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: Ummm... r u suppose to get this skin from hextech chest?
Yep, I've got all the Riot skins (including Riot Kayle) as well as Challenger Ahri which you cannot purchase atm. All the legacy skins can be bought, and this works in tandem with mystery skins.
: Can't buy runes
Have to message Riot about this. Happened to me, so they'll have to reset your runes.
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: Keep in mind, they implement these features to the live servers, and on the live servers I would assume that there wouldn't be many people that would buy boxes in large quanities, they more than likely won't only add it to PBE servers, so you might just have to open them one at a time.
What I had in mind was that some of the more popular Youtubers may do an unboxing video when this feature is introduced into the live servers. As it stands, while only PBE testers are buying boxes in vast quantities, it would serve to save time by having this only as an option, like having a prompt show up if the person wishes to open two or more boxes.
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: [Suggestion] Hextech Craft Item recast Shop Windows
Support. A bundle option for this, say x100 or x1000 would be helpful.
: Match History (Bug?)
Same here, but it feels like it only happens after every patch. Sometimes the match history will include your recent matches during the patch, and other times it does not show up.
: My Feedback & Recommendation for the new Draft Mode!
I think there's also the need for including changing Ward Skins in the new champion select as well.
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: Draft Timers Too Long (new draft)
I agree with this, mainly because since we're still in the testing stage, there are still players who are experiencing difficulties whom often disconnect, usually before the picking phase begins. Players are then forced to wait the allocated time for them to pick the champion before returning back to queue.
: The pbe community..
The Tribunal has been down for over a year, and I don't think it accounts for players in the PBE community. The PBE community has its share of toxic players as well, but the only thing you can do is do your part by reporting after the game.
: Minions just standing
A bug I think has been recurring for the longest time is minions suddenly speeding up in lane. It occasionally happens and may have an impact on laning, but otherwise has been in the game for a while.
: Severe Stuttering Since Last Patch
I've been having this problem since last patch as well. FPS and Ping displays as 60 and 85 respectively, and when it happens, there is no spike or drop in either one. An example of this happening would be during teamfights, where everyone looks frozen, and the suddenly a slew of sound effects can be heard, followed by everyone's health bars going from 100 to 0 instantly, as well as kills suddenly being displayed. Another example would be taking down a turret with no contest, and suddenly the attack animation would pause as well as the health bar of the turret, and then suddenly everything resumes and it's realtime again. I have nothing else running in the background aside from necessary system components as well as an Antivirus, but those have never been a problem in earlier patches. Hope this issue is fixed for next patch.
: bug in PBE - I have negative RP?
Playing games and getting rid of that debt should work. Happened to me once, so you're going to have to grind for that IP back.
: Alright cool. So i'm not the only one. And here i thought i was just sucking. xP haha
That's happened to me during a bot game several times. Normally her ult would take the time to channel and then launch the enemy champions towards their base, but when this happens they go almost nowhere but are still untargetable.
: "Done" button in Champion Select crashes the client.
For me, the game crashes if you leave the ban option until the last few seconds. Once I clicked it, the game crashes.
: You're unable to change your ward skin in the new draft mode.
I think they will add it back in, putting it in that spot beside the summoner spells box.
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: Is the PBE Rune Starter Kit gone now?
It's gone now, but I've still got 54x of the runes I bought (when spam-buying the rune starter kit), and as a result I cannot buy any more additional runes as they would not appear in my rune inventory. Hope Riot can fix this problem for those who've glitched the runes as well.


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