: The rioters that make sticky threads read all comment in their own thread :> that's why they make them. Also, chances are higher they read it there than a standalone post
Having tested on the PBE for four years, I can safely say if they do that, it's very recently that they have. Red's have notoriously ignored a great many things on the forums.
: Instead, post it on the [Official Warwick Update Feedback Thread.](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/rpetZmtK-warwick-update-feedback-thread)
Shame the thread's already overloaded with comments and nothing I'd say would ever get seen anyways.
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: BEST NERF EVER? #ManWolfAxeBoss
The problem with what you're saying is that you're implying a nerf to his E is irrelevant. Yasuo needs to be relevant in the late game because of how he works. He's gated by his early game build path because he can't build AD to get what he needs, however, his E falls off at the end game because of the lack of scaling with AD. This nerf to his E hurts his early game, namely because any Yas worth his salt will be maxing E first because the scaling on Q is utter shite. E scales better and provides a safer lane. Cutting down the damage will hurt his early game severely. Stop acting like Yasuo's supposed to be irrelevant in the mid and late game. Those are exclusively where he's remotely good.
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: [NEXUS SIEGE[ ADCs are more favorable than almost any other champ
In my testing, Singed works well here to abuse the tower pushes. Any tank that can abuse turret dives and displace enemy champions are good for the game mode.
: Pirate Ryze Champ Design
In his joke, he channels drinking from the bottle infinitely. His recall animation, however, likely ripped from the rest of his skins.
: So you're saying we should disable Draven's passive and let every other champion keep their passives? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Well, don't worry, we'll just make sure Draven stays perma banned for this game mode so no one has to deal with that bullshit passive that serves to snowball a champion in a game where everyone snowballs at the same pace, so it's an exponential snowball. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Realtalk though, His passive could be outright disabled in this game mode and it wouldn't affect how he plays as a champion. "But now he has no reason to catch axes or push lane" Considering W resets and the fact that the game mode is explicitly focused on pushing, he has every reason without getting a 1.5k gold lead for no reason.
The new pirate Ryze Q is better. He actually pulls his canon off his back to fire it properly.
: Its 20% max HP. You literally are paying 1:1 HP to Damage with under 500 AP Its horrible because laning enemy can dodge it with minion block costing you 20% HP and him nothing. In a trade you are doing just as much damage to yourself as you are to your enemy. NOT GOOD
That's just it though. In direct execution of his Q, that's already mitigated. The issue is Vlad building such an immense amount of health that the percentiles outweigh each other. He can bait you with his Q downtime, charge E almost instantly to slap you in the face, and then Q that health back while you flounder back because you lost to that imminent magecrit heal. He deals damage. That's fine. He just deals too much too quickly to be healthy, in my opinion.
: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
I feel there's an issue with his E. Primarily in that it's too quick to charge while dealing too much damage at maximum charge. The scaling on it is ridiculously high for such a short charge time, on top of its incredibly short cool-down that occurs on cast instead of after detonation. [Seriously, a thousand damage with these health values.](http://i.imgur.com/qECyw1j.jpg) While 10% max health is a steep thing to mash this on, with the addition of Water Dragon and Spirit Visage and the mage crits and heals on his Q at the stack point, he seems like he won't miss it too much. In fact, you can simply use it to clear waves and half health squishies with impunity. ~~Also, rip warmogs.~~
: That's not entirely true. While they don't usually take our suggestions, they usually at least acknowledge our feedback as a community with red posts and discussions. The fact that Shen never even had an official feedback post and that they've ignored us entirely is what's insulting. Shen is one of the oldest League of Legends champions and has a TON of fans. With as careful as they were with some of the other larger reworks, you'd think they would at least give us a Q&A.
