: Splashes: Unifying, Updating, and You!
I have my worries about the PAX sivir splashart that was recently changed to the chinese version. The original one is much more beautiful art and really caught the spark (I don't know how to call it) of the skin that makes itself special. Also the pose of the original skin is much more dynamic than the new skin (with only her leaning on her weapon). As a PAX sivir player I will be really dissapointed if the new chinese art hits the life server, could the change please be reverted? PLease give her some love {{champion:15}} New skin: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Z3iV7a3tZn4/VwQKDnLzohI/AAAAAAAANAI/49NGZ7oV0y0DtBmlZ_FkMAOGtC6l8l_DQ/s1600/Sivir_Splash_5.jpg Old skin: http://36.media.tumblr.com/95a7cec2f50b0657e48f19b9a180ea2c/tumblr_n16fpp4sOi1t1opl8o2_1280.jpg Also on many other skins you guys did a good job on changing them, some of those really needed it!
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
1. What I like: Her Q damage after it kills the first target; it makes it very rewarding to position it right. The fact that she is realy good in trading (with the new love tap), you auto attack once and peace out (by using w/e if needed). Her ult damage is steady and gives her a long range damage output (very nice with a wombo combo). Her w is still the same but it's doing its work and makes kiting short rangers easier. The fact that her strut became a skill passive is also very nice since it gives space for a better normal passive. Miss Fortune is a good lane bully. 2. Things I think has to be looked at: With Miss Fortune you have to do well in lane, otherwise your team will have a pretty hard time with the rest of the game. She falls of quickly after laning phase (maybe too quickly). Her w active does not feel significant. Outside of lane she doesn't deal much damage (her second Q-proc won't be able to get pulled of a lot and her e/w doesn't do a lot in teamfights) My opinion is to give Miss Fortune something (besides her ultimate) something that makes her mid/late a little bit more strenght and to make her stand out from other adc's outside of lane in her own way


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