, I'm fine (my normal ping). If it's yellow, I'm in the 100's and will lag slightly. Orange is 200+, borderline unplayable. And, red means my teammates better be able to win this fight 4v5. Personally, I hate having to look for a little while number which may or may not be difficult to see depending on the situation, the bar indicator is good for getting information at a glance. Please don't remove it...
: @Riot Can we get some context (and discussion) about the Elise Q change?
"Elise: Neurotoxin (Human Q) has been reverted back to her live mechanics (no more DOT as seen in previous PBE iterations) with a her % of target's current health reduced to 4% from 8%." THANK YOU FOR REALIZING HOW BAD Q WAS WITH THIS CHANGE. Not sure if I agree with 4% Current Health damage, but I haven't tried it out yet.
: These changes you suggest look way better than how it's now, and they tone Elise down without ruining her playstyle
And if they want to _buff_ her kit in some way, they can do so with indirect power: lowering cooldowns (primarily on Rappel and Human/Spider Form), taking another stab at a DoT effect (likely attached to Spiderling attacks or dealt _in addition to_ Q's base damage), or something like a lesser stun on Cocoon (less than I suggested above), but with an added slow after the stun (webs are quite sticky, after all).
: @Riot Can we get some context (and discussion) about the Elise Q change?
I've updated the post with more of my own thoughts on how to balance Elise. If anyone wanders by here, please keep the post alive to try and get Riot's attention.
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: I agree. Also they just nerfed the CD on her Q to 6 seconds. I don't think that helps aside from keeping her from spell weaving.
It was probably to prevent abuse, though maybe it was also to save people from wasting too much mana. Still doesn't make the skill any better though.
: Ironically, it's all op's fault for telling everyone about the bug and the exact steps needed to abuse it. It's only after this thread is made that more and more but abusers exists.
Part of our job as PBE testers is to report bugs. Blame those who have their fun at the expense of others, not the person doing their job. Besides, someone would've _eventually_ spread the word about it. At least this way the bug will be fixed before it goes to Live.
: did some math with Elise Q
> [{quoted}](name=Metal Pagan,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=fAxVTsXY,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-07T10:09:04.812+0000) > > Elise is said to have an unclear lategame role, this change makes her role even more confusing: her burst got lowered, but she's now got sustained ranged dmg with a huge mana cost. This is pretty much the perfect summary of this change, it feels like a far bigger nerf because the _intention_ conflicts with everything Elise does. I really hope this doesn't get shipped to live.
: >The mana cost is another big issue, Elise had mana problems to begin with and 80 mana on a level 1 Q is brutal and doesn't get much better even with a Seraph's Embrace. Agreed. I had mana problems with her before and now she has a 1 second CD on a relatively low damage skill. My issue is trying to fit a mana item onto her because let's face it, after runeglaive, most people are probably going full tank on her. >One solution would be to add a base damage on the initial hit of the spell (like Live Q) then add the DoT after it, that way there's at least some noticeable impact when you cast it. They could also re-add the % current health damage (lower than 8% though), but throw it onto Spiderlings' attacks, possibly only while Skittering Frenzy is active. Yes a nice initial base damage with a %health dot would be cool. While I'm thinking about it, I think the CD is low so she can get a lot of spiderlings quickly. I'm not a huge fan of those guys. >Overall, I'm not a fan of the change though, it just feels bad in every way. I see potential in a spell weaving build, however elise doesn't really have that playstyle yet nor does the mana costs encourage you to do so. I guess this is my problem, I like the potential it has, but it doesn't look like they are supporting it enough.
