: PBE white screen problem
Having this problem Also, I'm on mac
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: To be more specific, it is one of Ornn's upgrade items. Riot is aware of this problem, and working on a fix :)
Strange, my game didn't have Ornn yet it still occurred.
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: Arcane Comet feedback
It's only really effective on spell spammy champs right now Because only they can drop the cooldown quickly(the 0.5 cooldown between reductions really hurt)
: Literally same problem happened to me. Match history doesn't even show the existence of that game just like your case. I also have no clue what's happening... Hope this gets solved.
I'd like to take a guess The server must've booted all the players from said game so the server thought the game no longer exists as if it were finished
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: 6.17 Vayne Q-Tumble buff
The problem is 1.Vayne's first items are almost never heavy AD 2.The buffs won't do much for AS vayne for reason i need not mention 3.Heavy AD Vayne isn't the preferred build all this is doing is just giving more power in an ability that doesn't need it,limiting the power that can be shared through out her kit
: Asc Changes now on PBE for Testing
I feel like it kinda transforms Xerath into a King of the hill,basically pick tanks(who can stand on it for ages) or anybody with a knock back like {{champion:268}} {{champion:18}} etc..
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: What's the point of this? What does it add to the gameplay? It's worthless.
Well the page is "champions and Gameplay" it kinda makes sense,Skaarl ran away and Kled calls for him Nothing for gameplay.just something that would fit the champion
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: Tumble has always scaled bonus AD. You are actually making ZERO sense. It's additive AD on top of your existing AD. Tumble will always do more damage than your basic attack. They BUFFED that fact later in the game so it adds even MORE AD onto your tumble late game. What is so hard to understand?
I slowly decent into internal screaming,and I'm to lazy to explain
: It has always been bonus AD. Triforce for the sheen proc, not the AD it gives. You're trying too hard to not like the change even though its a buff in every possible way. I don't think you understand how the game works regaredless.
Oh my god its Total AD,it is illogical that somehow 30% of your bonus AD in the laning phase with just a {{item:1055}} and runes to = 22 Facepalm* IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN TOTAL AD
: "To clarify, Q bonus damage and AA crit chances were rolled separately. Now it's done once. If you crit, it all crits."
: Should be like how statikk shiv works; the change they made to how it crits awhile back - Vayne doesn't make any sense though cause the Q damage never crit it just adds on in damage
so maybe they intend to allow it to crit maybe?
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: ???? In no way shape or form is this a nerf...it doesnt hurt her early game, her early game is meant to be bad. 2. Its not a nerf to attack speed builds because that makes the AD she builds much more valuable 3. Its a buff to all builds because shes an AD carry, if anything this makes {{item:3078}} a much better option. This change opens up quite a few possibilities. It might even make {{item:3142}} {{item:3046}} better than {{item:3153}} {{item:3046}}
Something that was not noted at Surr@20 is that the scaling was changed to BONUS damage(ATM this cycle its been completely reverted) so Vayne has 84 total AD at level 18,also Early game the amount of BONUS AD you have at lvl 1 is like what?15?17?,so thats like 5 damage which is less then half of 22(the average amount of early game AD using normal runes) so it is a nerf Its a nerf to attack speed builds because those attack speed builds build very little AD early on like {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} then the normal build has boots,DOUBLE attack speed items so no AD from there,your 2 last sources of AD are the last item your going to build and elixir of wrath And no it actually makes triforce way worse to rush early because of how little AD it gives(25),and yes it'd make {{item:3142}} {{item:3046}} because it has a decent amount of AD attached to it
This skin is overall great,Q looks amazing,W is cool,an ok recall and the Ult effects are good My 2 grudges with this skin is 1.His passive is barely noticable,like it really hard to see it(possibly change it to slightly darker green) 2.his Q is quite bright and is also occcasionally not that noticable(less so then his passive)
Tested it out and some problems(but overall great work on it) 1.Runnan's bolts aren't blue using normal auto's and using Q doesn't change the bolt effect to the project skin auto 2.Lackluster death animation and recall Apart from that all good
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: Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion
New ryze imo -Easier to pick up,but still rewards you for mastering him -less off a machine gun monster with combo's mixed in,much more of a combo based champion -atm i realize he just got released on the PBE,but he is so overtuned,so far the W,passive and ult are all pretty balanced,the problems are in his Q and E -W is tuned so there are no more perma roots(GOD BLESS) -Passive is nice,fits in pretty well and is best kept the way it is but no Ryze would ever go full glass cannon in most cases so it'll be interesting to see how it goes -Q right now is broken,the E > Q is basically most of Ryze's damage and the shield is also pretty big -E is spammable,to spammable for its dmg,it needs to be separable for his other abilities to work but reduce the damage at late ranks would be nice -something you didn't note but i found interesting is,you can only rank up your ult twice and you Q 6 times cool addition
: Ryze Re-Re-Re-Rework Feedback
In a team fight if you try to disengage with R and the enemy team isn't stupid they'll just Hard CC you to cancel it
: I hope this is just their experiment because I don't like the look of how this E changes. I prefer the MS much better. If they give the range increase, chances are we'll be seeing laning Sona (which to be honest, is pretty exciting). Though, I still like the MS better.
Likely to be reverted anyways,its pretty bad tbh i mean whats it for?i just press E then hope to god i get my Q power chord ready?
