: Overall the quality for these recolors is what I'd hoped for. I can see everyone picking a different favorite out of these so far. I assume there will be *no* particle color changes, right? Personally I dont have much of a problem with it, but on the SionMains Discord quite a number of people have...voiced their opinion on that. No further comment on that from my part, just letting you know. I'd personally hoped for a reference to the Toyota [AE86 paintjob](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61GZRrm4ymL._SL1500_.jpg) that has gained popularity thanks to Initial D, not lastly due to [walldrifting](https://gfycat.com/HospitableFlippantGypsymoth) being a thing people always get excited for. There is a Herby reference in the Mecha Malphite chroma pack afterall. Or a Thomas the Tank Engine reference, which is basically Internet culture at this point! The 3rd one I was hoping for was one where MZ would use the base Sion colorsceme, black and red, which is basically the Meteorite recolor, so thank you for that one! Overall these are 'yeah but why not *also* X' complaints, there's nothing that'd have to change about these before live, imo. It's a good recolor pack.
Oh ye the AE86 refrence!! The famous Toyota in league RITO please. I can't be the only 1 to like that. {{champion:14}} [KANSEI DORIFTO](https://imgur.com/UtAfvpQ)
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Rengar!
So after trying the skin in customs and testing the combos, I've come to the realization that the skins animations are not that bad, excluding the AA. W has some nice particles, E is good, besides the fact that its kinda too small, R is good aswell, the Q particles and sounds are also fine its just the fact the Q as Rengar's kit is clunky and weird. AA animations on the other hand are awful. Because of the weird state that his knifes are ( he should be HOLDING a dagger in his right hand, not have a claw or dagger like Zed/Talon, the weapon/claw in his left hand is too short) Rengar just punches the enemy 30% of the time instead of actualy stabbing them. People are complaining about the animations, but the problem are Rengar's clunky abillities. Now to the looks of the skin. Rengars iconic feature are his dreadlocks, as he is missing these the head looks small, makes him look weird and not like Rengar at all. The size of his shoulderpads is too huge, he doesn't look feline at all. Dagger on his right hand is way too large as well, it feels out off position specialy when running. The copper coloring is not that bad after you get used to it, but the light blue animations and particles don't go well with it. After waiting for 4 years for a good skin, it just doesn't deliver at all. Rengar is a hunter/trophy hunter, not a robot/transformer and I don't mean the skin theme is bad, it just isn't pulled off good. The skin it self is way to robust for a hunter and doesn't fit him at all in its current state. The skin should just be scrapped/remade from its current state. We've waited for 3 years for a next Rengar skin, we can wait a bit more. I really do not want to trashtalk or anything its just that I'm not really the only 1 that doesn't like this skin.

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