From my experience, and this is in testing on the PBE since season 2, Riot's changes only come from an impossibly large uproar over things, which only tends to apply to skins. There are whole cycles where a single red won't pop onto the forums until the next cycle starts, or worse yet, they never do and have interns toss up the Feedback threads. We have had situations where the servers were utterly crippled from a simple mastery change and they didn't look at the problem until nearly a day afterwards, in which it took them a little under five minutes to reset the masteries. Upon testing the masteries, users were locked out to find that they had reverted the mastery that was changed, and the reds were missing in action for well over three days before they realized "Oh, shit, the population on the PBE seems pretty low". This was back in the vital testing period of a preseason. All things considered, Riot's changes only occur if they find something in house or the design or balance lead for that particular project makes a call. This has been the case since season 3 at the least. Riot doesn't listen to feedback, this much I can confirm. Any incident that they do is circumstantial with them just happening to browse the forums or have forced themselves to be there for a Q&A, where they cherrypick answers. More often than not, a report on a hidden issue that goes viral on Reddit is more likely to catch their eye than on their own testing forums, and this has always disappointed me. All things considered, the PBE may as well just be a preview portal at this point and time. With the spaghetti code that League runs on, they can push the exact same patch from the PBE to Live and numerous bugs could spring out of nowhere. Things like wirecrossing, where a queue for a normal blind pick can shunt you into a ranked draft pick, or even the good-ol' panth ult bug where his ulti has a ten second CD for absolutely no reason (As I recall, the first has happened twice, the latter has happened at least times Live. Both of which were immediately fixed, the latter after an unceremonious disabling of our favorite thong wearing spartan.). Basically, the PBE is pointless, at least at this state, with the exception of previewing things in a rather unstable environment. Most people often use(d) it as an excuse to preview their skins of choice, kick and scream when they can't take a look at the newest thing and play with it, and yet they never once push the limits of what anything could do because they still treat the server as a live server. I have the firm faith that riot has seen this and, in that point, chosen to look at their internal testing over any external tests that may be done. I will continue to test things, seek whatever holes there may be, and have my fingers crossed that riot finds them. If they do not, I just pass the warning ahead to most of the people I know that the upcoming thing may have a few issues and to not take the initial results to heart.
: I think they intended him to be a jungler, he's got a really healthy / fast clear and his lack of any sort of range doesn't hurt him there. Also his new W blocks jungle camps attacks so that on top of his shield means he doesn't even really need potions. Good ganks too, honestly probably a top tier jungler. Regardless of strength though I just wish Q was more interesting.
As someone who's played him in the jungle, he's worse in the jungle now than before.
: the only big thing I think he needs is his E granting Damage reduction again. I don't see why they got rid of it in the first place.
Riot's afraid of making him too hard to duel. I'll admit, Shen was rather tough to duel in his old iteration, but this is just ridiculous. Still, with the lack of sustain in his kit, he really needs the damage reduction when he's expected to use his dodge field on his allies more than himself.
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: Please don't kill AD Malphite.
Lets be honest. Playing against AP malphite isn't fun. At all. Pure Armour Malphite isn't satisfying to play as or against. Then you have AD Malphite. It's fun. You have 300 AD, suddenly you have over 400 AD, you've ulti'd into their team, and you're trying to kill their carry before their team can kill you. He's squishy enough that he's not that big of a problem to deal with, but he deals so much damage that he's a viable threat to any and all who come near him. AD Malphite assassinations are what I wish I could do on Olaf. So, don't kill him. Just throw on an AP modifier on the side or something. Not as a scaling, but as a damage modifier.
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: You asked me where to find them and I told you where... It's a shame you're not familiar with hispanic or black women...
>[{quoted}](name=Remix,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=2uarYTrm,comment-id=00050000000000000001,timestamp=2015-02-07T18:28:16.307+0000) > It's a shame you're not familiar with hispanic or black women... Sona is neither
: Her butt looks great. There are many people with similar body structures and it certainly not unnatural. As far as the mask goes, there are people who don't like the concussive mask because it covers her mouth. Also the mouth piece slides It's pretty much the only skin we're able to see from Sona and it's nice to see her enjoying the music in the promo. Also the purpose of the remixed voices are designed to go with the music not to make her seem less human. I personally like her design and the variety in with her mask.
Her thighs are far too large, her ankles look so fragile, and her waist is just far too small. As for the mask, the whole thing is designed to be sleek, but it's severely broken up by the sudden hole in the mask. It's very clearly based on Daft Punk's design, namely Guy-Manuel's, but the sudden opening of the mask ruins that design. As a whole, the remixes are based on her telepathic thoughts alone, which pushes along with the whole idea of the overall design: Robotic, Android, Artificial. This Glory Hole in her mask utterly ruins that.
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: [Vel'koz Bug] Armor and Magic resist
When a summoner is disconnected from the match, a form of Anti-Global buff is placed on them to prevent the possibility of a wild global ulti killing the champion and allowing for them to be farmed by a simple spellcast. Every player gets this buff when they disconnect, and it is removed immediately upon their reconnection.
: [Arctic Ops Varus] No particle effect for his passive
He actually does have the particles, it's just that they don't fit the bow. The red particles don't align properly, the blue particles are just too subtle.
