: Fiora 2nd E AA crits towers
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WRq_zWEuH8&feature=youtu.be) Yeah, fun :D
: Why remove magus instead of just adding another enchant to satisfy both types of AP jungle mages?
Rage aside, I just want to hear Riot's justification for doing things like this, already. Same question was asked with juggernaut, but I never saw anyone officially answer it. If anyone has a credible source, would you please link?
: Please relocate this to the "Bugs" catagory c:
I thought about it, ultimately decided that the bug forum is concerned with more serious issues haha
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: Overall I think you have a pretty reasoned argument and opinion. I don't really play as LB but I've obviously played against her many times (I'll probably give her a few games soon to examine these changes you are talking about) Some changes I think could be acceptable could include as you say shifting her power a little bit more to her ultimate and off of her main skills. This would tone down her powerful laning phase and still maintain her post-6 burst potential, because you are correct that she doesn't seem much weaker when her ult is down. It is merely a difference between killing you in this rotation or forcing you out of lane (especially since it is such a low CD already put some more emphasis on it). Her tether range is pretty lengthy in my opinion too (I believe it is longer than any other tether ability but I may be wrong on that point) Perhaps adding a small delay on her ability to recast distortion would help as well. As this would make initiating more risky as you can't dash in and blink out immediately. (This is most likely the change that will draw the most hate from her mains but it is a change applied to zed who fits a kind of similar niche in the League roster of champions) I don't think that allowing her the ability to cast more spells during the dash would be healthy for her, and certainly not for her opponents (or if it were implemented I would say then they need to put a delay on her 2nd distortion cast). It gives her even more powerful burst potential and the ability to mask cast animations during the dash. This change, in my opinion would be far too strong in favor of LeBlanc.
Yeah, I can certainly see how giving her the ability to cast during the dash would be insanely strong, BUT, only if the dash speed is fast. With the way it is on the PBE, I doubt that it would make too much of a difference overall. What it would do, though, is shift the current power of fast burst on the W towards landing the chain during the dash (and using it to proc Q) So essentially, you would technically be able to do the same burst of damage as you can on live servers, but you would need to land both skillshots, one of which would be substantially slowed down, in order to do so. And to clarify, only Q and E should be subject to this change. I didn't mean to make it sound like you could use the second dash before the first even completed. That would indeed be a bit too strong. So just limit it to Q and E. The technology to do this is certainly there (seeing as Kha'Zix can use his Q, but not W while jumping)
: 5 years of experience, and you build gunblade on her? I think you're overreacting... Zed had a similar nerf a couple years ago, and he was okay after getting used to it. In retrospect it was really overpowered when his shadow traveled almost instantly.
Don't you think after five years of experience, I would get fairly bored with the standard builds? As I mentioned, I am a casual player, so maximum efficiency isn't everything to me. Additionally, I do just fine with the gunblade build in my elo on NA. If you want further math and explanation, we can talk in game. As for the comparison with Zed, it clearly shows that you have not read what I wrote on that matter.
: I'm sorry, but I hate playing against LeBlanc. I mean... I can survive the laning phase against her with each of my mains (Kassadin, Katarina and Veigar) but I still hate her because if she doesn't want to, she doesn't die. No matter how hard you try to kill her. Playing against her feels like being in the Head Trap from "Saw", because she will kill when she wants to unless you stay back and scrap together the few CS you can get against her overly oppressive lane while your jungler sits next to your lane watching you because it is literally impossible for him to do anything because LB will either have her W up or will be able to jump back to her initial W or simply walk away and maybe have her passive procced. I love every nerf LB receives and the only thing I'd like more is more or better nerfs to her and IMHO you have not given any better option to nerf her. The current nerf is fine because 1. it takes away some of the oppressiveness from LB's laning phase because many champions now have the necessary time to adequately react to LB's ridiculous level 3 2. it makes that champions with slower dashes (mostly ADC's) aren't guaranteed kills for LB when she roams 3. it makes her ridiculous WR poke on a 15 second CD dodgeable. People say this champ is hard because she falls off lategame. I only have one thing to say to these people. Lategame, LeBlanc does not need to oneshot people anymore. She just presses WRW when a few champions clump up and most of them will be half-HP while LB sits at perfect safety. I know this because the few times I played LeBlanc I won by doing so. What I would suggest is to take over the Zed nerf from last patch to LeBlanc, so she has a 1 second delay before being able to jump back again. EDIT: >Olaf LeBlanc, if she is truly a problem to the game, just don’t Veigar her for no reason :D What do you mean? Veigar is perfectly fine. Just because people don't see the potential of having 1k AP at 30 minutes doesn't mean he's crap. EDIT2: TLDR what I don't like about LB: My Assassin's getting nerfed all the time (</3 Kassadino) because they either deal too much damage for their safety or they are too safe for the damage they deal (or both, Kassadin Q lowest base damage single target spell and ult range 500) while CertainlyT designed Champions and other Champions similar to these (ex. LeBlanc) remain untouched for such a long time.
