: Gangkplank E nerf.
Completely agree you. Gankplank E is really strong but you need a mechanic and so it should also have some more dmg to reward the player to win the "mini-game" since you already have to skill e second because the mini extra heal on w wouldn't be worth and just boring. So pls make it like the post creator has written.
: Well it does hurt is early i mean his soldiers alone are good enough later on
But his burst will me buch less and mages actually are made to burst i think
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: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Short question. What the fuck do you want with those hybrid changes? You nerfed his E base damage for an ad ratio what only benefits if he builds ad, that would be a good change for someone like eve with a spamable ability. You can't buy a rylais and liandrys for only your 2 high cooldown spells and your ult which isn't much percentage for that. And the Q is kinda bullshit cause it's so rare that you can hit all even with a supporter. Also he is supposed to get a supporter to deal damage. WTF imagine that in solo q bronze to platin, who the fuck actually engage for a morde and got so much cc that he can hit all his 3 q auto attacks? His W radius is so damn short and weird. Your E dmg is lower even if you build hybrid it dosn't really compensate the base damage nerf. So you took his most important aoe e spell (the only spell with range without ult) to buff his melee q who you can eventually land if your supporter eventually can't hit cc on an important target like an adc who's in the backline of their whole team? Eventually you can get 3 auto attacks up? Imagine you wanna kill that squishy carry because that's your damn job as Mordekaiser. At the moment you can flash r q e him to dead if you got enough items, now you can hit most of the time 1 or 2 q + 1 low damage e and ult who can at least deal half life to the squishys. And what are you doing then? getting cc -ed by the enemy team? And the only source of damage is your melee attack, cause your e is gonna do nothing? Much fun Riot. The Meta is something made by the players and not by the development team that force a champion into one role that they can call this "gameplay diversity"
: I feel like Riot need to reconsider what the PBE means.
: About the hate that players give the new Fiora rework
This Rework is random. It's to hard to hit all of the 4 vitals from her ult. It should be changed that the first one deals more dmg but the following ones less so you can at least deal some save dmg. The w slow feels really weak on my opinion, the passive live regen cound be slightly increased because you won't hit your enemy every time he got vitals because its often to hard to get behind them without getting outtradet by walking around them. The ult heal is random and doesn't really fit her role as a splitpusher and duellist. and her Q Could at least deal some more base damage like 30 more. I tested her in 2 ways. 1 with Hydra and standart build and one with Trinity, Botrk, Inf Edge and rest tanky. The first one didn't seem pretty well because she's no more untouchable without her ult ( only w but that dont last long and deal no dmg) so she dies pretty quick in fights. The second build was pretty well and kinda fit her new kit better than the hydra build. I builded Trinity + BOTRK + Spirit Visage + Att speed Boots + Frozen Mallet + Inf Edge and that worked quite well due to the q- on hit effect proc and the e crit (If you got your inf edge also this crit deals 250 % dmg instead of 200) and you still could burst those carries but you aren't that squishy to get one - shoted by the next mage. The Ult change i suggested would fit this kind of gameplay even more and you can still be used as splitpusher because your e crit works on tower as well. So pls give tanky fiora a try because full dmg Fiora will have a hard life without her untouchability ult. {{item:3078}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3031}} {{item:1301}} {{item:3071}} {{champion:114}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Prehistoric Anivia, Cho'Gath & Renekton!
The Ice particles on anivia doesn't really fit her prehistoric conzept. It would match her better if the price would be incrased to 1350 or even legendary and give her particles with stones like on her aa throwing stones, q throwing a big stone who hit them on their face which causes them to be stunned (whatever) w is a huge nest with little bird eggs in it, e is a sharp flintstone who send out a burn particle on impact and for ult an earthquake on the area or a swarm of little raptors (like anivia) flying around in the area and hit all in it. That's my opinion hope you gonna enjoy :D{{champion:34}}
: Fizz's Seastone Trident
Yeah he might be thought as an ap assasine but look in the current Meta. The assasins get nerfed nearly every patch ( like leblanc 5.6 even when it's not a huge nerf). They also got weaker because the picks got much tankier and cc-heavier, from which I think hit them pretty hard ( I don't mean ranged assasins like leblanc and Ahri) because you cab rarely go in even if you flank from aside. So why changing an actually good fighter (and tank slayer thanks to his W) in a underpicked champ like urgot? That's only my opinion and I don't like assasins in the cc-heavy Tank Meta ( I think most of the players don't believe the tanks are raising up)
: Fizz's Seastone Trident
Can Riot at least start to take the variant most of the players like instead of their? Would be great to see more democracy in LoL. Also I think it suits his perso better as a mobile bruiser who uses his e to get more mobility instead bursting the enemy team in half a second.
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