: Taliyah's Worked Ground is very difficult to see ingame.
I completely agree. I just want to be able to see what ground I have worked and not without having to stain my eyes -.-.
: But it is difficult (at least for me). For instance, "I want to play [champ]".... I want to play them? That's still odd to me. It's normally a singular champ, one. A single person/thing. It will take some getting used to referring to them as "they/them".. Calling a single champ as two/multiple entities/people when you would normally speak of a champion as one. Still odd, but ya.
People can just say "Kindred is becoming a problem.", or "I want to play Kindred.". They are separate, but the word Kindred implies them as a whole. It's only when someone doesn't want to use the whole champions name that they use He or She. The only difference with Kindred is you need to say they. Not very hard or confusing in my opinion.
: Eh. It's easier to just say she lmao. It's pretty silly to correct and nit-pick someone on something so small. The general idea still is understood. He wants to play the champ.
Say "She" out loud. Now say "They". Is that difficult? Is it *really* **that** hard to add ONE letter to a word or sound? Saying "She" is completely disregarding Wolf. If you say she, you completely and utterly disregard Wolf. Try playing Kindred without Wolfs voice, W, or E. It's simply wrong. They are together as one being. *They* have two voices together. They *work* together. Emphasis on ***together***. Just because one does more than the other doesn't mean anyone should completely disregard Wolf.
: Riot is determined to keep me from testing this champ. I can't pick them in champ select because someone's already picked them by the time i load into champ select, custom games require more people than on my pbe friends list to start, and now they're disabled.
Yes yes yes! I just want to test their jungling *myself* to see if I like them and want to continue testing them. Riot gives a big N O on that. -_-
: Its the weekend :p
The post has been up for more than twelve hours by now. Riot has to have been working within the time this was originally posted. It's a big enough deal such that even if it is the weekend elise NEEDS to be disabled. This is a big enough deal that plenty of others and I are avoiding the PBE all together until this is fixed. Theses games are not fun to play with the Elise bug, they ruin the entire 20 min match right from the get go. It is also not an optimal testing environment for the new Juggernauts as they will all lose to a *single* spell.
: [Elise] - Q extreme damage and duration bug
The fact that Elise isn't disabled by now is a shame. This post has been up for TWELVE. HOURS. I can understand this bug *appearing*, but I don't think **anyone** can defend riot for keeping this insane bugged champion enabled. The elise I played against had 17 kills by the 20 min surrender all from Q'ing switching to R mid flight and *walking away*. ***IT'S THAT DAMN SERIOUS!!!!*** I think this is the most sincere time for *everyone* on the PBE to **SCREAM** "Riot PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!"
: I do not like the readded crit scaling. Sure, you normally ignore it on the new Garen and it allows you to build IE (and Yomuu's maybe) to deal dmg. But at the same time that is not the new Juggernaut Garen and it feels really weird to build crit on a melee bruiser. I do not mind the mechanic, but I also think that champs and their mechanics should be clear and follow a path or guideline and that crit scaling is a part of an idea that Garen would be a crit champ, but he never got to that. It is a part of an identity he never had. Better focus on his core stuff.
I agree with you. But people were really pissed off that they couldn't do their full crit "Spin to Win" builds. That probably influenced Riot to put the mechanic back in.
: [Darius]- Bloodrage does not proc when ult killing someone with an after death passive.
The real question is if this is intended or not. Personally since they have to "die" to activate the passive, it only seems fair that Darius gets his Bloodrage.
: That comment was mostly about internal testing. Diamond/Master level testers that play with/as/against him every day are consistently saying he's a god right now.
> [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Y7ELMJAK,comment-id=004e0000,timestamp=2015-08-07T03:21:28.578+0000) > > That comment was mostly about internal testing. Diamond/Master level testers that play with/as/against him every day are consistently saying he's a god right now. Could you go more in depth? How so is he a god? Does your internal testing team build the reccomended items on him? More definitions would be nice. :)
: It might be. I certainly didn't start at 325. In fact, I was very hesitant and moved him down 5 MS at a time as opponents reported being completely unable to escape his onslaught. A major factor for this is that Mordekaiser has the base damage and base survivability to invest into a lot of movement speed items as the game progresses (Our playtesters often build him Targons-->Ninja Tabi->Phage->Trinity Force->Raptor Cloak->Rylai's). I think you might also be coming at this from the perspective of someone who has played "traditional" melee bot lanes, that must function as aggressive kill lanes in order to find any success. Mordekaiser has the scaling and defenses to whittle his opponents down and wait for a good opportunity (like a Thresh hook).
Could you or one of your testers explain why they built him that way? I saw those items on the PBE and got really confused. Looking at the ratios on his abilities I got even more confused. Some clarification for items like Targons, and the synergy for the build as a whole would be nice.