> [{quoted}](name=Porotech,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=XtcLEuFI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-07T17:00:46.442+0000) > > I see potential in a spell weaving build, however elise doesn't really have that playstyle yet nor does the mana costs encourage you to do so. I guess this is my problem, I like the potential it has, but it doesn't look like they are supporting it enough. As much as Riot talks about wanting to maintain a champion's identity or support a certain playstyle, it's odd that they suddenly make changes like this without considering such things (or so it seems). The strangest thing is that she's now _forced_ to buy a Rylai's and Liandry's if she wants to have anywhere near the same amount of damage with Neurotoxin as she does on Live (even though it doesn't currently apply spell effects, which I hope is just a bug). I've brought it up a number of times that Elise needs some kind of focus, gameplay wise, but apparently Riot think otherwise. Spiderlings are practically a non-factor at any point in the game, Spider Form _just_ gives access to more spells (other transformation champions, like Jayce, can go extended periods in each form and still be powerful), and unless Elise does her _entire_ combo perfectly, she can't really contribute much to a fight (unless she has 40% CDR). People dislike Elise because "she just spams Cocoon" (and because Runeglaive is now a thing), but it's not like she has much choice due to what her kit does; you have to be very patient and precise when playing her because you generally only get _one_ shot to make your move. I'm mostly fine with that playstyle because it feels very rewarding, but it means you have _nothing_ to fall back on if it fails (except _maybe_ waiting for a _10+_ second Cocoon/Rappel). _That's_ where they should implement the blade-weaving, not on a heavily gimped, but spammable Q. They should've tried lowering some of her (Live) base damages, primarily Volatile Spiderling, and lowering cooldowns a bit across the board to give her more of a mage feel before trying something weird like this.
: About Elise's human Q
A stacking mechanic would certainly help, the damage is pretty pitiful even with tons of AP. Don't know why they didn't just transfer the % current hp damage over to the DoT instead of making it flat damage. The mana cost is another big issue, Elise had mana problems to begin with and 80 mana on a level 1 Q is brutal and doesn't get much better even with a Seraph's Embrace. One solution would be to add a base damage on the initial hit of the spell (like Live Q) then add the DoT after it, that way there's at least some noticeable impact when you cast it. They could also re-add the % current health damage (lower than 8% though), but throw it onto Spiderlings' attacks, possibly only while Skittering Frenzy is active. Overall, I'm not a fan of the change though, it just feels bad in every way. Plus, Q isn't really a problem on Live. If anything, W's base damage and AP ratio could be lowered a bit and she'd have less 'free' power (275 base damage is pretty high), say -40 base damage at max rank and -10 or 15% on the AP ratio.
: Also does not apply Rylai's.
Or Spell Vamp, which I assume means all spell effects aren't working with it. Spider Q and everything else works fine though.
: Gonna address a couple of points I've seen brought up: **E's Slow** Currently it's set to be a 90% slow for 0.75 seconds. It is designed to help ensure that E -> Q is a fairly guaranteed combo. **Lack of an Execution Indicator** We purposely left this out of Darius's update for design reasons. Darius's design and balance actually revolves around his R's success and failures more than any other champion in the game. Because of this when we added an indicator, the Darius gameplay became too much about just reacting to a UI element changing rather than making interesting, risky, and snappy decisions in the heat of battle that might cascade into a pentakill. In a lot of cases we would prefer consistency across our champions, but in the Darius case we feel like the lack of the indicator allows us to retain power in certain areas and makes him more enjoyable in the long run. **Removal of Passive Movement Speed** This is essential to the direction we are moving the Juggernauts. They are intended to be and feel slow, but hopefully have a ton of other strengths to bring to the table to compensate. This change became extremely important to make especially after we changed Hemorrhage to deal physical damage due to the insane synergy Darius now has with Black Cleaver. **Q Delay** Along with Bloodrage, this is the most significant change we made to the kit and we feel it's 100% necessary for the long-term health of the champion. We've struggled in the past to make melee vs. melee combat interesting and skill-based, so this is us trying to address that. I know it can be pretty painful to get used to, but we've tested it pretty thoroughly and feel you guys will be able to get the hang of it. Adding the delay allows us to load more power into the Q (the heal and increased late game damage) without just making him unstoppable in lane and other dueling scenarios.
On the topic of the E slow, isn't it a bit redundant having an 80% slow on W _PLUS_ E's 90% slow (with the duration difference only being 0.25 seconds)? It seems like E's slow is just a fail-safe for when W is on cooldown, which doesn't really punish Darius when he A) is forced into a sub-optimal engage and B) doesn't properly manage his cooldowns. So, what's the deal?
