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: its upseting when someone who played pbe daily or often cant even play because of one mode that they can probably just push to live servers and say its for testing since most the people have made a pbe for this one mode only and now i cant even play on the rift and use the arcade skins
Well, actually, that was my thinking as well... I don't think many people would turn off from teamfight tactics just because there is imbalance in the game.. People are still trying some new meta's.. And as always good first pick can be also good. (In a game I got Kassadin with recurve bow as a starter... Soon I build Rapidfire, Rageblade and Infinity Edge on him, and he was really really strong.) I don't see Kassadin usually as a strong pick, but imbalance in the game currently wouldn't mean much because there is so much builds and stuff you can try and which actually work really good. However, I also understand why they don't wanna push it to the live servers, but hopefully, it will be out on 25th, and not a week after in that patch.
: Eating items if carousel upgrades a champion
It's only when it's fusing 3 champions from bench though.. Had it happen 2 times in the same game... First time I tought it was just a bug that happened once, second time I figured that it is cause I already had 2x level 1 champions on bench, and 1x level 2 on board. If it was 1 champion on board and one in the bench of the same level, it wouldn't have merged, but they are all on the bench, it auto merges them, and you lose your item :/
: I agree with all your points, made a post on this myself a couple hours ago. But i dont think people with older accounts have priority. I've had my pbe account for atleast 6 years and i still wait 6 hours to get in now.
Yeah, I know that, but I've seen people on this forums being really harsh on other people with new accounts, and how this enormous login queue is their fault. (And kinda it is, but main problem is still people being AFK in client, not ones that created PBE account just because of TFT) But yeah, it kinda pissed me off when I was reading some hate comments towards people with new PBE accounts. Anyways, best of luck getting in!
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