: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Nami!
Time to join the train of being downvoted - but I really like this skin. I've played Nami for years and it's nice to have something different that isn't more "fish" for lack of a better term. Mermaids are cool, but I won't say no to something offbeat. She has kind of a robo-shark feel and it's pretty neat. I will agree with some of the others that the staff needs a bit of love, but that's not too bad. I hope you guys don't cancel these :( I really like the Program line and it deserves some more members.
: It was probably since his first legendary was a "joke" skin, and not everyone likes that. Riot, please draw consequences about making joke legendaries. They may not be for everyone's taste, and even tho I love these funny legendaries (especially Janna, i love it soooooo much, but Corp Mundo, Brolaf are funny too), only make them for those champions who would not get another, but the players would still love it. This is a hit in the guts, for those of us who love to play league, and even tho you made improvements in recent times by bringing out skins for long-neglected champs, this goes on the negative side with a huge weight in my opinion. Even more so since this year, a lower amount of legendary skins has come out compared to last year. We had 4 by now, and yes, they were for champs who were popular, but they didn't have one and deserved it. I don't say you shouldnt make second legendaries for champions, but while less than a third of the pool has a quality one, i really, really don't feel it justifiable.
And yet supports get to choose from "joke" Janna, or "serious" Thresh. Maybe someday support mains will be blessed enough to have more options than Darius players.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God-King Darius
I like how now, Darius will have as many legendary skins as the entire support class. Not only that but he has a gemstone skin as well. Next year Darius ultimate or bust I suppose.
: Well, i think that's good. A Lulu, Janna, Nami etc. poke you out of lane without ever going OOM and still do extrem high damage even tho i would say they should nerf the dmg they do and not changing the Items, you yeah okay u r right, fuck this changes.
I mean, as a few people pointed out, technically speaking 25% isn't much early. It's only a handful of casts at most. Thus a pretty unnecessary change. Also realistically speaking if your support isn't mitigating damage or poking back, that's more on them than the opponent being able to poke at all.
: they didn't change supports' mana pool lol, just 25% mana reg at early game (which is unnecessary because they don't farm)
Except they were taking mana regen away from the item that put incentives on poking. Unless you intend to only trade autos with the enemy, you won't be able to do that. So, yeah, it was pretty helpful. Even if you just trade autos you're going to need to heal or shield every once in a while, and god forbid combo someone if you happen to fight or get a gank from either jungler before you go back.
: To update on this - we're reverting Spellthief's and Frostfang changes.
Glad to hear it! Enchanters have been in a pretty decent place for a while with the current mana budget so I'd have hated to see that get changed. Thanks for listening <3
: Youre seriously not realizing how low 25% base mana regen is and how its not going to make any big difference dont you?
As it stands, coin will just be straight up better unless they nerf it to compensate. While I don't know about you, I personally find coin to be boring and rather uninteractive seeing as you get rewarded regardless of whether or not you decide to engage with your lane opponent at all. Why take the risky option that backfires if you have to heal your adc even a few times to keep them in lane when you can take coin and get sustain for as long as you want without needing to poke to get money.
: You are freaking out about losing 36 mana per minute. That's one less cast every 2 minutes.
So let's say I stay in lane for six minutes (just to keep things even) that means I lose out on three or so casts, depending on the support. Those casts could make or break a fight easy. So, being low on regen, I decide to sit on my thumbs in lane and not use spells to poke with Sona for example. Her strengths are being able to poke early, so at that point I would just take coin because I will get better regen from it without question. I don't like the idea of defeating the point of the spell thief line by making me afraid to poke because there isn't any sustain whatsoever from it. I wasn't really a fan of them taking away the reason for choices with the change from tier three into the new quests, and now I am feeling more railroaded into only taking coin (the more boring item let's be honest here). Part of the excitement for lane with enchanters is being able to poke and be proactive. As it stands, it's not worth the risk of losing out on all your gold gen because you lost a fight and have to use heals to keep your adc in lane. So yeah, one less cast is kind of a big deal when I can default to boring old coin and get better sustain in every way.
: What do you mean no regen? Enchanters start with 11.5 mana regen at level 1 Mages start with 6.0 mana regen on live, 8.0 on the PBE. For Enchanters, 25% Base mana regen means 3 MP5 at level 1 (4.6mp5 at level 18 if they don't upgrade to T3).