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: Will Viktor be enabled for testing in today's ( September 10th ) update?
This. I've been waiting a long time to test Viktor and I'd like to know if it's today or not so I can test or do other things. I'm not saying Riot needs to rush, but he's currently disabled and if that means we can't test him for today, a response would be nice. :)
: PBE Maestro bug
This just happened to me... I googled a solution, and did the first step involving making the Client Admin Level and it worked. Try it. If you have Avast Anti Virus, it might also be the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FoXZ0kl2RM
: My take on Gnar
Something to note about Big Gnar. You have a (about) 5 second period before you morph into Big Gnar (assuming you don't use a skill to activate it). During that period, if your E Leap is off cooldown and you use it in that 5 second period, you can use Mini Gnars leap (and the included extra leap off of a minion or champion) to get to the enemy and instantly Morph right on their face. You should see that you can do this as the E Icon turns Blue in this state.
: Logged into client for the first time, Level 1.
Wait about 24 hours. You should have all the IP and RP you'll be given (once and ONLY once mind you), and you can buy all the champions and a basic rune set with it (they're in giant cheap bundles for you). If you aren't leveled and have your IP and RP by then, contact Riot Support, you SHOULD have your stuff by then.
: The point of it is that you HAVE to go into big form. It's required. One of his weaknesses.
This. The whole point of his kit, and his playstyle is that when you generate the Fury/Tantrum, you HAVE to use it (assuming you don't wait the 10-12 seconds for it to SLOWLY go down). His kit would be OP if all you had to do is activate it! The stat boosts and cc it gives are INSANE, thats why to balance it out (and NOT make it his ulti) he is forced into one form and another. The Challenge is timing it out so you change when it's most beneficial.
: There's the "Summoner's Rift" map and a "Summoner's Rift(updated)" map. You have to choose the second one.
Why is it that We aren't playing the new SR Map with other People? Isn't the Point of a League map to play with others?
: One thing that would be nice would be Rengar-esque layered cooldown watches on her abilities so that while you are in cougar form, you can see the cooldown of bushwhack for example. These would be nice on Jayce and Elise as well, just as a quality of life improvement.
I never thought of that but I like the idea as well! Upvote! :)
: I really hope Riot doesn't actually make this change, I've played Nidalee since the very beginning and right now playing her is the main reason I'm still playing this game. What about the people who love the way nidalee is right now. Why nerf nidalee when their are champions like Fizz who are one shotting tanks, getting away whenever he pleases, and has a built in zhonyas that does tons of damage. Or veigar who can get an infinite amount of AP and literally one shot anyone. Why would you change everything about a champion who isn't even op,
Take a look at this please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkBA13nEIJk
: As someone who has mained {{champion:76}} since Season 2, I find it annoying how nobody takes notice to her strengths until her visual upgrade. Now that everyone plays her because they realize, "Oh, Nidalee is a champion!", they decide to nerf her. Sure, spears do a lot of damage, she has a lot of escape, and her heal is pretty outrageous, but CC in general just totally screws her up. She has no CC herself, and a 2v1 involving a Leona for example is all it would really take to mess her up. In addition, I think the best course of action would have been to remove the self-healing bonus from her heal and reduce the hitbox on her spears. If it keeps going like this, she'll be the new {{champion:28}}
I would like to point out Chucking Spears at 1200 Range and Pouncing away when someone gets close to you, healing up, then repeating is a pretty toxic playstyle. Getting close also counts towards most CC which is Close Range Targetd (Taric) or a Semi-Longrange Skillshot that can be blocked by minions (Elise). Ciderhelm, a very Popular and Knowledgeable League player made a Video on the Subject a few months back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkBA13nEIJk
: These changes are cool and all but now the sniper essence of nidalee will be gone. Nidalee will end up being more of an upfront champion and it kinda sucks losing her sniper essence as there really is no other champion in the game that is built around sniping people and picking them off. Some of these changes are good but it upsets me to see nidalee changed in such a fashion {{champion:32}}{{item:3070}}
There's a difference between a Snipe ability, and Nidalees Q which is VERY Spamable and CHUNKS everyones health
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
I noticed a Bug where Nidalees Traps (mine or my enemies traps) wouldnt make a Noise. Steps 1: Place Trap 2: Watch Enemy Walk Over Trap 3: Hear no Noise (Personal Feedback Time!) My one big gripe is that Headhunter Nidalees Passive Hunt Marking is the same color/design as the other Nidalee skins. A Badass Headhunter (Along the lines of Yis Camo during Q or Rengars different animations on W and E) shouldn't be using Primitive Spear Icons or a Jungle Yellow Tint to Track her foes! Headhunters are Technologically advanced and use Genetics and Cyber-Healing, why can't her passive mark fit that theme as well?