: Righteous Glory Total Cost: 2500 --> 2400 Catalyst Passive: Loses Catalyst Passive on Upgrade. Gg, Jungle Maokai. You had a good run.
Translation: Maokai now has to build more than _one item_ to get all the sustain he'll ever need (in any role). **_Oh noes._**
: Firoa's walking animation
I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I'd also like to see it changed, the new walk is too 'cartoony' for how human's (and most characters) are portrayed in League. It'd be fitting for a champion like Bard, but that's only because _his_ floaty, bouncy, _animated_ body language _is his character_. Surely there are better ways to portray Fiora's nimbleness and poise.
: I feel like Riot need to reconsider what the PBE means.
And to boot, I don't have the original quote, but I believe a Rioter even said that they hardly check the PBE boards, at least in comparison to the Live boards. Now, I don't know how much has changed since that statement was put out, but it definitely feels like it's the truth. In any case, PBE certainly feels like it's for nothing more than bug reports and, even then, some horribly broken things still get through to Live like Ryze's perma-snare, Ultra Combo Finish (seriously, _no one_ reported that or found it internally?). What little feedback or suggestions _I've_ given has either been (seemingly) ignored or shot down outright, which further discourages me from wanting to give feedback. _Why bother if my opinion means nothing_? I guess the only bright side is that content is being pumped out at a rapid pace, but it hardly seems like the trade-off is worth it.
: I have to ask...
You can see that they carried over elements from the original concept, but I think what they eventually decided on is that she needs _clothing_, not _armor_ (she is a _fencer_ after all). Her new outfit is more of an ornate tunic than a suit of armor or bodysuit, which seems to be a compromise between the two. So, while I also prefer the _look_ of the original (new) design, I can accept that it may not be ideal for functionality. The only real criticism I could raise is that it seems a bit too 'modern' for League, like something you'd see today, not in Runeterra. And with today's update, her face is pretty much fixed, so now my only beef is with her new walking animation. She's almost at Bard levels of floaty prancing, which is a bit ridiculous because A) she's a _human_, not a cartoon/magical being and B) it just looks out of place when compared to other champions' walk animations (especially 'normal' humans). The rest of her animations look fine (lunges, stabs, etc.) because they show deliberate, thematic motion; the walking, not so much. Her new walk is comical in a Team Fortress 2 sort of way and I can only imagine that the intent was to convey her lanky stature and nimbleness as a fighter, but I feel like they missed the mark with the latter.
: the greyed out items are done on active items only (consumables are programmed as active items) so I personally find it makes sense. I do however agree that the number of owned potions can be hard to see and I find instead of removing the greyed out action, the numbers should have a thicker black outline.
The difference though is that an item's active only turns grey when it's on cooldown and it still has the 'wheel' indicator to show how long until it's off cooldown. Potions are _always_ grey if you're at full health. I suppose, thinking about it a little more, you only really need a potion when you're damaged, so it _shouldn't_ be an issue in most scenarios, but I'm still not fond of the idea. I guess my problem mainly stems from when I go back to base, get topped off by the fountain, and accidentally buy the wrong potion or more of ones that I already have. For example, I've gone back to base with one or two health potions in my inventory, bought 2-3 more, then realized that I already had a few and that I was now stuck with 4-5 potions. It's also common for me to have a mana/health potion in my inventory and think I'm buying ones that I _don't_ have only to realize that I bought the wrong ones because, at a glance, I just couldn't tell which one I _actually_ needed. I still feel that potion icons should _always_ be colored, simply for the sake of clarity (that's the trigger word, right?). What's the point of having greyed out icons to indicate whether or not you can use potions when _the game won't let you use them if you're at full health_ and even gives you a message ("You cannot use a potion right now") _and_ audio cue for such a thing? In my opinion, this just creates a problem rather than solve one.
