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: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
I'm really not liking W canceling autos. Please consider reverting it. Or if there's an argument to be made, please explain.
: Yes. We've stripped out most map elements that we thought either weren't working or weren't doing enough to justify their additional complexity add to the game.
: RENGAR: FIGHTER OR ASSASSIN? I feel as if the rework in general is heavy affecting the way Rengar is played. Rengar's new kit reminds me more of a fighter or bruiser than an AD assassin. 1) Losing ferocity when out of combat is a FIGHTER TRAIT not an assassin trait! Fiora, WW and Jax are champion that benefit from remaining in combat for an extended period of time. ASSASSINS are not suppose to be duking it out with other champions, they are suppose to prepare and then kill which is why old ferocity made a TON of sense. As a Rengar main I remember pacing my stack until 4 before ulting to maximize my Assassin potential. Now your encouraging/coercing Rengar to be smacking blades with big bad bruisers in order to benefit from his ferocity stacks. 2) If he is meant to be the glass cannon assassin that hunts and picks off selected target, his new ultimate no longer helps him do that. For example, old Rengar's ultimate allowed him to see all five enemies, which often lead players to either evaluating the situation and going for the kill OR recognizing that jumping into a 1 v 3 probably won't turn out well. Now he can only see one champ, which means he has to run around to see what the enemy team positioning is before going in. In particular, I don't think that is too bad of a trade HOWEVER he can now BE SEEN BY ENEMY CHAMPIONS. As a Rengar main I always identified his ult as being his primal all knowing 6th sense that gave him all complete awareness of his hunting ground before popping out to secure a kill. Now I feel like he's not this skilled hunter but a rookie who runs around bushes trying to find an adc before running into a bulky Malphite (or any fighter/tank) who ends up stomping him. It's gotten to the point where Rengar ults and Enemy team tanks and fighters start spanning out looking for a squishy cat to kill. I think the indicator that Rengar is around is ENOUGH, the fact that he can know been seen seems wrong and thematically clunky. Change his CAMO to Invisibility. Futhermore, old Rengar ult generated ferocity and allowed him to jumping and hope to live with an empowered W before recalling to heal. Now all Rengar can do is jump in and hope for an insta-combo-kill or he is assed out in team fights or skirmishes. If the enemy target has any movement spell that disengages or cc spell that hits Rengar after he ults then Rengar might as well pack his bags. He used to have an empowered E in hopes of catching up to a halved-healthed target. 2.5) Some assassins like Zed can ult into a team, deal damage to adc and then switch with clone to safety. JUMP IN - DEAL DAMAGE - JUMP OUT TO SAFETY. Rengar old ultImate, although offers more utility with its sight instead of Zed ult's AOE potential, serves a similar purpose. Except new Rengar's ult is more like: JUMP IN - DEAL DAMGE... - STRUGGLE YOUR WAY OUT OF SEA OF CC AND DAMAGE BACK TO SAFETY. 3) Rengar W heal only affects damage taken which I'm not sure work as well as expected. First Rengar is the type of champion who ganks a lane to get a kill before going back into his jungle to fight some monsters, lick his wounds and heal up. Now his W is great for trading in lane but that prolonged fighting while trading in lane is more characteristic of fighter or tank. It is literally the heal alternative to TAHM KENCH's shield w. Conclusion) I think Rengar's ult should render him invisible so he can dodge in an out of combat before committing. If not then send him in the direction of a fighter raise his base stats and empower his ultimate with it's old ferocity regen. Now he has this strange niche as either a poor man's ZED or a weak AD Bruiser.
That's really not true.... What made him a decent fighter/tank was the ridiculous utility (free vision to know if u can start that baron) on his ult on low cd and heal+bonus mr/armor, overall low cds to proc sheen. Also his base stats are great. Sorry but I fail to see how only being able to heal BURST and ulti giving vision of only 1 person makes him a better setup/initator fighter. I've played hundreds of tank rengar games in the last 4 years and current pbe rengar has nothing on him.
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
Does his jump speed still scale with attack speed? I played a custom and it seems to be gone. Maybe I'm wrong.
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
Do his Empowered abilities still have no cooldown?
: Kindred respawn gets very laggy for a moment
Not just you. Might be connected to the wolf "chasing" your spawn.


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