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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Team Rewards - Ward Skins!
Plain, not worth wasting time Riot didn't even gave effort 2 make this ward skin big SIGH...
: Sion's Q causes game to get stuck in "Attemping to Reconnect"
huh no 2 sion no crash
: Azir passive turrets bug
first time it came out it's okay, then week later it change 2 blue box health bar... Rito messed it up somehow #RitoTrollJK
: Ascension: Full-system freeze (multiple times)
Riot -Bug: freeze -Description: I was playing rank game, around 20 min mark i was farming wolves and i press q(i'm playing caitlyn) suddenly my screen froze.. cant move, cant alt tab, can't close the game -the only thing i can do is forcefully turning off my laptop -Laptop+ Window 8 toshiba
: Ascension: Full-system freeze (multiple times)
Same thing happen to me. the game ended suddenly freeze came too strike(black Screen and the game sound) so i was forced to restart my laptop since i can't alt+tab or close the client
: PBE Ragers
more likely pbe 5s rank(bronze below)
: Victorious Skin Sneak Peak
:D Be Draaveeeeen...... i saw 1 pick that edited with draven face
: Unexpected Platform Error after quitting membership to lobbies/ques
: A new Talon Skin, please.
Still waiting for eve VU update eve deserve decent skin than talon


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