: I think the new splash art looks very good.
Yeah, but his face on the new splash art doe xD
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: Bumping this for you
Thanks, my brother from another mother
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: When might this hit PBE? I am itching to test it out!!! =){{summoner:6}}
I don't really know but it'll come out soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMHcnkK5P2A I just found this video about more information about the new summoners rift! Check it out!(sorry my english)
: The new update is like perfect in my opinion, only thing Im scared about is the FPS dropping. I hope that Riot optimizes this.
I totally agree with you about that! My pc have a bad graphic card and i don't think it can run with this new summoners rift graphic!
: I really love this map but I think minions aren't finished because they aren't really beautiful ^^ Contrariwise, the map's textures, the new dragon, baron etc are exellant.
Thank you for your opinion! :) I really hope Riot will listen to their Summoners about if they like it or there should be more improvement in this! (Sorry about my english)
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: I kind of agree with everyone else it seems. I play Varus more than any other champ and am in bot lane often. I do use other ADC's, but mostly V. While he's lacking an escape, he dishes out a lot of damage. Tactful use of the E/R has got me out of jams. The point I do agree on is his movement speed. I don't think it would unbalance him to give him a slightly increased base speed. I don't know about giving him a speed buff. Maybe only when his attack speed buff after kill is active. Might make for interesting getaway mechanics. All in all, I'm ok with him in his current state though.
I love hearing peoples Opinion, especially yours :) (no homo)
: He is still very strong though; his team fight presence is huge due to his ult and not to mention the fact that if you have your last whisper you can still shred through pretty much anyone's hp bar before a fight even starts. He is also still effective as he has %hp damage which I think is in magic damage(not too sure on that one). Yes maybe he could have some very small buffs which would allow him to see the light a little bit more, such as maybe an increase on the amount of time you have the champion kill/assist AS buff and maybe the slight level 1 AD boost to something like 47 or maybe a bit of a buff to his early game skills (something like 20 base max damage on his level 1 Q and increase it respectfully on each level)
If you had to put something extra on him that'll make you feel comfortable on laning, what would it be? (sorry my english)
: As a Varus player i have to disagree in geral. I only agree about the mobility , but u can always escape using E, ulti and u got flash too xD I have no problems playin as varus, i love him, its my fav adc :P {{champion:110}} OP :D
Maybe they should put something extra in his W where you get more movement speed when you activate it. 20%/30%/40%/50% and he still keeps his passive and the magic damage equal to a percentage of the target's maximum health per stack. That'll be a great idea! What do you think about it? Would it be a good idea for giving him more movement speed so he has more mobility? (sorry my english)
: You wanted someone's opinion about your opinion and this was mine =( I would love to see some LeBlanc buffs because I love her but she doesn't need them either xD
Giving LeBlanc some buffs?! You're insane! and i though my wish list was crazy :p But it's alright if she got some buffs for Leblanc player like you.
: Well I've had a few matches against him and I really don't think he needs all of those; you want to increase his attack range, ánd his base health, ánd his AD, ánd you think he needs an escape/mobility, ánd you think his AS could be increased as well. That's ehh.. an enormous amount of buffs you want to give him o_o He has quite the amount of burst damage, he does not have to become a god :P
I wish santa was real so he could grant my wishes :P But this is just my opinion but than you for your opinion.
: Ok, wall of text inc: Attack range: at the moment Varus is only out-ranged by 2 other ADC's permanently (however is also out-ranged by Jinx, Tristana, Kog and Twitch but only with abilities activated) so his range is absolutely fine and is in fact, imo, above the majority in poke power in lane Base Hp: again looking at the only 2 champs which have constantly higher range(those being Cait and Ashe if you were wondering) they both have lower base hp. This is because you sacrifice some survivability for that bonus range. So his hp is actually pretty average. Base AD: On this one the average base AD of all adc's is 47.7 so yes this is slightly below average but putting it up to 52? hell no. The only other adcs even close to that are vayne and graves who are short range as hell. if you were to buff it then it would be to maybe 47~8 to bring it kinda in line with cait who is sitting at 47 at level 1 Varus with an escape: I'ma have to say straight up no to this one for one simple reason: a (potential) 5 man skill-shot snare. The only other adc with anything even close to that is Ashe. yes there is champions with a knock back like vayne or draven but still isn't quite on varus's level. Not to mention the slow he has on his e. AS per lvl: Again no as yes it would help his laning immensely but as he already has the longest range poke in the bot lane (I think) this would make him pretty much unstoppable. It also isn't needed in the mid/late game due to his passive, sure you might not get the first kill but if you get the assist it's a helluva lot more likely you'll be able to clean up. TL:DR Nah varus is fine
Yeah you got a point but i just want Varus to be a more popular adc than he is now. I heard that Varus is easy to take down and i just though i might share my opinion but thank you for your opinion :)
: Varus needs some buffs
NOTICE: This is my opinion and it would be lovely if i could hear someone elses opinion about my opinion.
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