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: Support items gets stuck after you use the 1st and 2nd charge
Same happened, I was having Frostfang as Janna and my quest progression has stopped at 239 golds for some reason.
: Targon's Brace is not displaying/showing charges
I experienced similar problem, but in my case stacks aren't showing up only on the item slot. Visual effect(floating orbs) and buff icons above HUD were still showing how many stacks are left.
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: Bars visible through the map.
Same happened before but got fixed, but this time somehow this bug happened again. Last time it doesn't take much time to fix this bug for them so this is gonna be fixed soon I guess, still annoying tho.
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: rune issue/bug?
Literally same happened to me just right now. It's sad to hear that this won't get fixed before shipping new runes on live servers, I just hope it gets fixed asap...
: WTfast help or not
Since PBE has less capacity and less stability compared to live servers, network issues are very common. They're basically server side problems, so we can do nothing against them, no VPN can fix them. That being said, if your ISP's packet routing is not optimal to the PBE (It often happens for the foreign players due to its physical distance), perhaps some VPNs mitigate your connection problem. I've been experiencing routing problem and it made my games literally unplayable, so I started using mudfish VPN. While it's working really well, still server side problems are inevitable and happen frequently on PBE. I don't know about wtfast but if it has free trial, give it a shot wouldn't be bad imo. Haste and pingzapper are also having free trial. Finally, you can't report nor ask connection issues to riot/rioter if you are playing through VPN. While connecting through VPN is not prohibited, it's completely outside of their support.
: What must i make?
You have to download an another client for playing PBE. Here's link.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Is it normal or bugging that checking "Show detailed descriptions" doesn't save check box status? I want to keep it checked but in the next time I edit runes the check box is always cleared.
: Health bar (PBE)
I personally am okay with new health bars for the most part, still prefer old bars though. But when it comes to more "digital" bars like ward health, rengar's ferocity etc, It becomes difficult to distinguish how many health they have. I hope they make the separation of health bar more distinct, new bars visibility is way worse compared to older bars.
: This is not a bug. Read the new user's guide:
damn, I was missing it, ty for letting me know!
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: I'm not racist but... Brazilian and non-american people (german, greek, russian, etc) flame a lot I've some bad experiencies with people from Brazil, they even made jokes about 9/11 I reported them, but nothing happened{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Edit: I'm not from USA
While I have no bad experiences with brazilian players at all, I'm just curious why there are specially a lot of brazilian players on PBE out there. I've seen bunch of people who's talking in portuguese in chat. What happened to them? Was PBE so attractive and hyped especially for brazilian players?
: So... About Ardent Censer nerf (18/10)
I agree with OP. Ardent does deserve more nerf, but it also makes item diversity for enchanter supports even worse. I'm not trying to say that they should revert this nerf, but I hope they make some decent new items for them instead. Ardent is not good to rush anymore due to this scaling changes, Redemption has also scaling and not optimal for the first item, at least better than ardent/mikael though. Mikael depends on enemy comp extremely and not good to rush in many cases. Now, None of three heal/shiled amplifier are good for rushing item. Talisman, FQC, Locket, knight's vow, Athene's, Zzrot etc are... meh. They can be viable for enchanters too, but not so suited to them. I mean, I think there are already enough options for enchanters "in late game", but when it comes to the first choice, I feel like only redemption can be barely legit item to rush for the most of enchanters.
: Level up bug
Same here. I just finished a game and reached to level 31, after that level up rewards or something was displayed over and over and over. These "rewards" were displayed like continuously, so I had to click "OK" button a lot of times to skip. Since loot is still closed, I dunno that if I actually got these rewards or they are just displayed due to a bug.
: STORE BACK ONLINE, THERE ARE CHANGES TO RP and BLUE ESSENCE So I got 5BE(already used 2BE for skins), It's normal, but I also got 3300RP instead of 3000RP for some reason. It seems this 3300RP is consumable (not tried tho). Did you guys just distribute wrong RP values to me? or something else?
Thanks for solving store issues, but while now store is back and can buy items properly, I still can't buy skins during the champion select. Is it intended (just restored only store, so you can't buy skins on the champ select yet) or bugged?
: I'd like to take a guess The server must've booted all the players from said game so the server thought the game no longer exists as if it were finished
yeah, It makes sense, and I just discovered this thread. "Whole game gets disconnected." Similar problem is reported in this thread, and most of them are claiming that they had ornn on their game. I also had ornn my game where I experienced this problem, It seems ornn has something to do with this. Did you also have ornn on either team when you experienced this problem?
: Ghost game?
Literally same problem happened to me. Match history doesn't even show the existence of that game just like your case. I also have no clue what's happening... Hope this gets solved.


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