: I just wanna say Thank You for making this skin, overall it's perfect, but as a Katarina main since 2011, I wanna point what I think it could be better: 1 - I think we could use a new Respawn animation, when PROJECT was released she still is the only one without a new respawn, maybe you guys could change that with this skin; 2 - Her hair has some nice animations, but it's just look like the same model as her other 9 Skins and base model, a long hair with bangs. 3 - On hit VFX, maybe something like Zed's VFX from his AA VFX, just something "new" when she atacks. 4 - The Daggers Slash looks like basic "slash" when hits an enemy, could put some VFX too, maybe like the souls from Zed's or a new "slash hit" VFX. 5 - The Pink colors could be more dark, or purple (Maybe that is just my preference tho). 6 - The color from her hair, could be more darker/blue IDK, but looks like a Neon/Super Galaxy/ArcadeSona hair's and not "Death Sworn". 7 - Ult's sounds it's too low, could be a bit higher. 8 - New Voracity VFX, different from her base that she just glows bright, could be something like the rest of the VFX. 9 - I think she could be spookier too, like the others two, with more souls leaving when she ults, maybe could remove the pink colors, and do more like Zed colors Spooky Blue and Spooky Green, not pink. I know that her just hitted the PBE, and maybe are some VFX being made, but I'm just pointing in that is not. It's her first skin without Red/Pink VFX, and it's a delight to see something different for her, I love her and maybe I'm asking too much, or not, I just think with these changes it could be better than already is. Sorry for my bad english, not my native language. Thanks, Bess!!
I agree that the pink should be purple rather than removing it for green. It'd be nice to have her colors pop in a different way from the other 2. He hair probably should have a deep purple at the roots that eventually fade out into the green so it doesn't have such a neon arcade look. Her blades also seem to have a weird shape with the 2 prongs on each side which I think would be cleaner if it were removed. I also agree that the particle effects for the dagger spin need more to it. To someone in the comments I also do thing she needs some homeguads skins and this is definitely a good time to start. The daggers should also be toned down in brightness. I feel like the only time the daggers should glow like that is when they touch the ground. I think the sound effects sound amazing. I do however think with al of Katarina's current skins, this skin seems like a good opportunity to go all out legendary considering how she got an updated model. I say go big or go home with all us crazy kat players would definitely get a kat skin that actually made changes. I mean her death animation in this skin is still the same as any. Can we please just get some changes.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
My rune pages don't save so every time I open up pbe I have to recreate them all. It's quite the annoyance.


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