: URF will be back on live servers 10/28/2019
How do you know that? I mean, are you sure about that at all?
: At least 15k views are bots of yours.
I'd really love to see how could I make my own views on my thread, seriously, I don't get it. I got better things to do that doing that (I don't even know how). And as I mentioned, if I only had at least an answer from Rioters, maybe I'd think about making views, but as you see, there's no answers from them, so... It's the same if people came and see the thread even tho they didn't commented, the point is that Rioters doesn't care about this and now I get the point. Now I changed the way I'm playing and interacting with people because of this, so Don't Worry! Glad to had at least some answers from you guys. Enjoy and have a nice day.
: Kind of sad that you botted the view count.
¿Uh? Do you mean making views for my thread? Please............ If that really helped me to get an answer from Rioters, maybe I'd see how to do it, but it's not the case, so...!
: IMO its the dragon that ruining it more then anything.each dragon is a 20% damage swing plus other stats and true damage.its get dragon or lose,so all you can do is pick strong lane champ lane for 10 min and then go for dragon then get a free auto stomp for the team that gets it. dragon is killing all the fun of the mode. removing the dragon will make the picks a lot better since you would be able to pick more champs,cause as it is now you need to have a strong champs for when dragon spawns which limits it to strong lane champs.
: More ping + packet loss. Nice. Before that, it was around 160-180 ms. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/317922941205610531/634364015094661160/unknown.png
I was like 120 - 140 before as I am from Europe, Portugal, but now it's above 190 and sometimes reaching 210.
: Thank you very much! Just got it done, im really happy i dont have to type in everything 5 times a day haha. I actually dont like the new log-in client that much, it takes way longer to load then to just enter my password. Thanks again!
Don't worry. I didn't like it too but now I guess it's better NOT having to put your password every single time you open launcher, but as you said, it's actually kind of slow sometimes loading. Hope they improve things and make it faster soon.
: Kind of sad that none of Rioters saw my almost 16k VIEWS thread about 2 REALLY TOXIC PERSONS
BY THE WAY, it's curious that THIS THREAD is getting LOT of views once again as my last one, but ONCE AGAIN, not a single RIOTER answers at least to tell me what could I do or anything that could help as I really feel THIS IS SO UNFAIR! 30k VIEWS on this thread and still not a single RIOTER trying to explain us what to do in these cases and WHY there's no some kind of bot that detects sentences as "CANCER, MOM" so it can take a look to the chat logs and see if there's something wrong that needs to be punished.. 30K VIEWS. Awesome ...
: > [{quoted}](name=Leomvb,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=JHpzB79M,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-17T08:57:01.829+0000) > > Just wanted to say that this is kind of painful as I really though the community could improve with the work of Rioters but I guess the community is gonna be always 70% TOXIC and TROLL and will just make others to TILT at some point that will not care anymore if trolling or also being toxic. > > HERE'S WHY AND THE REASON OF ALL OF THIS, JUST TAKE A LOOK TO MY LAST THREAD AND SCREENSHOT: > https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/X7vYLVpL-rioters-you-should-ban-these-guys-not-only-from-pbe-but-their-original-servers > [](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/X7vYLVpL-rioters-you-should-ban-these-guys-not-only-from-pbe-but-their-original-servers) > > https://i.imgur.com/Q7QnU1o.jpg > [](https://i.imgur.com/Q7QnU1o.jpg) > > Thanks Riot. THANKS. Btw its not allowed to post others gamename here on forum. U have to hide the name in a picture when u posting it here.
Already answered to "TENMOS UNCLE", take a look, there you'll find the answer to what you told me, thanks anyway.
: You can't report people on Forums, you have to report them IN-Game or Mail riot support. They won't do anything here. Also someone told me, calling out people, like you are right now, is not allowed.
Do you think I didn't report them at the game? The thing is that they haven't been punished and it's really FRUSTRATING to be told "HOPE YOUR MOM DIES OF CANCER" and watching those guys still playing as if nothing happened. Also I understand that is not allowed but when I tried to report them on the site, it says that my account has not been detected to be played with/against these names. That's because I had to do that on my LIVE SERVER account, so, WHAT SHOULD I DO? Maybe now I'm really sure that reports doesn't work at all IN-GAME, so I could let the tilt take my body and hands when people are trolling, and maybe it's ok to say those kind of stuff then, isn't it? Obviously I won't be like those guys, but seriously, I'm SO disappointed about this. IT'S NOT FAIR! AND I WANT AN ANSWER, it cannot be possible that they're still playing, I CANNOT BELIEVE, but maybe RIOT is gonna ban me HERE for putting their names, isn't it? Because it's a violation of rules, but those guys telling me those kind of things IS NOT A VIOLATION, ok.................................................... Got it, I guess. Hope this community SOMEDAY gets better people that really cares about what needs to be in a correct way.
: Revert URF to ARURF again
Wait, what the heck? I've been playing URF for like 1 month or more and it's been SINCE YESTERDAY at least, ARURF always, I mean, it randomly gives you a champion and then of course you can reroll or pick from the ones that people left by rerolling before.... But, are you telling me that there's NOW URF and you can PICK any champion you want to use? WTH!? EDIT: Ok, now I see it's actually URF mode, I didn't play since today when they released it.
: 게임이 안되요
> [{quoted}](name=KR3,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=EqJzEEEL,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-17T09:44:08.284+0000) > > 제가 게임을 하려고 우르프 매칭을 돌리고 잡히면 들어가서 챔피언을 선택하고나서 게임이 시작되면 계속 재접속만 뜨고 누르면 계속 똑같아요 > 그래서 보니깐 패치 하고 업데이트를 하라는대 대체 어디에있는거죠 알려줘야 하든말든하지 빨리 조치 부탁드립니다 이것은 PBE이며, 이런 종류의 버그가있는 것은 일반적이지만 항상 패치하고 수정하려고합니다.