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: Karthus Visual Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Is anyone else having issues getting onto the PBE to test Karthus? Im seeing all these opinion posts and I can't even connect to try Karthus out.
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: Braum - [W] - If you shield an ally who is tanking tower it schould make tower agro go over to Braum
I like the idea in general... but I think it could be better implemented. What if instead of taking your allys aggro, you take the shots for him 3-4 seconds while the shield is up. That way you prevent some damage to your ally for awhile, while also keeping the turret focused on the ally, making him a real "Defender" per se, not a Rammus "Taunter" to turrets. Also, anything that hits the back side of Braums shield doesn't get deflected, so your ally would need to stay near braums front side (aka not walk all the way to the back side of the turret) to prevent tower shots, thus making it less of a full dive and more like letting your ally walk into tower range for a bit.
: Have you tried the developers' override code to log in? I can't atm because for some reason I've a 800 Mb update, despite just updated it yesterday.
Dev Override Code? Explain please.
: Braum - Backing animation glitches
Can confirm, just tested it. Also, can we have Braum jump from the side of the base hes facing? So instead of jumping from the Jungle to Fountain on Blue Side, he could jump from his recall point and leap to the fountain!
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: Didn't you read the summary about the RP thing? It says we no longer get more rp. Geez, you gotta read the front page. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/3Ea1s1JP-211-edit-summary-of-pbe-leveling-iprp-and-pricing-updates
Thank you for telling him, I've seen so many of these pop up recently and it annoys me. This is getting way too annoying, partially because they can't read the front page even though they go on the forums, and also because they complain about not getting RP. All current skins/champs/whatever needs to be tested is sold on the PBE for 1 IP. I don't think anyone on the PBE has 0 IP, and if so, ONE game fixes that. The ONLY reason why people would complain about this is that they want more RP for skins (things that DON'T need to be tested). The PBE wasn't made for you guys to own all champions and skins, it was made to test what riot has planned for release to Live. That ONE skin you want but can't get because you spent the FORTY THOUSAND IP Riot initially gives you isn't grounds to whine like a greedy little kid.
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: I agree
Thanks! If you can, upvote this post so Rioters can see!
Rioter Comments
: The nerfs to Teemo are a stopgap measure, not a solution.
I have way agree with you. From what I've thought about, I feel like the Ratio should be nerfed yes (It's been insanely high for awhile now), but to a lesser extent then what it currently is. While also giving us an item to deal with the Shrooms consistently (Red Trinket can't clear every shroom in every bush I walk by). Nerf the Ratio slightly, and give us an item to deal with Stealth Traps/Shrooms and this whole problem will blow over.
: No RP or IP for past couple weeks
If you decided to read the Stickies at the Top of the Page, you'd know they aren't giving out the weekly Stipends on RP and IP anymore. http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/3Ea1s1JP-211-edit-summary-of-pbe-leveling-iprp-and-pricing-updates
: Black champion select screen?
Same Here! Happened to me a minute ago! Upvote so Riot can See! [!](http://imgur.com/eYlOFc1)
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: Taken out of hexakill que if someone doesn't accept
Ive tested this in Co-Op Vs AI and Normals, they all have the same result. Kicked out of Queue and you get 1 error before you can finally get back in.
: You could buy 24/7 boosts since you get RP for free
I already mentioned getting Rid of Boosts. There's no need for them anyways since we get so much RP and IP, so I find no issue there.
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: Yes, this idea is supported. As testers, when playing matches, yes, we should be getting the rewards on our live accounts. This will also get people to test more often, as they are getting something in return on their live account. Mainly, if this idea is implemented, players/testers will get motivated to help out more in testing.
Thanks! If you support this give it an Upvote so more people and possibly some Rioters can see this!
: PBE is for testing stuff not farming IP for your live account. Since they're complete different. It would give people a high advantage of non PBE players
How would people farm IP? If the IP amount given during games isn't different from the Live Servers, how would we get an advantage compared to others on Live? Could you explain this a bit more?
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: Please read the message related to the yellow triangle with the exclamation point (left of the "play" button)
Sorry about that! When I posted this, there was no Button or Exclamation Point to click on. It's my knee jerk reaction to post any bugs I find on the forums.
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: Last I heard, tonight's deploy should fix the missing Announcer and Champion VO issues, if that's what you meant - though I suppose we'll find out in a little bit :P
Damnit! I can't say thank you enough for that! I've missed the champ voices, and it really takes away from the game. I hear Rivens voice in the Dragonblade Trailer, sounding like a boss, then I go into the PBE with her and the skin, but it just dosent feel the same!
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