: Question about "MANAFLOW BAND" and Lissandras passive "ICEBORN"
I would think this is a bug and manaflow band should proc before the passive but imo that would make liss incredibly strong and remove her need for and mana item meaning she can just rush damage from deathcap or defenses from zhonya's/banshee's and be much stronger and annoying overall
: [SUGGESTION] New trait to Domination tree
imo there is already enough pen on items for lethality but mpen could do with some bonuses. ad assassins fair way too well in dealing large amounts of damage no matter how far behind they are while ap assassins have a super hard time (besides syndra who isn't an assassin) killing off priority targets.
: Do you have Cheap Shot as a mastery? If so this would be sense however it does feel pretty cheesy, Edit: Just did some testing myself and Cheap Shot doesn't count as an extra source of damage so there is a bug with GP's Barrel + Q combo Edit: Passive damage sources such as Lux and Gangplank DO NOT count towards the 3 count for Electrocute, but Bard's Meep passive damage does. Not sure if this is an undersight or intentional. On another note Zed's double shuriken into E combo WILL proc it. Even though this was stated it wouldn't. It seems Rito has a lot of cleaning up to do. Edit: Electrocute is also different from Thunderlord's Decree in the fact that it ISN'T AoE. It's only single target.
Bard's passive procs it because it technically hits two different times and counts as two separate sources of damage. GP's and Lux's passives proc at the same time as an auto-attack and doesn't count as two separate sources of damage.
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: Bug of the talents
This is not a bug. All updates related to the new Runes system were reverted yesterday because it was the end of the 2 week cycle. The next cycle starts on Wednesday and the new Runes system will be brought back on that day.
I agree with Amy Sery and, while I didn't play during that time where Leaverbuster was temporarily removed, I do believe Leaverbuster along with stricter punishments are both perfectly understandable in an environment meant for serious bug testing. However I do believe a case like this shouldn't deserve punishing *if* they are telling the truth. I have already reported a number of people for being even remotely toxic in both champion select and in-game. Leaverbuster and strict punishments are required. Especially for such a high amount of toxic players saying "I got banned on live but now I can just play pbe since it's also an NA server" who are all brand new bug testers. This tends to mean high % of those new testers don't know to report the bugs (like 3 new posts on the forums per 5 minutes when there are millions of new testers is a bit of a low-ball to rito imo) and are only playing to be able to play instead of assisting Riot in making League a bug-free, happy community. TL;DR I'm sorry you got busted but we can't do anything about it and neither will Rito
: Investigating pet ai crashes - specifically Annie's Tibbers, Shaco's Hallucinate, and Ivern's Daisy
I haven't had any crashes after using Tibbers and I play Annie in about 60% of my games (mostly customs since I keep trying different runes NONE OF THEM ARE GOOD FOR HER AND I'M SO SALTY) One thing I have noticed, though, is Tibbers will just randomly stop moving and attacking sometimes. He doesn't automatically re-link with Annie after minions or champions die. Sometimes this happens about 20 seconds after summoning him and sometimes I can't control him at all because of this. Since I've had this happen to me in the middle of a fight, I'd assume his AI is crashing for me, but I honestly have no idea. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: As mentioned above, there are problems and there are also already posts about them. Go to these posts for more information! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Hope it may help you!
Why are you even responding to me specifically about this?? I'm stating the reason for the bugs and that riot knows about them already.
: As mentioned above, next time please read other posts before making a new. Big chance there was already a post about this.
I wasn't even the one who posted this you dunce.
: Castionkill has no Description.
Tried to replicate this and was unable to. Still called Presence of Mind on my end.
: Coop. Vs IA
some bots are not working as intended at the moment. Taric, Soraka, and sometimes Karthus are causing issues.
: Whole team disconnecting for no apparent reason
Udyr (along with Jhin and Ornn) is (are) currently bugged and they are working on a fix. Ban all 3 until they are fixed.
: It's not a bug, you just need to own the champion to buy skins for it. All champs are currently set to F2P.
Yes but I'm sure this isn't how they wanted it to be. Champs were set to F2P specifically so no one would have to buy them as that was causing the store to crash constantly. It will probably be changed in the future to allow people to buy skins without already owning the champions at least on PBE alone.
: Champions not free?
Probably just a bug at the moment since they're still working out the store. I'd test it but I already owned all champs before they were put on rotation so I have no way of replicating it.
: [BUG] Galio E - W abilities cast
I experienced this in a custom game against bots but didn't think anything of it until now. this could cause a few problems for some people.
: it looked very awesome on cassiopeia with elixir of sorcery, i was like a GOD :D {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
I wonder what annie looks like with all 3 {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: bug with seraph's embrace
I think it looks amazing on super galaxy annie when her stun is up {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: CO-OP vs AI Disabled
Some bots are experiencing issues where they stop working altogether. There are probably a few other reasons why to disable it but I'm assuming it's intentional.
: Resolve tree - Guardian rune - description wrong
It's only a small typo from what I see. All numbers are correct and the rune works as intended in-game. It'll probably be fixed in a much later patch if it even makes it that far (I personally think it's a weak rune considering how close you need to be)

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