: I've just got my PBE account and logged in. With the site down does that mean my account will not be boosted to level 30?
If you play a game you should level up to 30 immediately after. Or if they changed it you might have to wait but I doubt it
: I agree with you that Morellonomicon might be the optimal build path. However, I've found that from internal playtests, Morellonomicon no longer lets you play an infinite poke style with mages as it gives Flat Mana rather than a ramping regeneration pattern - so by the end game - if you go purely with Morellonomicon - the far end game you might be running out of Mana more often that you think. I've also seen Ziggs, Syndra and the like usually swap to Tear based strategies if they are planning a super long term attrition style of game. Then again... Hextech Frost Cannon's active has been powerful enough to cause players to discard both playstyles in favor of just having that cone slow - so I'm having a hard time gauging from internal playtest how it'll eventually turn out. I agree that the amount of champions that have Athene's are relatively small - it basically encompasses all the hybrid mage/supports but also is an option for any potential spammy healer type. Would be interested to hear your opinion on the number tuning of it after you've had a chance to try it out on PBE.
I gotta say I'm kinda disappointed that Athene's can't really be used on an offensive mage anymore, and I can't really build Morello (I play a lot of Xerath) but I'll have to try it out & see how the new changes work. On second look I might be building more tear on him
: You'll log in with your PBE account if invited to the PBE pre-alpha tech test. Once we start sign-ups for alpha down the road, those players accepted will use their live accounts to log into the alpha (as the alpha will be connected to the live severs, meaning you can still play and chat with your friends who are not in the alpha).
You said in your post that only ARAM will be available in the alpha, will we still be able to log into the normal PBE client to play SR games? I'd imagine the alpha won't totally replace the live PBE client
: 2016 Ranked Season Start PBE Testing
This probably isn't the place to post this, but with the redesigned draft pick, what are the chances the champs in the in game score board will be in the right place by default? (as in players who get placed top will be in the top slot in the score board, mid would be mid, etc.)
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: [Tenacity] Same passive in different items, with different values, this is right?
The tenacity on both items is a unique passive with the same name, so they won't stack.
: I need help (Runes bugs)
I'm guessing you have too many runes to buy more; I think I read somewhere the only way to deal with this is to contact support and they can reset your runes
: Manna Pots
Riot has compensated for no pots by buffing base mana stats on a lot of champs and mana items. This also isn't really a bug
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: Well crap.
For future reference it's easier to just buy the champ bundles. Also it helps deal with reported bugs if the title gives some info on the issue
: If it happens next time, try clicking & casting a spell- click on the icons themselves and see if that works.
I actually tried that in the game, still didn't help. It's the first time I've seen this bug though so hopefully it was just a one time thing. I really should get some recording software to run while I'm on the PBE to demonstrate bugs like this, can anyone recommend a good program I could use?
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: [Loading screen Rammus] Guardian of the Sands Rammus's name is to long for the area
Yep Scorched Earth Xerath was smaller too, maybe the name is just so long the minimum font size is still too long
: [Ziggs (?)] - Cooldown Visual Bug
Just played as Master Arcanist Ziggs & didn't see this bug. Used my ult several times throughout the game
: Dragonbuff feedback (on guardians of the sand Xerath)
If I'm understanding this right, the bug you're talking about is intended. You will always hear the dragon death cry & have the dragon counter tick up (in the scoreboard) regardless of if you have vision of dragon actually dying. You will also always see the pillar of light that appears on enemy players when their team gets dragon. Knowing this, you could if you wanted time every dragon without vision using just the sound. However the in-game dragon timer only works if you have vision of dragon dying.
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: Health+Mana Bar
This was happening for me every game a while back, fix was to toggle HUD animations. Once you hit OK you could toggle it back.
: [Xerath] - Arcanopulse (Q) does not interact properly with quick cast
Same thing for me, super annoying Edit: I'm told this happens on Viktor as well, if someone wants to test
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