: MAC PBE New Updated Summoners Rift BUGSPLAT
UPDATE. I tried repairing, It still did not resolve the issue
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: Team Builder Bugs!
I went into queue as support, waited a bit, joined a team, waited a little bit more, and there was another support that joined. I don't know if that's a bug or not. So basically, 2 supports joined in on one Team.
: Small issue with Renekton's new skin
hmmm i would say there's a .5 second delay on it. also, i'm not really getting any sound from Renek when i play him with the skin xD I'm not sure if it's set like that on purpose or if it's a bug
: Store Isn't working,
alright i don't know what's wrong. i downloaded pbe client on my mac, and the store opens fine on there, but it doesn't open on my pc. i guess there's just something wrong with my pc
: It takes me quite a while to get the store loaded but does not seem like a bug. Sometimes it just fails, but that's normal. Just try reloading or restarting the client. PBE has very weak servers compared to the other regions so stuff like that sometimes happen.
the store hasn't worked once for me. There isn't even a gold chink when i click on the store button. its just a black screen. And the champions on the champion list on the profile are still unavailable to buy for me
: Yeah that sometimes happens to me too. I just click on the profile tab and then back to the store and it usually pops up after some seconds.
i hope you're right. i've been trying for 2 days now xD
: Store Isn't working,
this is what it looks like when i click on store . http://puu.sh/5VT2k.jpg this is what it looks like when i go to the champions list and try to buy it from there http://puu.sh/5VT3G.jpg
: It's been moving *really* slow lately. It may just be a lag issue.
I've waited 10 minutes and the store still wouldn't show up :/ i hope you're right
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