: 520rp skin, so no vfx for you. i liked the skin back in time, but i skipped the skin because of the fx
ashe has also 520rp skin and still a little bit colorful
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: Nerfs | Azir Range Nerfs visualized
Just bullshit in my opinion. Look, ppl like him bcs he is flexible and awesome dynamic type of champion. It's something like removing 3rdQ + E + flash on yasuo. Lol guys, stop posting stupid things about azir's nerfs. YOu will only kill him much more and there will be again milion of reworks like ryze. I liked his shields after releasing runes (etc e+e+q) - it was skill-rewarding champ. Riot's just blowing things up lately like som broken champs (pyke - some supports look like trash if you compare) or reworks.
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