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: Can we lower Sona's Q range in exchange for more damage on it?
No The ult change is compensation enough,minus 20 damage assuming you get an auto off alone,but much more around team mates
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: Taliyah QoL and buffs suggestion
The creator of Taliyah specifically stated her W is not and will never be using Vector cast
: > Have you attempted to replicate the issue? Sure did, didn't run into any troubles > and are you on a macintosh client? Well yeah otherwise I would not be replying to you x)
Ive figured out the issue My internet crapped my computer when i launched the PBE/normal client effectively bugging my computer
: I don't have any of these issues, and never had them. Have you tried repairing the client / checking your drivers on errors?
Have you attempted to replicate the issue? I've checked the logs to and are you on a macintosh client?
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: massive control? where? how? she's a worst Twisted Fate. Even TF in lane is weak vs everyone but at least his ulti has longer range. and he has a good stun it would be ok if Taliyah is bad in lane, but she should have a better passive (more speed) a longer range on ulti...
her multi does eventually outrange TF ulti
: I'm sorry, my english is quite mèh so i can't express myself properly :\ I wanted to say that, like you said, AP Ekko get a nerf until he reach 200 AP, and you need a couple of item to do this ( like Morello + Lich bane + Runes, but is just an example), until you get those stats your Q is nerfed, but when you get more AP you get just a small buff, also the Q outgoing damage is not so strong, so having a little late game buff is ok. The ulti instead when you reach late game becomes INSANE with this buff, with a full build(and so a Rabadon) the damage can be really REALLY HIGH, even right now does a lot of damage. Moreover, they HAVE to overtune the AP scaling to compensate a nerf that is almost useless for tank Ekko. Just leave the spell as it is, wait about Q changes, and if is not enough nerf the base damage/slow of the passive or the % healt regeneration from the ult. They are really risking to overtune his scalings on spells to nerf tank Ekko right now. They probably have to do this, but at least do it on the right side, 50 AOE damage every 60 seconds(more ore less) are not the main problem about Tank Ekko. Just don't touch what is not strictly necessary, and at the same time hit what IS strictly necessary. Anyway, I really don't like spells with more then 100-120% AP scaling, unless are over time damage that you can escape/interrupt(kata for example) or need to be channeled. Maybe is just me but just reading on a spell 1.5 Ap scaling gives to me a feeling like " WTF? How something like that can be fair?! " xD
Yeah and Veigar has a a 150% AP ratio scaling point and click nuke on a less then 50 second cooldown with 45% CDR whats your point?
: As a Yasuo main I feel trapped.
Try to tell that to like every other Bruiser in league of legends who suffered because it was transformed into this ADC item
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: I don't agree with op, but you're wrong too. Sure play rate does not = winrate (and op never said that), but when some picks have low pickrates, it means that they are only played by mains (so they should have higher winrate than average) or when team comps are perfect for fiddle (and once again if there is a good comp for fiddle they should have higher winrates) . So if the playrate is low, usually a high winrate doesn't mean much. Just look at Galio top, he has 56% winrate, wich is a bit higher than fiddle, but because of his 0.4 % playrate he will not be nerfed. But Fiddle has a 4% playrate, wich is on my opinion an average/high playrate, so it doesn't apply.
True I guess,this case can be applied to {{champion:236}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:64}} high play rate(majority being noobs) and low win rate bur here is the bigger issue A large majority of Fiddlesticks "skill requirements" are positioning and decision making all locked behind 3 point and click spells and a delayed,chanelled enormous AOE
: unfortunately the PBE isn't looked at by riot for changes in balance, as many things have been pushed out horribly unbalanced in the past. This change is horrible and unwarranted for the 1% playrate, but posts on the PBE forums won't stop them, only highly upvoted posts on the main league of legends reddit,
Look at Anivia they let her sit at a 50% + win rate for some patches and the moment they pushed the mastery changes BOOM her play right was still low as hell but her win rate increased by a minor 2% ish then they nerfed her
: Don't rush to nerf Fiddle
Play rate does not = win rate he might have a low play rate but he is utterly stupid when he is played
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: The same problem of Shadowfire Kindred happening to Super Galaxy Kindred
There quotes also very much represent that they are never whole without the other
: Taliyah feedback thread
took me 2 games to get used to her W,its pretty easy without vector cast anyways I think all she needs is more clarity on the worked ground when she isn't standing on it and an issue with taliyah that i found is you can't flash then E directly because when flashing>E your E will actually cast backwards even if your mouse pointer is forwards
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: Taliyah Passive's Potential
I have some idea's -Rock surf won't be disabled via DOT spells -Taliyah will have rock surf active for 2 seconds(can't be disabled) after she ults
: Jinx Rocket AS changes in testing
These changes seem pretty good,as of now on live in lane jinx is forced to get 3 stacks of her Q AS buff when using rockets just so you don't cancel it Late game if she can't score a kill/assist she basically just....cant do much because her rockets fire so slow Hoping these changes help with that
: The theme of the item, most basic attack junglers are AD, and health percent items commonly use physical damage.
: Mordekaiser need up for the new mage meta
: Kennen needs a buff
His changes were boring but not underperforming,it takes only a second or 1.25 seconds with protobelt
: Could be potentially too overpowered.
also makes buying GLP near pointless on Champs that always buy {{item:3116}}
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