: Jax Counterstrike doesn't dodge Bard meeps
It's not an on-hit attack. A meep is coded like a basic spell triggered by an aa
: Evelynn - Spellshield Interaction
Not a bug, that's how her charm works, It doesn't break banshee either. You have to proc it
: Evelynn's E MS Buff should be moved to W
I don't understand why you keep crying about evelynn. She is more than just fine, she isn't broken, She feels really good on pbe tbh, killing someone with your ult resets your e, ect... you have way more mobilities. We all need to learn how to deal with her, she isn't the issue hun' .
: i think the same. i just had a mordekaiser toplane, who was level 11, while all others were level 6-7. he destroy a darius 4:0 in this time. at level 12 he made over 4000 extra damge with darkharvest. a winning talon midlane with 3:0 goes down with 2 attacks vs this morde. there should be a mechanic like we have at tresh. for more stacks u get lower damage and we need a limit or this mastery goes out of conroll. It can be at around 200 stacks. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
To be honest, morder is suposed to be that way. However, non-kitable champ (range champions), can proc it way too easily. 200 stack = 400 damages already, which is huge, and if you do kill someone, you'll be able to proc it again. But yeah, dark harvest should change a bit. It cannot go live like this. I don't wanna see a dark harvest Meta at all. Riot is making a very interesting new game design, still need to be balanced.
Lot of talon players are diamond, Lot of evelynn mains are diamond, A lot of leblanc mains are diamond ect... You should first try to give your opinion in a more friendly and fancy way honey. Trash talking an opinion is the dumbest thing you can do here. And I'm pretty sure if you aren't able to carry a game with an assassin, it's because you don't master it at all. I'm not saying you are bad, I'm just saying it might be time to reconsider your options and start being a janna main. Love, A normal human being.
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