: I think it's a nice idea, but in the other hand it'll provide some champons more mobility than what they already own, for example if the abyssal scepter "totem" act like Jarvan's Demacian standart, Katarina can use the active and then Shunpo on te "totem" as shedoes on the Jarvan's standart giving her more mobility than she already own and it can be a thing to consider while is balancing a champion, or even worst if someone can Teleport into a "abyssal totem" like they does on a Jarvan's Standart or even Thresh lantern. I ave to say that it's a very cool concept that I really like to see in the game , but it can be overpowered sometimes due to thefact of the champions interactions with the "totem" thing itself. {{summoner:30}}
They could always disable interaction with it, either entirely or selectively. Both Teleport and Kat's Shunpo would have the same behavior as teleporting/jumping to a ward, so I don't see it as too much of an issue. But, as you said, the offensive functionality of the totem might warrant such things to be disabled.
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: I am sorry to disagree. Modularity is not needed. IMHO League streaming and the LCS are so popular because everyone can read the interface correctly during streaming and VODs. If you make it modular, it will make the "extended LoL experience" harder to enjoy. Not to mention guides, classes, coaching and etc.
As I said in my original comment, if it's a problem in the LCS (for players _or_ broadcasts) then _put restrictions on it_. They want the HUD to be readable for viewers? Leave everything at the default size and position. As for streaming, it'd be entirely up to the streamers to customize their HUDs just as it would be entirely up to the viewers to have the common sense to simply determine where the HUD elements (there aren't _that_ many). If they're new to League, then what they see will be their "default" HUD and they'll likely customize their own at some point to mimic their favorite streamers (and ask said streamers how to do it). Guides and coaching? Again, work off of the _default_ HUD placement. Anyone who's in need of such _basic_ help shouldn't even be messing around with the HUD until they grasp what the game is about. Likewise, those _giving_ such basic help shouldn't be creating unnecessary confusion in their guides/coaching by messing with HUD elements. If they're that dedicated to helping people, they'll use the default HUD when making videos or taking screenshots.
: New HUD Feedback
I agree with what Turtle Teemo said, a modular HUD would be the best way to improve it, some of the less-popular MOBAs have managed to do it so I don't see why you guys can't. For example, I already don't like how items and allied champion information are both on the right side of the screen now. Call me nitpicky and against change, but it's what I've been used to for over 3 years now, so it's a bit annoying to have such things suddenly shuffled around with no other option. Let me move some HUD elements around and I'll be happy. Anyone who likes it as is? They're happy too. The Death Recap also needs an update, since it's currently useless outside of telling you _who_ killed you. Actually, I take that back because the other day it said that _**I assisted in killing myself**...with 67 true damage from Orianna's (my) auto-attack_. It was ARAM, I didn't have Mark/Dash, Orianna doesn't deal true damage on her auto-attacks, and last I checked, _I'm **on** my team_. I don't even... But, to not leave this as entirely negative feedback, it's nice that the HUD is finally getting an update and everything now has a uniform look (client and in-game). It's also nice that the scoreboard is no longer unnecessarily super massive. I assume the shop is next up to get a facelift?
: Abyssal Scepter Context
What if, instead of trying to work around a "too much or too little" passive, you made it an **active** with function similar to Jarvan's E - Demacian Standard? This active would place _the Abyssal Scepter_ (a physical model) at a targeted location for X seconds which sends out a pulse every Y seconds, reducing magic resist by Z amount to enemies within the area of effect. To indicate these pulses, send out a wave of energy for each pulse (each pulse causes the aura to look increasingly more intense). However, with this design, the magic resist reduction _could_ be tied to _the Scepter itself_ and _not_ each individual champion. This could solve the issue of _gauging how effective the item is_ at any given moment while also _creating more interaction_ for the user _and_ opponent(s). An indicator can be placed above the Abyssal Scepter (or around the aura) to show how many pulses are currently stacked, giving much clearer information than the Live or now on-hold iterations (inside the aura = affected, stack counter = amount of reduction). Go full "witchcraft and voodoo" with this thing (_it's skull and spinal cord_). Make it _an ominous totem of power_ that, when used correctly, will _shred_ the enemies' morale (and defenses), _but also has counterplay_. Though, I suppose this is all a bit too late, considering this announcement is about the rework being put on hold. But, I hope this at least gives you guys some new ideas for future iterations of the item.