I would not call LeBlanc's laning oppressive anymore. It's far from that. Her level 3 is 300 damage at most, if you execute the trade perfectly, weaving in AA's and landing the chain (which has also received a nerf.) Yes, she has kill potential, but so do Katarina, Talon, Zed, Kha'Zix and other assassins. In fact, I'll go as far as saying that any solo laner has some sort of kill potential at level 3. If you want oppressive, think Cassiopeia, Viktor, Xerath and Azir. If 15 seconds W-R poke while risking getting CC'd/bursted seems like a problem, I'd like to hear your opinion about Nidalee and Jayce :O LeBlanc has never been close to how strong Kassadin was during season 2-3. 98% Ban/pick rate checks out. CertainlyT has nothing to do with designing LeBlanc. Also how is getting changes every half a season equate to remaining untouched? You argue that this post is tinted with bias, but your counter-arguments seem to be even more blinded by hatred.
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: The thing is that {{champion:7}} 's W is not like flash. It can be interrupted mid-air by, e.g. {{champion:99}} 's snare. Therefore, when you press W to jump back, you actually start jumping back, but {{champion:31}} 's silence still hits you while you are dashing back. Hope this makes sense.
While it does make sense, a question begs itself... Is it supposed to be that way? Or is it just bad coding like Lee's Q dash taking him random places all over the map? It's described and supposed to function as a blink, and as such, its functionality seems to not be fulfilling itself. I would see no problem, if LB's W return would be considered a dash, but it is not.
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: Please don't kill AD Malphite.
Taking away potential playstyles is never a good idea, imo. Especially when a playstyle in question does not present any trouble to the state of the game. Seeing as AD malphite is a niche build, I have no idea why the %AD scaling on the active is being taken away. It can easily be left on the active portion of his W. Just swap the active armor to passive and the passive AoE to active. Furthermore it makes even less sense to make his AP scaling AoE do physical damage, if you want to rework brutal strikes into an AP ability. Perhaps it's being done to gate his damage output in full AP builds, but most often mixed damage champions only end up being hard to itemize against, since their damage ends up being split in multiple sorts.
: Nidalee Marking Stops Scuttle Crab
"HUNT: Hitting enemy champions and neutral monsters with Javelin Toss or Bushwhack will mark them as Hunted for 4 seconds, revealing them. Neutral monsters are also rooted for 2 seconds." It's intended.
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: It's because there are no jumps in the games terms, they only look like jumps to us there really dashes. The game doesn't have a "y" axis if I'm correct. [edit] I know I'm wrong can someone tell me the what axis it is, I know its not the "Y". "Z" maybe
: Custom skill order
Sometimes you level up certain abilities based on the current situation in game. Not a very good idea since it's probably quite hard to implement and such effort could be put towards something more reasonable. Not to mention that ctrl+QWER already allows you to skill up your abilities extremely fast.
: If I recall correctly (huehuehue), they changed it so that DoTs don't cancel recall about a year ago. This means that the problem is that red buff and SotEL are bugged, not the other items.
Any other non-true damage DoT I can think of cancels recall, so I don't think that statement it correct
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: [Jinx] Runaan's Hurricane and Switcheroo
Muramana effect also procs on all 3 bolts from Runaan :) Runs her oom even faster, but the damage is pretty insane.
: Can't log in
[Same thing happening, just stays at that screen forever (been an hour already)](http://i.imgur.com/bQA9wEL.jpg)
: [Lag] Severe server-side ping spike that makes the game unplayable.
Happened today again. Could not reconnect to the game either.
: Nasus Q...
Would make him even further op in the hands of a good player, tbh. He will reach his peak faster and will be still just as hard to kill.
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: Nope, that's not a good idea I think, then it would be way to easy to step out of a charging tornado o_O It's the awesome element of surprise of where it will be going :3
I assume OP means for the indicator to be visible to teammates only in order to allow for better teamwork decision making.
: Fair point, but I don't think this is a PBE exclusive bug however. So.. wrong section either way (even if it's PBE exclusive), but still worth noting.
Well, I don't really use live servers forum in first place plus I feel like it's much easier to bring something to Riot's attention by posting things here. Also bear in mind that PBE is the testing ground for any sort of gameplay, not limited to new content introduced in the latest patch.
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: A few features I feel are NEEDED to make teambuilder the best it can be(riot feedback would be great
I'd also like to comment on the whole teambuilder queue system. All of what OP says, is a lot of changes which would make for a highly strategic game where a bit of time is needed to come up with a gameplan. Biggest problem in that respect, in my opinion, is the inability to actually come up with champions for a certain team comp. It would be very nice, if you simply queue'd for a role and then were able to discuss the champion picks with your team. Because some champions synergize better. For example, Katarina and LeBlanc are both assassins, but Katarina could synergize with Amumu much better due to an ultimate which keeps everyone in place while LeBlanc might rather prefer a jungler like Vi who can pin down one target. With the way system works right now, it sort of forces the champion composition on you. Another solution could be a set-up feature where you would list your preferred champions for each role (but that might make queues very long). Also big question is how is this going to be implemented into ranked? Draft picking, bans, counterpicks and pick priority is all something which has been a signature of competitive gaming for a long time. How would draft picking be interlaced with team building? Is this something being looked into or is draft mode just going to be left behind as something obsolete? Overall it is definitely a nice method to reduce general toxicity in the community by giving them the role they want to play, but if you are someone who already experiences little of that, it makes you wonder about all the other potential flaws of teambuilder. Edit: Also what about skin selection?


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