: One random thought I've just had on the whole Support gold/XP problem is a small gold/XP "reward" when placing wards using Sightstone/its upgrades on something like a 60 second cooldown. It's more of an incentive to buy the item whatever champ you're playing in the role and encourages you to actively use it, plus considering the item takes up a slot all game it would be helpful in pushing you towards later purchases.
We've talked a lot about vision, it's place in our game, who should be responsible for it, how do we judge the quality of vision provided, etc., and we don't have all the answers to all those questions - it's still up for debate. For example, some support players resent being expected to be the sole provider for vision, but at the same time other support players resented having more control taken away when we limited how many wards each player could have out. I myself used to scatter wards around like birdseed. :3 All that being said, we're reluctant to further reinforce vision as core support interaction, and would like to find ways to encourage effective vision play across the board (an example being to find ways to detect how much information has your ward provided vs. how many wards have you placed).
: Good idea, good implementation. As far as addressing the problems it wanted to, this project seems pretty good. Things that are left untouched, however: * Later in the game Relic Shield/FotM procs are hard to achieve, as your teammates clear the waves in one sweep and don't let you have any fun. * Could the Spoils of War passive change once you finish the quest? Same probably goes for Ancient Coin. * I feel like Ancient Coin is still going to remain useless on shielders like Janna, Lulu and Karma, appealing to maybe healers like Soraka and Nami, with champions like Sona having both options viable but still opting for Spellthief for dem damages. With Talisman having armor it's a basically an alternative tank support item, and tank supports aren't even all the craze right now. * Stuff like Zeke's Herald remains unchanged and I don't know how I feel about it. This build path is a pain. * You could strip the damage portion off Redemption and it would still be a top-tier item. If leaving the damage, I'd go as far as making it the Rabadon of support items, adding a third AP component (Wisp/Codex) and making this a dilemma between finishing a "broken" expensive all-purpose item and rushing a completed specialized one.
****Re: Targon's Stacks**** We did try a version of the starting items that removed the laning pattern but got a lot of feedback that it was missed. This was a surprisingly strong reaction in Targon users, as they liked having the ability to interact with the wave. We are looking at ways to mitigate the late game execution issues, however, as that remains a pain point. ****Re: Ancient Coin**** Lulu, and Karma (to a lesser extent Janna) still have the option of Spell Thief's, but we feel that Coin can still be a viable option for them - the coins when "dropped" do pop towards the champion, and have a set follow/pickup speed, so those are all levers we can use to tune the risk. ****Re: Zeke's Herald & Redemption**** For Midseason we mostly focused on Support starting items since we were adding a new component to them. The other support items will probably need a more holistic look to make sure we know what our goals are in terms of item coverage and that each item fits into that picture.
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: The thing is that this change can only increase the number of support players in the queue. People who were already willing to support won't start excluding it, and people who don't want to support are already not playing support. There are many players, like myself, who don't mind supporting but don't want to do it constantly. However, given a choice, I'd rather support than AD, so I would queue as top/jungle with AD excluded. I wouldn't end up supporting as much as if I selected support or fill as primary or secondary, but I'll probably get it once every 4 or 5 games, which is substantially more than I was before.
This guy gets it. {{champion:117}}
: This seems like a great idea...if we were also able to opt out of queueing with premades. While I think this is a good step in the right direction, I can say the last thing I want is to be put with a 3 man premade not communicating as it is, and now also having to play my 4th worst role. There would be absolutely no fun to be had and I would likely play worse overall. For example, I play adc literally never in ranked, because I am bad at adc positioning and play mostly top on an island. There is no chance I'm getting mid, top is fairly popular, so I'll likely be stuck support or adc and very bad in both (I would be saying no to jungle, as I'm not good at ganking at all). This seems really good in theory, but a LOT of potential for frustration and toxicity (by the people not wanting to play their 4th worst role, and from the people flaming said person for doing bad at something they are bad at). I'm not 100% convinced the trade off is worth it in the end without more in place. ---------- **Edit: Just to put this here at the end, I still _DO_ think this is a good idea, just feels a bit "in a vacuum" is all.**
I hear where you are coming from - our goal is to improve queue times without players losing too much control over their positions - we expect you will rarely find yourself in the position of playing a less ideal role. We're testing this feature in isolation early so that we could gather as much feedback before pre-season as possible. This is part of a larger plan that we have for the new season, which players will hear more about in the near future.
