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: I know, I played Raka to prove that she was still mindbogglingly good after her rework, and now the constant nerfs are just making me hate even having played soraka. Honestly, with the changes they're going to be making, there won't be any reason to pick her over champions like Nami or Sona.
At least the pbe patch notes say that tuning is still off, and they intend to buff q somehow. Maybe they can repair it.
: Soraka Nerfs
They could probably lower the self-damaging portion of the heal now to like 5%. I still don't think she'll be picked anymore aside from raka fans, there's just nothing there to have fun with. You need lucky non-crits from the enemy to win a trade/fight beyond the second back. Edit: might be a little bitter bias depression from her constant ban and nerfs lately. It's really disappointing seeing this happen to my favorite champion.
: Purchasing multiple Hextech Chests and Keys
Unless you're doing a server stress-test, which is done every time you introduce new people to PBE. They buy the champions and skins. The bundle for 100ip should give 50 for each on the PBE, and the ability to raise the amount in single purchases should be able to be varied much like runes, perhaps with a limit of 10 at a time or something.
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: Gold Generation Tally & Thunderlord Timer
Pickpocket does reveal how much you've earned while it's on cooldown-- you need to click the enemy and check their buffs/debuffs to find it. I think it is a total from that specific champion, so if you're a support hitting their support and adc, you'd have to add the two together (or however many targets you hit.) Random extra tip - the cooldown is enemy-specific, you can hit a support and adc right after the other for 6g (20 if melee.)
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: Here is a little tip. IP boosts stack.
oooh good to know!
: Can't start a game
run the repair tool in the launcher (I think it's under the question mark in the top right corner.)
: Septakill? Graph bug?
I think the amount can keep going beyond 5 if you catch ones coming off the fountain after they died the first time.
: Need IP
You could use your RP to buy 50 Win IP boosts, or if you play like a madman, buy the 30-day IP boost. You'll never need RP for something on PBE, so you can just throw it away like that.
: They actually estimated that this process would be faster. Are you counting re-queue into your time?
In the new arranged draft thing, every play gets one minute each to pick a champion. 6 players get 1 minute each for a ban, and there's about 30 seconds to choose pre-ban and 30 seconds post-picks for runes/masteries/skins. Hitting the maximum for time in champ select would be very rare, but considering it's possible to drag out a champion select almost as long as it takes before you can surrender in an actual game is kinda sad. They should really combine picks as it were before(1,2,2,2,2,1) which would lower the time spent in picks. The draft feels longer than the games, which becomes true if a couple people dodge/crash during picks.
: Replicatable: Morde no passive Bug
His shield wouldn't build on either minions or champions. In addition to this, the enemy Illaoi was unable to grab the soul out of our Morde. His ult and damage seemed fine. Here's the match for any other possible info that might cause the problem.
: Please Nerf Illaoi
I'd have to agree with Daromiro. I had an Illaoi on my team that managed to let Nasus get 500 stacks before 20mins. All he did was move out of the way of tentacles.
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: Is there any planned Galio rework ?
You know what's scarier than a Garen in a bush? A Galio in a bush.
: Queue wait time is way too long
Blind pick goes the fastest. I don't know why they have draft and ranked, they should really remove one or the other imo. In any case, people just ban the new champions in draft and ranked, so I wouldn't bother with it anyways. Can't really find bugs that way.
: All star Wards are not working
I was able to purchase them, but they are invisible in the shop and in champion select. I don't think they're placing the ward skin; I'll go test it out. Edit: Fire ward placed fine for me. The dragon one worked for our Riven. Ice works. It seems they just don't have the icons outside of the game.
: Riot has confirmed they're gonna add more masteries, and plan to release the first ones in 5.24 > [{quoted}](name=TaruTaru,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=st6AemEW,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-18T11:56:37.907+0000) > > While playing Nami I decided the healing/shield one was best for her, but she only has one ability to utilize it, and it's kind of a weak one without AP. Well... almost all the champions only have one ability to utilize it, and sometimes even zero... I mean let's have a look (idk if I covered all supports): Alistar: 1 heal Annie: nothing Bard: 1 heal "Brand support:" nothing. Braum: nothing Janna: 1 shield, 1 heal Karma: 1 shield Lulu: 1 shield, idk if it works with her let Morgana: 1 shield Nami: 1 heal Nunu: nothing Sona: 1 heal Soraka: 2 heals Tam Kench: nothing Taric: 1 heal Thresh: nothing Zilean: nothing Zyra: nothing PS: her heal is pretty strong when maxed, even without AP. You usually win trades because it both heals your team *and* damages theirs. Also, Morellonomicon is a great friend to Nami.
>PS: her heal is pretty strong when maxed, even without AP. You usually win trades because it both heals your team and damages theirs. Also, Morellonomicon is a great friend to Nami. Yeah, it's definitely the first or second thing I max, depending on the match-up. I guess it really isn't that bad. Alistar, Braum, Nunu, Taric, Tahm, and Thresh are probably better going with the defensive tree, taking the 8% damage reduction or whatever. Annie, Brand, Nunu (second time, I know. I think either or can work, but defensive would be stronger.) and Zyra are probably better taking the offensive spell tree for Deathgrasp. Janna, Karma, Morgana, Nami, Sona, and Raka all benefit most from Windwhisper. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wish there were more options. When I look at all of the keystone masteries, i see: 6 keystone masteries that deal damage to the enemy, all in various ways. 2 tank masteries, one grants bonus health and the other reduces damage taken. 1 made for your supports, increasing healing and shields granted.
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: I've noticed the same when I try to fly by a group as Quinn. They made an official picture and red comment about their update to this and how it works. I'm not sure I like the change overall. It feels good as a melee but bad when I'm trying to travel around minion packs (or attack someone in them) as ranged. Which I think was their goal to make minion packs more protective. The problem that I'm seeing with the change is that this is extremely biased for champions like zed, fizz, yi, wu and other champions with abilities that pop them in and out. Their ability to bounce in and out of agro and bounce around minions gives them a notable advantage with the new changes. While older champions like Sona, Lux, Ashe, and other non dodging champions literally have to face eat all the minion aggro. They are at a bigger disadvantage than in the past WHEN on the OFFENSIVE. Likewise if an immobile champion is facing a mobile champion they are at a higher disadvantage on the offensive and defensive IMO.
Oh I didn't know it was intended, thanks for letting me know! I definitely dislike the change, but I understand it.
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: Recording Clients?
I think you could use GeForce Experience (ShadowPlay) if you have one of their video cards. Fraps is kind of old but it works, and I think there's a way to just record with windows, but I'm not really sure how. :(
: Annie Idea's
It would probably be a good selling point for a Legendary Annie skin -- it comes with a dancing bear!
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: [desktop] refuses to open when clicked on
I'm only able to open it from the folder I placed it in. I tried dragging it out onto the desktop, but it wouldn't launch.
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