: The problem is not the build path,which is good, the problem is the item itself,reducing the HP for more AP put the item in a strange spot, also is not a core item on anybody,but it is a good item. The item itself needs a rework,is a good item,but in all situation ROA is better,and some champs which could use it,have some other items which benefit them the most. Even{{item:3285}} is way better to use a slot (but we know theyre totally different items), even lyandry is better if you need some HP and other useful stats.
I assume you're talking purely about Rylai's? If that's the case, I agree. Of _all_ the champions I own (on live), the only one I'd consider buying it on is Elise, but that's _only_ because I've been messing around with an experimental build. The only other champion who I've seen consistently buy Rylai's is Cassiopeia, but that's just because her free Deathcap passive gives her the luxury to buy other items. Still, in addition to being a niche item, I think the build path needs looked at as well. Even on those two champions, it just feels bad to buy all the bits for Rylai's and sit on them.
: I know that, I'm just saying that not everything is 1 IP, at least it wasn't a week ago, although I logged on today and everything is now, which is pretty cool.
The 1 IP for _every_ skin thing happened very recently, I don't know if Riot got tired of people asking for access to all skins or what, but it looks like it's here to stay since it hasn't been changed yet. I've seen them all go to 1 IP a few times before, but they'd usually revert back to their normal prices fairly quickly or in the following patch. Still, giving us access to all skins just gives us _more_ incentive to play and test things, in my opinion. Normally, I only play on PBE when there's something interesting added, but now I'm more willing to just play and, if nothing else, be a body to test against because now I own every skin I ever wanted. It feels good to look good. :p
Rioter Comments
: I'm fully with you on this. I have right around 1000 ARAMs played on my main account, and I immediately stopped enjoying them when Mark/Dash was added. Tanks (even immobile tanks) were perfectly fine. Yes, it took them longer to become effective, but giving them free tools to make their game better only shifted the "these champs are shit to play" stigma to ADCs and squishy APCs.
As another ARAM player, I also have to agree. It was bad enough before that a team with Maokai, SInged, and Ryze would _eventually_ destroy your faces if the game went long enough, now they don't have to wait. It's so much more frustrating to fight tanks or champs with CC now, you just get whole enemy teams flying across the map to stun lock your team for free. Mark/Dash means there's somehow _even less_ ways to fight back against the auto-win compositions that I so frequently face. ARAM isn't fun and the Rift's hyper-mobile, hyper-tank meta is even worse. How am I supposed to enjoy this game anymore?
: I think that Ekko is best described as an overtuned champion. His W takes quite a bit of skill to use because there's such a huge delay before it hits. On the other hand, Ekko has MASSIVE damage, especially late game. The AP scaling on his ultimate is insane. The other problem with Ekko is that between his passive, Q, and W, he can lay down such an oppressive chain of slows and stuns that he becomes impossible to escape. As Singed, I found that I was powerless to get away from him, even with Ghost, my ultimate, and my adhesive. I think that Ekko's concept and the feel of his abilities make him a very unique champion, and that's awesome. I just think the balance team should tone down his insane late-game power. The zone control he has is pretty cool, though, and I wouldn't want that to be taken away. What is problematic is the infinite chase potential. It really SHOULD be possible to escape him.
A _Singed_ player who couldn't escape another champion and was running _away_ from another champion in the first place? This is definitive proof that Ekko is OP.
: For years I've used Ashe as my adc main, and after hearing about this update I was thrilled. However, after taking my time to read through this discussion I can't help but feel a bit paranoid about how this may effect gameplay. Her crits can be rendered useless by champs like Yi with highlander. As a late game adc, we are relied on a lot for damage dealing (hence the adc) and I don't see how I could carry a game where her passive can be so easily countered with debuff resistance, something every player can get through items like {{item:3140}} active if not just by champ. Is it just my paranoia or will this be a major problem? If it is an "issue" will her new passive be hopefully modified?
