: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God-King Garen
Hey guys. HUUUUUUGE Garen fan/main here So... - The shape of the blade is a bit off putting for me. Particularly the top sides and tip. I would sugeest stretching the tip out more so it can look less blunt and more like the teaser blade (which I thought was really cool) - I would just remove the drapes hanging from the pauldrons. They’re too reminiscent of dawnbringer riven who was also from a Vs event. Also I feel the drapes are too busy and cover too much of the model of the character.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dawnbringer Riven!
The AA animation doesn't transition correctly. The same animation would repeat multiple times before it does the next one. E.g: she would do a downward strike 2-3 times before she would do the next animation
: Thanks for the note! We do test against the different maps to try to make sure they stand out. We'll keep a close eye on the green's contrast.
Sorry it took me so long to write this. I'm a fan of Garen getting a chrome to his armor and sword when he activates W. I think it's way cooler than floating shields just sitting around you. I am disappointed to see they've come back with this skin. Is it possible to have maybe a glow or something (doesn't have to be silver) instead of floating shields. Please, I am a huge Garen fan. He is My main on my normal account. Immortalibra
Last year the Project skins had a "Respawn" animation (the animation that occurs after recalling to base). This year only Ashe has one and I feel that Ekko and Katarina should have one also to keep with the consistency
Last year the Project skins had a "Respawn" animation (the animation that occurs after recalling to base). This year only Ashe has one and I feel that Ekko and Katarina should have one also to keep with the consistency
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warden Karma & Warden Jax!
I am not a fan of the blue " topknot" on Warden Jax's head. I think it it is out of place with the skin and does not fit with the them imo. I suggest maybe replacing it with a golden piece/ornament? Better yet.. I think it would be cool if he had white hair similar to Karma. Can't look like a topknot though
: Since they're 750 RP skins, they won't have recall animations. Sorry!
Except that Udyr didn't get a recall animation, despite being priced at 975. What is up with that??
: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
- I feel Pre-Void Kassadin should not have any spikes. I think it takes away from the "not corrupted yet" feel and should be left for when he is corrupted by the Void - (This might be out of the question because of modeling and rigging) But he needs legs. He can still float, but I think the skirt needs to open up and show legs, with a cool design of course - The particle for when his E is charged is unchanged and is still lacking. Please update
: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
LEGS!! Please open up his skirt *sigh* and give him legs
: Hey Repta, Thanks for the feedback. I'll make sure our artists see this, but as always no promises. :D
I'm loving the hair actually. i feel like this is sorta how his hair should look normally. Hopefully he gets an MTU One issue i have is that not all of his VO are filtered. Like his grunts when attacking for example dont sound filtered. I'm loving the filter on this skin but the parts that are not filtered really take me out of the experience
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Final Boss Veigar
As soon as i bought home guard on my sorc boots the game froze and was saying attempting to reconnect. It never did reconnect
: Since its a woad skin, I think she could use a little bit of face paint. But I want to compliment on Valor's animations, they are crazy beautiful
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Woad Scout Quinn!
- After hitting a Vulnerable target, there's a blue particle that sticks out at the end of the crossbow. Looks like it sticks out too much and is out of place - Maybe her hair could be a tad darker. Just a bit Don't really have much else to say. This skin is awesome
: Karthus Visual Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
First, I feel that I have to mention that I am not a Karthus player, so my opinion is not attached to nostalgia. ( not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm completely un-biased in this situation. Ok, here goes: **Particles** - I like the fact that he has multiple animations for his Q. Makes sense since he basically uses that more than his Auto Attacks. Like the improved range indicator - I'm digging the particles. Really get the Shadow Isles feel. Especially with his W and E. The souls flying around is awesome. And that wall from the bottom... really cool addition - The Ult is good. Nothing jaw dropping but that's not necessarily a bad thing - That passive is a big improvement. Definitely helps for clarity - Noticed a particle glows around him every time I killed a minion, and probably champion. Nice touch **Skins** - The designs on the skins are great. They're all an immense improvement imo. - That Phantom skins is beast. Just realized it reminds me of the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. (Nothing wrong with that) - The Grim Reaper looks like a bad ass - The Statue is actually a good skin now. Nice improvements - That Pentakill skin.... O... My... GOD!!! I was feeling it before I even heard the VO. I like the design improvements. That voice tho... awesome. You guys really out did yourselves. Really nice to see a skin get the effort and quality it deserves, without a haggle over price discussions. You guys really upped the quality of this skin, made it stand out, which it should, given it's theme. Really excited to see what you guys are going to do for future VUs that have skins with this same potential **VO** - Great voice - Great lines - That Urgot line, "Urgot.. mmm.. I highly recommend death at this point" literally had me laughin out loud
: It is not a bad thing for a champion to be influenced by a civilazation. There are many recognizable themes in league of legends like pirates, zombies, vampire, dwarf, oceanic, it is unavoidable not to see champions influenced by known civilazations and I have never seen a complaint like "Pantheon seems too greek or Cassiopeia". According to this Cassiopeia on her VU must have her mythic Cassiopeia skin removed and generally rework the whole champion so she won't look like medusa from greek mythology, so she can look.... original and according to this logic Nasus on his VU must have been reworked so he won't look like the egyptian god Anubis so he can be more original and not seem that he is inspired by egyptian mythology or rework olaf so he won't look like viking. These are themes and there is nothing wrong to see various civilazations to influence the concept of champions.