: Although I like the new system more than the old one, it doesn't look like it has any sort of info that you can get a role other than your 1st or 2nd. Like if someone misses the news on this being implemented and how it works then they might not get one of the three roles shown and be confused. if this change is considered worthwhile will it look the way it looks above or will it be altered some for the sake of clarity? I don't know if people will actually have issues figuring it out but I always imagined this system to have more of a list view than the 3 icons.
Thanks for the feedback! We have a tip that informs players of the change the first time you enter the lobby after this change goes live. We are also planning a larger publishing message around the feature, but will be open to making additional changes as necessary if players are lacking the clarity they need.
: What about people who main adc or mid... will we still get our roles as often, since they are so popular? Will we still get our main role as often? Like, what would be the percentage of getting out 2nd, 3rd, and 4th roles in this system? :s
Our goal is to be able to get everyone their primary more often, with the compromise that sometimes you will play a role that is not a preference. We don't have specific projections on what that distribution is going to be, but will know a lot more once we have gathered data on our live test.
: Sounds good.. Except.. What if everyone selects never to play support ? Aren't we going to have the same issues as before? I'm just curious.
Everyone will occasionally play their third or fourth best position, so there is less incentive to choose Support as your weakness if it actually is not your weakest position. Additionally we are already close to having a healthy distribution, and we are better off even if only a few more players are available for support. Our plan is to turn this feature on in one region to validate that we will have enough supports in the system. If we don't, we won't be turning the feature on globally.
: What kind of differences are there between clubs?
Clubs sit outside of the game flow, while Parties are an integral part of it. Does that make sense? For example, the party chat (which replaces arranged team chat) lasts from the lobby through queuing and into the game ("/party" will allow you to chat with your party). Also, while in a lobby, if you are the leader of the party, you can change the game mode you are playing without having to disband, whereas before you would have to quit the lobby and re-invite everyone, losing any conversation thread that was happening.
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: That's gonna be cool!
Thanks! I'm glad you're excited! We're exciting about building a bigger, better, more social future for our players! :3
: I don't know where to put this since there isn't a dedicated club feedback thread but here's my opinion. I love it, the only thing I would like changed is can we have the option to change club tags after we made them? That is all.
Hi! I'm glad you love it! As for changing the club's tags, we will allow for Player Support to change it if you feel you've made a terrible mistake... ^_^ As a general rule we want to discourage changing the tag freely since it is meant to be a form of recognizable social identity. To quote an earlier response, In the future we may implement something like Summoner Name Change for clubs and their tags, since we know it takes time to process a Player Support ticket. Ultimately, we want players to only change their identity if they are willing to invest either time or RP/IP - you have to really want it! :D
: A feed back on the clubs: -the name is too short right now, we need to be able to call our club with longer names (especially since the space to write the name is so long ;)) -i'm not sure about this but how about allowing us to join 5 clubs instead of 3? that way we can have a club per ranked team if we want -i'm not sure about this eigher but I would like to change the club tag
Thanks for your feedback! We will need to look into the feasibility of longer names - right now we have some concern about long names looking bad in the client, but as we update the visuals we can revisit the name length. For multi-club membership we don't imagine we will actually end with three being the final number, but we picked it as a conservative starting point. You do bring up a good point about the ranked teams, so we will keep that in mind! As for changing the club tag, we want to allow it, but we also want it to be a weighty decision (this should be a tag that people learn to recognize), so unless you are going through Player Support we will probably have an option available in the store eventually.
: Muhahahaha, the puns and games you can do with this >:) Will you be able to chance the club tag once you set one? Btw, the club name and your status overlap. Small bug, I know, but still :> Edit: nvm, it only overlaps because I hadn't restarted the client yet. After restarting, your clubroom *replaces* your status. Is that gonna be permanent? I like my status :[
We are still working on the best place on the hovercard to display your club - the current location is most likely temporary, as we don't want to force players to choose between displaying an affiliation and a status. As for changing the club tag, we will definitely allow for changing it through Player Support. As a feature,though, we want to discourage changing the tag freely since it is meant to be a form of social identity. In the future we may implement something like Summoner Name Change for clubs and their tags, since we know it takes time to process a Player Support ticket. Ultimately, we want players to only change their identity if they are willing to invest either time or RP/IP - you have to really want it! :D
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: will public chats also be updated? as a proud member of gd chat I think there should be either more slots added or some kind of auto kick after an extended amount of time being afk. room is always full but only a handful of people partake in the chat.
