: Ascension Bug Report Thread
End game bug, we finish the game and we can never exit. The probleme was in the both team and we can chat. For end the game, all both team need to leave. Sorry for my bad english ;)
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: [Epic Monsters] - Dragon and Baron do not attack
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: [Missing item] Missing item in the scoreboard
Same in this game, i think this is the new item "Essence Reaver" who make is probleme.
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: Yes i saw it too (check the two files)
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Yes i saw it too (check the two files)
: [Bloodthirster] Generates shield while attacking towers
I saw it in game and it incrase shield whent auto-attack tower.
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: [BUG] F12 the screenshot button Freezes the picture shown(Present on live servers too)
Got the same thing whent i take screenshot, and my screenshot is black --'
: [striker lucian] - visual bug
I saw this red circle auround player who have buy bloodthister and this effetc come from bloodthister. But don't know why


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