: RP and IP
before the big reset on the accounts we had a "script" that as soon as you created your account it gave you 30,000 RP and 40,000 IP, but after the reset it changed, send a ticket and see if they can help out...
: Ran Out Of RP ?
Wow, did you spent the 100,000 RP that they gave us on the last update???
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: Will I be banned if I?
I don't think that you can be banned for using a macro or something like that, but then again, that's just me :)
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: why i lost my cs riven?
Try to buy Riven with 1 IP and see if you get your skin back...
: Buying hextech chests/keys is a bit uncomfortable
I think that it should be like buying Runes, with a counter of how many do you want...
: how do you have such little IP and RP on the pbe?
i've been trying lots of skins, runes and everything :)
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: PBE Acceptance?
Anyone can download the PBE Client, but only the ones that had the email can use it :)
: Hey Grinch, thanks for volunteering. If you could email lyte@riotgames we'll send out more detailed instructions on how you can participate.
Hey, i sent you an email and i haven't got a reply, but afaik i'm already there XD, i can't play anything but team builder.. or is it a bug?? how can i help out??
: Ranked Restrictions
I Volunteer as Tribute!!!
: By the time i've tried him, i've also found some bugs: - [Visual] When the passive tower gets destroyed, the minimap still appears without war fog in the range of the placed turret. This doesn't reveal enemies, although. - [Visual/Gameplay] When using smartcast and the option for show range indicators, it's hard to accurate at the correct location of cast. I mean, the W and Q seems to have less range and E's one simply doesn't appear. - [Gameplay] I don't know if the Sand Soldiers are supposed to attack others structures apart of turrets, but when a sand soldier is in range to attack inhibitor/nexus, neither you or the sand soldier will do any damage to the structure. Despite all of this, i like all the mechanics this champ have. Looking for the changes ;)
If Azir creates a Sand Soldier near a Jungle it won't hit the jungle creeps. Repro Steps: 1. Choose Azir 2. Level Up W 3. Wait until the jungle enemies appear (1:55) 4. Create a sand soldier near a jungle creep and try to attack it with the sand soldier 5. It won't hit the enemy
: Azir bug
Send Screenshots and maybe we can see :)
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: New Summoner’s Rift camp bug
: Server down?
it's just you, servers are fine :D
: Gnar Login Screen!
you can check the login screen with thereisnourflevel :) but as of right now the servers ar down :)
: Is Pbe Down Right Now?
: PBE Unavailable
Daily maintenance, don't worry, it will be back in about 2 hrs... as usual :)
: Doom Bots of Doom isn't a featured game mode
LOL... it is XD, it's like playing with koreans... and when you are winning, they ddos you hehehehe
: A strange sound in Summoners Rift
The video is Private, i can't see it...
: New SR disabled?
It seems that is down for everyone, i think that they are making some changes to it so we wait now :) and also the Jungle Timers are down
: Is the PBE server down?
i think that right now is unavailable, [Link](https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t34.0-12/10419707_10152308873268557_568722286_n.jpg?oh=da4b6193d6a811d407ca818f105d87cc&oe=53A410AE&__gda__=1403262106_4405aca9a62431d4e67fb6a9a9356202)
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
It's not only Baron, every time that i start killing jungle mobs from behind they don't attack me, they only get "confused" or something, and also i start with homeguard.


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