: OH. I got it! It has something to do with the W and E cast as well. Thank you everyone. I will be working on getting this fixed for tomorrow. That's a punch in the nuts :(
The most consistent bug ive seen is her second ult cast only deals damage to one target hit.
: This is very weird. I'm in practice tool right now spamming that and every time it costs 80 energy.
It did the same to me as well, said it was 80 but costed 100, but now it is working in new game, trying to recreate it. It might just be a bug when ranking up the Q itself reverts it back to a previous level, sometimes level 2 sometimes level 1 Q. Might actually be the process of ranking it while missing energy perhaps.
: I just tested akali with the headhunter skin in the training room (im not sure if it happens just with this skin, it happens with all or it just happened here) but the second cast of the ultimate didnt deal damage
it seems to only do dmg to one target after i just tested it it 5 times in practice tool.
: Hi I found that akali q energy cost doesn't go down when you level it up (in practice tool) Was using blood moon skin
Same on headhunter and from what it felt like it didnt do the bonus minion damage either but I would need to check exactly, almost positive it didnt though.

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