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: We're launching an experimental, PBE-only, modified version of Draft Pick!
Personally, I'm really hating the lack of the pick-intent phase. But that might just be because bans are still up and running... It just really sucks when someone bans your champion before you get the chance to pick-intent it or type in chat. So yeah, whatever becomes of this experiment in the future, just please don't leave it like this (with immediate bans).
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: Cheap shot bug
Yeah I saw a few inconsistencies as well: Quinn's Vault procs it on it's own. Quinn's Q does not proc it, until you AA. Irelia's E does not proc it. And as you said, Glacial Augment does proc it. And speaking of Quinn's Q, it seems unintuitive that Nearsighted counts for "impaired actions or movement". I think the description should include "impaired vision". Or even better, it could just say something more general like "champions who are affected by any CC".
: I can't connect to a custom/practice tool game
Same. I'm on the Windows version. It's happened twice to me. After loading screen, I just can't connect to the game. It seems to happen randomly, since I later made it into game with the exact same setup.
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: i got this too, i was doing the utility tree with the domination tree.
Same. Thought it might have something to do with editing an old page and changing the primary, but not the secondary path. Couldn't reproduce it though.


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