: Get ready for ARURF+: coming to patch 9.2
How about just removing any limitations in urf again, just like in the first one. No healing debuff, no shroom cap, no all random and please never introduce bans. I don't know who at riot thinks they know what ppl want from urf, but what ppl actually want is the total limitless insanity of urf. If I want to play a "balanced" game, I definitely won't pick URF, I'll pick normals or ranked. And I wanna have the full freedom of picking whatever I want. I wanna try out my favourite champs in Urf and I want to try out new stuff, but I don't wanna spam Janna 5 times in 20 games just because it's random. I'm totally fine with some ppl spamming the same strongest champions over and over again. The mode is for fun and not serious, if others have fun with spamming Karthus every game, then let them have it. And if it has to be randomized which I don't understand even after reading all you "explanations" then please remove all the other limitations. URF is fun when it's crazy and not when it's balanced. And if you balance it, don't nerf something fun but buff something unfun. I think Balancing in urf has to be looked at completely different from balancing the regular queues.
: PBE is crap v2
Isn't the PBE about reporting bugs and testing out the upcoming patches? It's not about playing competitively and casually right? You could play like that on your normal server and complain in the normal forums..
: Failed to connect.
Same for me. I also just created the account so I don't actually own any champions, but play them because they ar free to play. Do you own Vel'Koz on your account or is it free to play for you and can you try playing any other free to play champion if so?


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