The fact that slow-immune enemies are immune to Ashe's crits is **extremely** poor design, especially when those champions are already **very** large threats to begin with (Olaf, Yi, etc.). As it currently stands with this rework, Ashe literally has no answer to said champions. Her crits should always apply to enemies who have her passive on them, regardless of if they can be slowed.
: Well, I have played her a bit now and feel like I can give some feedback. Here is what I noticed: (1) When using Hawk Shot at long range (e.g. from your base to the enemy base), the player can see parts of the range indicator. There is a visible blue-ish color overlay - I assume that's the edge area of the default range GFX, just scaled up to an absurd level. Nothing big, but would be nice if it could be removed (either by increasing the skill range further or by just removing the range indicator GFX itself). (2) Her W feels lackluster. It's just a plain AOE effect with some synergy to load up her Q stacks. Maybe I feel that way because the new champions bring so many unique mechanics to the table, maybe I undererstimate the synergy effect. Either way, I wonder if it would be feesible to move the extra slow from her Q to her W to make landing a Volley a bit more important and rewarding. (3) Levelling her spells feels boring. I can't 100% explain exactly why I only get that feeling on her, but I suspect it is because the effect of the skill points is very limited and the given numbers are low. All you seem to get is a tiny bit of extra damage and CDR, so I don't really feel like my powerlevel is growing. Not that the old Ashe was much better in that regard, but she did at least have a decently scaling slow effect on her Q. (4) How does the Static Shiv lightning passive work? I only had a short window of opportunity to test it yet, but it seemed like the chain lightning effect wasn't able to crit at all. Wouldn't that make the item a lot less attractive on her? (5) There is something fishy going on with the tooltip of her passive. Around reaching level 6 it indicated a very high slow % for some time. Might have been adding the value of an active Q or just using the max slow value for level 16, either way it was confusing. I'll try to reproduce the issue later to give some more feedback on this. Overall it seems like a solid rework in terms of her power level, but I must admit that she still feels like a very generic champion. Then again, it is quite hard for me to estimate the true power of her Hawkshot - maybe that alone can give her a niche. Either way, it is still a lot better than the current Ashe on live, so I can't really complain. I'd rather have a generic champion that is worth playing than one with fancy mechanics no one will use because they are not viable. At the very least she will stay a great begginers champ (unlike the new Soraka, who is probably not the best 450 IP buy a new player can make).
I believe the Statikk Shiv's lighting effect will _only_ crit when Ashe crits (mentioned by a Rioter), meaning it's still possible though potentially very clunky. Basically, either the Shiv needs to be not charged before you start attacking or you need to pre-apply your passive with your W.
: I don't know if you're talking to me, but I'm agreeing with you the ones on the left are clearly the best, they match the wild/twisted theme Shaco has. Sorry if the way I worded it confused you. {{champion:35}}
Sorry, I guess it was _my_ wording that wasn't clear. That first line was directed at Riot, as in "what were they thinking with this change?". The old daggers are, as you said, better in every way (theme and quality-wise).
: Please Revert the Daggers on Wild Card Shaco
...What page of Riot's handbook says that reducing detail looks better? The daggers on the left look **amazing**, the ones on the right look like poorly textured butcher knives for a game that's 15 years old.
: [Star Guardian Lux] - Recall Visual Bug
As a screenshot it looks funky, but in motion I think it looks fine. It seems to be in line with every Sailor Moon/magical girl transformation in that their skin and clothes suddenly have weird energy washing over them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsX0VHMw_Z8
: Yeah we've thought about it, but having it be global with a strong cooldown incentive per rankup seemed like a better route to go. It's totally cool if Hawkshot is maxed last every time, as far as I'm concerned.
On the topic of Hawkshot... Since it goes SO far now (old range used to be just off-screen), can you guys give it some kind of indicator on the minimap? Currently, it's just a patch of clear fog of war and isn't very noticeable (especially if no enemies are there); it both looks really wonky and updates in big globs instead of a smooth path. Also, not sure what balance would dictate, but maybe the indicator could only show up for Ashe and her team, not enemies? Enemies would still see the particles if they're in the affected area of the map though.
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