: Champ Select Bug Found
Been having this problem. I got in a few times when I just let the timer run down instead of locking in.
: Hey guys, we're aware of the increased game crashes. Because the crash cannot be reproduced consistenly (it happens at random times in the game and you can't do 1,2,3,...N then crash) the fix took us a little longer. However, we now have a pontential fix that I think will get on PBE on Monday.
Wasn't expecting little old me to attract a Rioter. Thank you sir/madame!
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: Reorder Rune & Mastery pages
Similarly, but not really, double clicking runes will put one rune in the page but stop afterwards and right clicking will just put all the runes in. Could it be fixed so that double clicking runes to add them will work like right clicking? Sincerely, Person who realized after a year that dragging and dropping was the hard way.
: A Couple Suggestions for Ctrl+5 on DJ Sona
If someone is going through the effort of either hitting ctrl-5 or typing /toggle the shift should be able to happen mid attack. As said above shifting to concussive during a teamfight for a pump up is a great benefit for this skin and it would be great to see this be a more seamless transition in gameplay rather than needing to stop or be out of auto attack range to switch because to be able to play to your best actively needing to move away from lane to change your ability would be a much bigger drawback to the experience of the skin than to the benefits of the music and look. It would be beneficial for the switch animation no be as if you were using one of her abilities than a channel because for any instrumentalist (as sona is) it shouldn't take a channel to switch genres effectively.
: But that would make her like a robot
It would make her like Daft Punk which is even better and very much to the point
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