: This is PBE, it's normal to have these kind of bugs, but they're always trying to patch and fix them.
By the way, for those who wonder how did I answer, it's as simple as going to translator and this is what he meant to say I guess: "When I get to play Urf Match and get caught, I go in and select the champion, and when the game starts, I keep reconnecting and pressing So I told you to patch and update. Where is it? Please let me know."
: 게임이 안되요
This is PBE, it's normal to have these kind of bugs, but they're always trying to patch and fix them.
: More ms than usual
This is a common thing that has been happening in the last month. I'm from Portugal and it's been like that for about 3 weeks at least.
: Kind of sad that none of Rioters saw my almost 16k VIEWS thread about 2 REALLY TOXIC PERSONS
Sorry if this is kind of annoying for some of you guys but I really feel SO DISAPPOINTED at this point/moment, just watching as persons like them just keep playing the game without getting a deserved punishment so they could try to change their attitude. Whatever... This is kind of the things that really makes GOOD ONES thinking that the community is SO BAD compare to other ones. Have a nice day.
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: RIOTERS, you should ban these guys not only from PBE but their original servers.
IT'S A REAL SHAME TO SEE THAT RIOTERS HAVE ANSWERED ANOTHER THREADS AND NOT TAKING CARE AT ALL OF THIS ONE. Well, from now on I'm sure that the community is what it is because of this kind of things that just happens and they don't get punished as they should. It's better from now on then to do a "/fullmute all" in each game as it begins or remove the chat from both (enemies and allies) and just play for fun without caring if I troll, at least I guess it should be even less banneable the fact of trolling than saying such a things as "HOPE YOUR MOTHER DIES OF CANCER" (as they said to me and keep playing). Well done RIOT. Hope at least someday you REALLY begin doing something about this because THIS is what makes communities vulnerable to have so many TOXIC persons and TROLLS in purpose. Bye. THANKS, ONCE AGAIN.
: You can uninstall the new client, i don't recommend it, but it can work temporally for you. Just go to C:/Riot Games and delete the folder named Riot Client
Yeah, this is a simple way to actually open 2 clients or more at the same time. Just deleting that folder and making a copy of the Riot Games entire folder, then just creating shortcuts of each League of Legends.exe and opening the account that you want at each one. The problem with that is that if you then want to get the new cliente back, it could be a problem as it HAPPENED TO ME. I did all of that I said before like a month ago, and then I wanted the new client again and couldn't have it till a week or something like that.
: RIOTERS, you should ban these guys not only from PBE but their original servers.
Almost 16k views and not a single RIOTER trying to explain us about all of this I posted. Well, I guess I'll just get use to play with TOXIC people as they're EVERYWHERE and I always report them in the live server and they just keep playing and being toxic without getting punished. Hope someday you guys take this serious. (Riot Games, rioters)
: Contrary to what many people believe, reporting works on the PBE and penalties are stricter than on live. So please make the best of it and use it! Unfortunately, you won't get a notification for every person you helped punishing, but your report will always contribute if it's legit. Name calling by the boards is strictly forbidden, [as is written in the universal LoL boards rules](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/TELEBnr1-universal-rules), so for the sake of your own account (you're currently at risk as well for breaking Boards rules), I recommend you remove the names/screens/videos. This forum is for bug reports and feedback, not to start a witch hunt. Since you're not in the game anymore, sending a ticket to [Riot support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) with evidence is your best bet. PBE accounts cannot create tickets at the moment, so instead please use your live account and specify you're talking about PBE in the ticket.
I just tried to report them by the Riot Support link you provided and I cannot report them as the system detects that my account haven't played with these guys in the last 20 games (this is because I'm using the LAN account as you mentioned me to do), so... I'm not convinced at all, and BY THE WAY, I have no fear of being banned for "violating" those rules you said before, because I'm kind of sure that people will agree that this is an IMPORTANT thing that has to be solved by Rioters.
: Ban on PBE? What is that? Is it a cookie? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} RIOT DOESNT CARE IF THEY CARE THE REPORT SYSTEM WOULD BE MORE SENSITIVE IN CATCHING BAD WORDS AND DELIVERING BANS. Wake up players, they don't give a shit about us.
Well, I just wanted to verify if that's true at all because I think I'm just giving them the tools to prove us that they actually care about people making the game worst with that attitude, so, let's see if they actually do something about these 2 guys that clearly deserve bans if not permabans. Hope they actually do something about it. If not, well... I guess I'll be thinking about quitting this game because it's not actually fair that they punish people for complaining about trolls, but not punishing people extremely toxic like these 2.
: Title: [Summoners Rift] - PROJECT: Akali Skin Display Issue
Hey, how do you do to show the images on the message? I tried linking them but it doesn't show as your post does.
: AFK is now a obvious thing in PBE now
It's common on LoL. Sometimes I though it was for crashes and things like that, but other times is just people that really doesn't care about wasting other's time and aren't sure about playing, so they join a game and then just leave as they noticed they have something to do at home or I don't know. And sadly, for being AFK at PBE they won't get punished at all, at least not for a report. So, you gotta just think like them and try to enjoy the game even if it's so hard to even play for having afk, feeders, trols, etc...
: RIOTERS, you should ban these guys not only from PBE but their original servers.
By the way, these guys were saying lately: "Do you really think Riot is going to care about that" joking at me after saying such a heavy words... I'd really want to think that they're wrong about that as if not, I think this game clearly deserves to have people like that for not being punished as they needed to...
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