"Spellthief's Edge - No longer gives base mana regen" You only get that 25% after upgrade. Walking into lane as Sona, or Lulu, or Nami. No extra regen means you get a handful of casts to last you until you get 500 gold to upgrade. Most of your money comes from being able to poke. So unless you trade only autos you're going to run oom real fast. And god forbid you need to heal, or shield. I don't want to wait 30+ seconds in lane just to be able to use Sona's tiny heal once.
: They barely thought of the AP supports... Ugh, Sona is on such a bad state already :(
The joke here is that they didn't past making sure they got nerfed too. Can't have supports being even passable at anything can we? Guess it's a good thing I like new Irelia a lot :/
: Right? Cannot wait to be scolded for not protecting the ADC enough because I'm gonna blow my mana so quick in a fight hah
"omg soraka why didn't you heal me" already comes up enough with the long cooldown, now I can't even cast. Guess it's back to coin D:
: Support base mana regen is currently significantly higher than mages (11.5 vs 6 at level 1). Enchanters start with 11.5 mana regen at level 1 Mages start with 6.0 mana regen on live, 8.0 on the PBE. For Enchanters, 25% Base mana regen means 3 MP5 at level 1 (4.6mp5 at level 18 if they don't upgrade to T3).
Doesn't matter if for the first several minutes of the game you get no regen .-.
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
Guys. You punish supports pretty hard for going back (since you cannot get procs for sightstone if you're not there) and now you want to make sure that the enchanters get to cast three spells in lane and then stand there awkwardly until they can upgrade for a pretty tiny amount of regen. Not to mention not a single one got a mana upgrade to compensate. I know you hate supports, but come on .-.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Graves!
I actually like the idea of purple being the new standard color for victorious skins. Buuuut I also plan on hitting gold soon in threes anyway.
: [Aftergame Invasion Stats] Damage Stat Counter Bugged
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/221799679904579584/345753663630999552/unknown.png Yeaaaaaah. Pretty much this
: Search for that blank space next to random champion option. http://i.imgur.com/SaY1ExF.png
Well damn, thanks. Guess I'm blind. Little frustrating you can't search him though. Kudos on being helpful though :D (pbe tends not to be the most friendly of places)
: He is that blank space in champion select. I think is second from the left but I don't remember.
there isn't even a blank space http://imgur.com/a/5zZYo Also - http://imgur.com/a/J9Lxf for sure own him .-.
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Soulhunter Kayn!
I can't even select Kayn at all, not in training champ select, nor my collection. I'd like to try him but outside of the shop he doesn't show up.
: Legend of the Poro King: Portal Party Coming Soon to PBE!
It could be lots of fun, I'm interested to see the chaos. I seem to be a minority here, but I like the unique sorts of interactions you can get out of the Howling Abyss map. Also, there's not likely anything that will beat Ascension on The Crystal Scar for me, so I'm not concerned about those. I would like to see a return of hexakill to Summoner's Rift. Twisted Treeline hexakill gets pretty old for me rather quickly.
: ARURF enabled soon on PBE for testing
I enjoy ARURF, it's fun to play things I normally wouldn't pick, or to try and come up with odd ways of getting ap/ad in a comp that favors one over the other against a tank. I actually find Sona and things to be pretty boring (despite maining her in ranked) since she's too much of a free win. It's refreshing to play about a dozen ARURFs and not play against Shaco, Brand, and Sona every game without fail. If nothing else, keep ARURF for those of us who like to play pretty competitively and want to relax for urf rather than get stomped because of the more powerful picks someone takes just to win. Thank you for making me love urf again <3 On a side note, I don't know if it's a bug, but it will list having three rerolls, but the moment I use one it drops to only one. Having two is totally cool, but the clarity is nice to have.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Lulu!
I love this skin so much! However, I feel like when she uses whimsy on herself and auto attacks it feels... awkward. The constant jumping up and down with any amount of autos seems off, and more than a little bit distracting. Even if she's just getting home guard as normal and uses whimsy she jumps down to go right back up. That is more just a minor thing, though I'd really like to see something changed about the autos and whimsy interaction. Whether it be she just stay flying or stay on the ground, I don't want both.

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