: eyeball collection give letality (even if u need to complete it), could help for the damage loss. predator : if u use it, take ingenious hunter instead relentless hunter... and maybe cosmic insight to reduce predator cd. >Phase Rush - Doesnt do enough to compensate for not having damage now. Feels nice for the extra speed in a fight but unnessessary. ??? its same as stormrider... don't understand ur point... even if i think riot should buff ms boost a bit
for phase rush im meaning in context to the damage im losing the movespeed isnt helping enough since quinn can already do that with her passives, since i have so little damage the movespeed just looks cool, i used to run stormraiders occassionally but runes compensated for not having the keystones damage since that was just an "extra" before. (not advocating that anything should be changed just cause quinn cant care about it as effectively as some others might but im mearly observing in this case) and in the case of going cosmic insight for 5% of the cd im losing more damage then (for not running a damage rune like dom tree etc) and not truely gaining anything when predator is still on cooldown for way too long as 5% doesnt change its eternal cooldown. also from eyeball collections tooltip atleast it is just giving adaptive ap / ad but i do see it being probably better but it does require 10 kills or 20 wards / something in between but it just seems like thats scaling instead of when quinn needs the snowball potential, thats post snowball, i just personally liked the zombie ward for keeping the river warded for a rediculous amount of time, like actually dumb :P . on the ingenious hunter thing i guess i just glossed over the fact that it was an active when i was reading making a page and was like Nah. i'd prolly run again to take a look at it but again losing the keystone for that period could lose out on potentially good ganks in that period would feel bad but i digress as it isnt nessessarily the point at hand.
: Victorious graves
nah it looks more like a jhin skin imo in current conditions
: Hunter's Machete Attackspeed Problem
yes i feel the same way, why is precision locked to AS and domination/sorcery locked to AD/AP etc, it feels less like it gives more choice and more like it restricts the choices.
: Ghosting would be really nice on Phase Rush
i would love to see that added as it is "phase" rush
: I think that as new runes for tanks so very good, especially the aftershock I think their vacillation was only the iron skin and the mirror shell, which at the end of the game are lost, since there is no space for consumables. .. could give an improvement ...
well iron skin and mirror shell can still be good later for when you are something like say maokai or you have a healing support {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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