: Might it not be better to just straight up buff cdr boots by leaving them at 15% and reducing the price to 900 gold? I think they're unpopular just because they are overpriced compared to other options. The only people who buy them right now are AD casters, because they have no other good boots choices, and even they prefer tabis/mercs a lot of the time. Even champions that scale very hard off of cdr like Ezreal and Ryze rarely bother with them which is clearly not how itemisation is supposed to work. Berserker greaves are 900g for 20% attack speed and Ionian boots are 1000g for 15% cdr when these two stats are usually priced fairly similarly - in fact, attack speed is sometimes more expensive than cdr!
Because attack speed doesn't reach it's cap as easilly. Now, in terms of focusing on CDR, the reason why they don't bother with Ionian's is simply for the fact of the matter: Its a massive DPS loss in comparison to purchasing another item due to every other item in the game providing you either A: Damage or Survivability with your CDR, or B: More Mobility or Survivability with your boots. As opposed to a really weird pair of boots. Of course, this may just be me ranting in raving on the thought of using ONLY boots to make your CDR problems managable, but there are, currently, so many better CDR alternatives than those boots. That and my Ryze mastery page gives him 10% CDR without runes in the beginning anyways. That's the magic of 4/7/19.
: [Recommendation] Battlecast Xerath Particle Effect Colouration Change
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: Hmmm... that shouldn't be possible. I'll look into it though. Only the base damage of the ability scales, not the AP ratio. Perhaps that is causing your confusion (in combination with different MR values on your targets)?
You may want to apply this onto the tool-tip in that case. It would reduce the number of people running AP with any misconceptions by quite a bit.
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: Yes, I miss the XP "bar" too. I never noticed how much I used it until it was gone xD
Sorry for using your post as a sticky, but tell me what you think of this solution: [Here](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/gaFqgTn9-suggestion-xp-bar-for-new-health-bar)
: I agree with this. I prefer on the side rather than underneath, since the cc duration bar goes underneath. Also the pink is kinda painful and breaks the theme, but the yellow looks nice.
Pink was meant as a general placeholder color.
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: Harder punishment in pbe?
There should be harsh penalties for Toxicity. AFK wise, just push the time restriction on them that live does, but at an exponent of 2. Trolling wise, it depends on what one deems a troll is the problem. It would be nice to have a red systematically look through reports and purge as necessary, but that would take too long. Then again, PBE is supposed to be relatively exclusive as a whole.
: Not connecting.
PBE has always been finicky with its connections. Its very likely Riot's Side, but you have to remember that a beta environment is ALWAYS touchy in its stability.
Riot doesn't have to patch the client, they have to reset Masteries again. "Why does this error occur?" Simply put: You only receive a platform error if the server is trying to register account information that isn't there. Most notably, this has been seen only in the event of Riot deleting a mastery. Initially seen several days ago when they removed Conjuror, it appears they rolled back the Conjuror removal, which therefore removed Feast. Anyone with a point in Feast is receiving the platform error. All we can do is wait for a red to poke his head in to pass the information along and, if they do, pass this message along. **If you remove a mastery, reset the masteries. People will complain, but it will be a lot easier than us lacking the capability to even use the environment.**
: [Gangplank] Possible Tear bug?
Have you...even read the description on manamune?
: Unexpected Platform Error
Its because they removed feast. Anyone with a point in feast is recieving the error. Much like the error YESTERDAY(transitioned from the day before) caused by them not clearing masteries when they removed Conjuror. You'd think, by now, they would reset masteries on removal.
: I disagree, I tend to average 800+ gold using {{item:3207}} (I don't really get {{item:3206}} so I don't know about it) and I average around 500 with Lizard. I got Wriggles once and got to around 500 by the end of the game, and believe me I abused it and farmed the jungle neglecting my team quite often. I just don't think Wriggles is a good choice still, I almost NEVER consider buying it when jungling.
You must not be using a jungler that clears with attack speed. I often end the match with a thousand extra gold from wriggles gold.
