: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Challenger Ahri!
I think this skin looks pretty nice, but there is one thing that have been bugging me for a very long time with Ahri, and I am for sure not the only one. Her tails have to come from the same place. When it sticks out from several places it looks really weird. Else but this the skin looks nice, hopefully there will be boobs on this one too. :) Good job Riot.
: I have no source on this, but it seems as if the intent of the multiple targets component of this skill was never to be a big damage dealer (contrary to {{champion:15}}), and so very much more about just placing Hyper stacks on targets. What's more disappointing, in my opinion, is that enemies can't be hit by both the toss and the return.
Yes, I doubt the boomerang is made as a damage source, but rather as an ability to deal cc and stick to targets/apply stacks. Also think the boomerang should deal damage on it's way back, it is kind of confusing, and I tend to dodge it on it's way back even if I don't have to.
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: [Suggestion] Team Builder
I think Team builder have become a lot better recently (queue time), anyways, I totally agree with you. These are 3 minor changes that would make it much better.
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