Public chats will eventually be updated - we are actually doing some refactoring of the rooms so it's not as easy as us just porting the feature over to public chat rooms, unfortunately. We are planning on building out a bigger system in which these new and improved private chats are just one piece in a larger plan.
: Would it be possible for chatrooms to have an option to be freely open to new members yet still retain moderation capabilities? The Factions community makes extensive use of the current chat room system and would greatly benefit from the inclusion of moderation options (to remove spambots and the like). However, I don't believe our community and many others like it would want to add restrictions on newer people joining the chatroom.
Totally get where you are coming from here! We are definitely looking into this, as we want to make sure we can support more open communities in the future, but it's not a capability that we have at the moment.
: Probably a stupid question, as the answer is likely *no*, but any chance we can get an office-like role in the public chats?
Not a stupid question - it's been asked before and I'm thinking of making a FAQ to post in which case this question will definitely be on it! We have been developing in a separate space from the Public Chatrooms in an attempt to not disrupt existing rooms, but we are looking for ways to support existing communities with better tools in the future.
: So I had a thought. People can change their summoner names whenever they want (for the most part). Will changing your name have any effect on retention of officer status, or anything of the like? I could see how it could go either way depending on the coding. I guess it depends how you have it go about checking whether or not someone is an officer as they enter the room.
Generally your account ID is what is used to store any information we might need about you - that way even if your summoner name changes, we still know if you are an officer or what skins you own, etc. :)
: Idea: Muting certain chat rooms ? (Doesn't give a sound or notification for messages and not due to spammers , just due to the fact you may be in quite a bit of chat rooms at once and with a lot of people talking you don't want the sound to keep coming up for certain groups along with a flashing LoL icon in the taskbar) It should be available to everyone , even the members . For those who know , think kinda how Kik has their mute function . SILENCE! {{champion:90}}
We are definitely planning on NOT having sound notifications for these chats in case they get busy. :3 We are looking into ways of letting you know there are messages without being totally obnoxious about it, but we promise no flashing and no sounds. :D
: Ah yes, I just went over to your Q & A and noticed the answer. Would have edited it but you beat me to responding. I know that some amount of people were requesting this sort of feature for a while and it's nice to see something go up on PBE.
With two posts we expect to be answering some questions more than once. ;) We're happy that players are happy about it, even if it's in rudimentary stages. :D
: What about Chatrooms which are already active? For instance /r/summonerschool has chatrooms on multiple servers but they were created a while ago.
We built this feature separate from the current public chatrooms so that we wouldn't disrupt existing communities. :3 We do have plans to build tools to be able to support them in the future, but until then we will be leaving them alone.
: This is great, I was wondering if you guys could add some officers to the Public Beta chatroom, due to spammers and trashtalkers. (If you have no one to make officer, may I suggest AmySery? :D )
We don't have that capability at the moment (these are more like upgraded private chats), but we hope to be able to improve the public chat experience in the future! :3 I'll rename the title to hopefully prevent future confusion. :)
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: That system seems to be promising :) How can we test this feature adequately on PBE is my question. Because as it is a very small community with restricted registering, many of our friends might not be able to get the invite or so. Beside this little problem I think this is a great feature that will help the community tighten :) Thank you rito :D{{champion:119}}
We recognize that this feature is going to be hard to test on PBE - we are going to have to do our own due diligence in testing it in PBE with Rioters to work out any kinks, but if I get any information on how you guys can help I will let you know! :)
: First of all, nice idea! Good work riot! Looking forward to see more friendly system like this. According to the post, will we have an option to disable FB link or it is required to use the feature?
You will have to link to Facebook to use the feature since that is how we will find friends to recommend to you. A Facebook link is not, however, required to play League of Legends. If you try out the feature and you don't like it, or feel uncomfortable with it, you can always unlink your account - friends that you added through the feature will remain on your friends list. :D
: This is pretty cool. Now i can see who on FB i cant to about LoL stuff and not have them be super annoyed. Could this info potentially be used for things such as tribunal cases or linking PBE and live accounts?
I'm glad you're stoked about it! We are really hoping to help players like you find friends to play with or talk to about the game. That's our focus! :3 That being the case, the information we use from Facebook won't be stored on our end, and so it will not be used for things such as the tribunal cases.


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