: >"Oh, wriggles got the attack speed removed, now its worthless..." Funny, because my point is the exact opposite: Wriggle's is worthless BECAUSE of the attack speed. Or rather, the fact that you need to buy 2 daggers in order to get an item that's ~700g overvalued in terms of cost efficiency. So you say you want an AS item for Junglers. Here's the thing though: the AS on a Wriggle is 25%, and 2 Daggers cost 800g and provide 24% AS. Why bother with an AS item for Junglers when my proposal did little more than take the Daggers out of the Wriggle and tell you to buy something else with them? If you're really an AS dependent FARM JUNGLER (emphasis on the FARM, because otherwise you'd just build a Golem regardless) then putting the Daggers into a different item means nothing to you. Are you trying to run around with Boots + Wards + Pots + Jungle item + 2x Doran's Blade or something? Because of that's the case, you wouldn't even be considering a Wriggle at all. Besides, you seem to have completely missed the "MOST IMPORTANTLY" part, which emphasizes that above all else, what I'm seeking is a dramatically lowered price barrier for the gold generation passive. In fact, I've probably overpriced my proposal since it's presently ~600g overvalued, just to abide by Riot's ideal of not releasing anything as powerful until further tuning. "But wait, the Wriggle itself is still an awful item!" Yeah, but the idea is that you buy it early, farm it so you get more than its value, and then sell it off again when you need the slot. You'd already be doing that with Riot's presently proposed Wriggle, since I severely doubt that 20 Armor and 25% AS is going to do much during the endgame.
But the only people who buy wriggles are people who buy attack speed. People who build wriggles can use the other slot to build some actual attack damage(Hydra), like on Shyvana, Yi, or Aatrox. You also neglect how poorly it would transition the early to mid game for people who rushed the item for gold gain because they wouldn't have the attack speed to maintain their health/damage procs from the item itself. You forget that there has to be a break-point in item transitions that aren't support gold income items because they are designed around the support only getting gold from the support item. These items are balanced around the idea of getting gold income from jungle camps, and, by reducing the cost and adding income to madreds, there comes a point of "Why is Madred's even a step? I could buy a madreds, walk out and kill wraiths and have enough gold for the Wriggles. In summary: Attack speed is necessary on wriggles to complement its effects and to make it so that BorK is more of a "Do I really need this item?" choice. The cost is for gameplay balance, because otherwise you'd be getting too much gold way too easily (and early). Its still a viable item in the late game if you are still behind because of the way camps scale and the fact that dragon could be worth well into the 300's (which wriggles will give you upwards of a hundred gold for.) Basically current wriggles is balanced around providing farming junglers a sense of sustain which they wouldn't have otherwise while still having a balanced cost that wouldn't set them ahead of the ball. If they balanced it in the way you stated, you would be severely disappointed in the fact that they would still have to increase the price drastically so there IS a break point, which would then make it pointless to purchase the item because it would provide no real benefit. Jungle items are meant to synergize with themselves in a fashion that makes it feel like you aren't building any other item to help you jungle better, but rather help you gank better or function in late game as an actual fifth player. As opposed to: "I built a wriggles, now I HAVE to build a zephyr/BorK in order to actually clear shit..."
: When will ping for EU player will be fixed ????
I play with a 200 ms ping on a daily basis (and have done so for my whole life) and I live IN america, this is because of my poor internet quality. I have no problem with it, and I'm going to have to say that anyone who says they do seriously need to deal with it. Gods forbid you have a .2 second ping time. Better than a 2 second ping time.
: Wriggle's Lantern, Ver. 3.0
By ripping out the attack speed, you're cutting down overall DPS so it "can be used by junglers other than..." The point of the items are for selective variation. We currently have a jungle item for Damage, Health, and AP. Attack speed is nice for jungles that NEED attack speed. By "saving" 800 gold, you spend the same if not more trying to make back those stats. This cuts down itemization variation in champions and stagnates the gameplay because they feel like they HAVE to build something. "Oh, wriggles got the attack speed removed, now its worthless, I should just build an ancient golem instead of building two items so I can do something." Note that every jungle item has a requisite cost because their benefit to the jungler is so great. Either don't mess with the end stats of the item or don't change the item at all.
: [Suggestion] Popstar Ahri Name Change
: [Bug] 2 Wriggle's Lantern
Confirming this, going to test to see if there are any unlisted stat differences
: [Suggestion] Nasus' Lifesteal
Except for the fact that he doesn't really have that much early game damage, at least until he gets his ulti. Nasus is someone you have to harrass, a lot. If you play a champion with a blind, you have to blind him when he goes in to CS. I do, however, agree on nerfing his early game Lifesteal, but the lategame is un-necessary due to how unfeasible it often is to get to that state. Of course, blaming this on quints, you can't exactly balance a champion around quints.
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: Confirmed all 5 and i dont think its the masteries as i ran just the bare minimum to reach culinary master.
Its just included for posterity
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: [CLIENT] - Game doesn't start, cannot reconnect
The issue is caused by the initiation of a match, no matter what the actual map is or the prerequisite team comp is. The only viable info I can give is that I selected Heimerdinger in a custom match (5v5, myself and 4 bots vs 5 bots)


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