There's a difference between influence with creativity and influence with straight derivative. Pantheon is not original looking. He looks like someone you'd see anywhere else. Nasus may be influenced by the egyptian anubis look but he's also got his own original look. Pantheon doesn't look like a Rakkor, he looks like a spartan. And from what I've read in his lore, he's a Rakkor. This happened because of him being an older champ and this is before Riot found their "style". Even Riot has mentioned that things about him are lackluster compared to how his lore perceives him to be. I hope with his VU, like with Nasus', this is rectified
: This is just a lore made up by Riot and honestly who watches the lore, when you see Pantheon you won't say oh look a warrior from Targon but you will say an ancient greek inspired champion. Just cause Riot gives a lore to cover the true theme since it is a game, that doesn't mean that a champion is not inspired by something and we have to toss the identity of that champion. With that logic Volibear is just what Riot says and he is just the leader of the Ursine, it doesn't matter that is a copied from Iorek from the golden compass movie and ofc the books as well. Besides as mentioned before they are very discreetly put into the skin they are almost same color as the armor and i can hardly see his feet cause of his shield, I see more his armor that right now it doesn't seem like a real armor and the helmet could be better. With discreet they kept a signature thing about Pantheon and I don't see a reason why to remove it, they are pretty well made feet as well.
"when you see Pantheon you won't say oh look a warrior from Targon but you will say an ancient greek inspired champion" Exactly. That's the problem. he is not original enough to be relatable to Mt. Targon But if you saw Dian and LEona you'd say " Oh look, a warrior from Mt. Targon" He needs some sprucing up when he gets his VU, to make him look more original than just a "greek" warrior we can find in any medium out there
: Dragonslayer Pantheon
: I don't agree with the removal of the sandals as some people suggest, yeah ok dragonslayer Pantheon is a new skin but let's not forget the theme of PANTHEON itself, he is an ancient greek character and the helmet and the sandals are the signature outfit for that, in the skin the helmet looks nothing like ancient greek helmet but at least they kept the sandals to remind you that Pantheon is an ancient greek character and not a dragonborn from Skyrim. Besides they have been added very subtle to the whole skin and they are not such a turn off as the pizza feet on the original model, the feet are well made and I am looking forward to see these feet on the original models as well. Dragonslayer Pantheon has other issues but the sandals are not one of them.
If he HAS to have sandals then it'd make sense on his classic skin. It's obvious that these other skins are other themes, and Dragonslayer is not that "ancient greek" theme at all Btw I dont agree that his feet have to show. Back when he was made they just copied him straight out of a movie without any creativity or originality at all. I understand that he has some tropes that fans are fond of but he's not ancient greek warrior from sparta, he's a Rakkor from Mt. Targon.
: [Pic] Dragonslayer Panth Model
The sandals. What is he doing wearing sandals with that skin? I'd rather he have something like the DS Braum footwear
: Sick splashart, dull model. Need more colors polishing, darker colors and better shaped horns. I think the whole helmet need a rework and longer claws on the shield
I agree about the helmet. The helmet in the slash is amazing. The helmet in the model is so different it's almost a different design. I would really like the helmet in the splash. The horns, the cool side pieces sticking out on the sides of the helmet. And please take away the sandals. I feel it doesn't fit with this skin. Hope it's doable. If it isn't doable now, then i hope he gets all the cool details of the splash when he gets his VU
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: Dragonslayer Pantheon Feedback
So far loving the skin except for one thing, **THOSE TOES**. Why are his toes showing? I feel that wearing sandals doesn't fit with the theme of the skin. IMO showing his toes is unnecessary. Please Please PLEASE put some cool boots on him. Dragonslayer Braum has some cool boots, please give it to Pantheon also. Even if it's just shading up the toe area like what was done with Lunar Goddess Diana, I'd be cool with that I know the skin is WIP (lots of detail in splash but not in model) so please, as a HUGE Pantheon fan, consider my feedback
: We're investigating changes on this now.
Is it possible for his Vandal skin to have the "The Vandals" Logo that is on the other Vandal skins {{champion:63}} http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=63&skin=2 {{champion:79}} http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=79&skin=5 {{champion:8}} http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=8&skin=4 Please. For continuity's sake. Unless that little patch on his right arm is the skull and guns that is on the other Vandal skins
: Soooooon.™
While he is idle, His right wrist looks pinched down to the point where it is non-existent
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: but alot of the dmg that was stripped from him was put onto his W which is on a 2-3 second cd. If you get Lichebane or Iceborn guantlet (its good on him for the slow and mana and armor) your W does INSANE dmg cause it seems to apply on hit effects.
Yea Lichbane synergies so well with his blade, W. Isn't that what we all want
: Arctic Ops Varus has some really sweet visuals
: Vel'Koz Texture Feedback
Agreed. I like the gold tho. And the pink on the armor (around the eye) could be a bit darker. But great work nonetheless
: Thoughts on new Kassadin (Today's update and some numbers)
I love the rework in general . His moves feel more polished, cleaned up, well especially that W. Love the W. And trust me, it's BEAST. Lichbane is a must because once u get that W going... shoo man. But it's a good thing, because the other abilities aren't overpowered anymore. Kassadin now feels like a champ that can fit in with the others. He still feels like Kassadin which is great
: Vel'Koz texture update
Looks awesome! Man you never really know what something can be better until, BAM! there it is. Seeing it now makes you think "huh, Guess hi 'armor' was a little too smooth". Yes the pink on the armor could be a little darker but overall it's an obvious improvement. Better readability and detail. Goes to show how important texture can be. Love it!


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