: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hail of Blades
Just a thought. Could we have a keystone down the precision tree (or item) that works in reverse? Maybe a keystone that drastically reduces your attack speed, but increases the damage your attacks deal? Stormrazor introduced a really interesting concept that we've really only seen so far on Jhin and Graves: less frequent attacks that hit harder as a result. I tried Stormrazor on Draven as my only crit item and it ended up being an extremely fun and unique experience. If we had a rune that functioned similar, I think a lot of players would respond well to it. Right now, being a marksman is about two things: crit and attack speed. It would be really cool to take a step back and change up that formula.
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
(OSX) For clarification, I was able to install the client and log in just fine. I'm assuming the shop, profile page, news, etc are all disabled on purpose. The bar in the top left, is that to show that the client is updating? (and does that mean you are able to still access other core functions of the client during an update, just not start games?)
: it's had the notice for hours now. i think since at least 6pm. i want to know when it's getting fixed
I can't begin to express my frustration. The one time servers aren't crammed up the ass, yet games aren't working for osx users. Still going for me. Well over 16 hrs of it right now.
: > 1- the base movespeed nerf (15 MS is a huge number when you don't have blinks or dashes) Yes, this is a big deal, I'll keep an eye on it. > 2- the passive switched onto the E (both his sustain in the jungle and his ganking potential are going down) I think his E's power in a gank is actually a lot stronger now, but maybe not. Why do you think his sustain is going down in the jungle? > 3- the removed attack speed and movespeed boosts on his Q (both his clear speed and his ganking potential are going down) His clear speed should be up due to crystals, yes, this will have some impact on his gank speed. If you get a chance to check out the changes in game, please do let me know how it goes!
Sustain in the jungle: Whereas he could previously stun just about every monster in the camp simultaneously, giving him some leisure about losing too much health to a single camp, he will now have to reposition himself to land the stun on all the monsters in the camp, essentially losing a potential auto and a Q hit, while still taking damage from the camp. Movement/Attack Speed: If the gank persists past the buff, or turns into a skirmish... oh well for him. Also, teamfights that do not occur in the jungle.
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
You guys are extremely beating around the bush with his Q. I've seen multiple people bring it up, but all that is addressed are the other things they mentioned. Please explain to me the context of why all these transitions took place. I get that his E needed to have more presence than just a moderate slow, but now his Q (which previously was his strongest asset, ultimate aside) is even less useful than the E. All the Q does now is give him essentially a Ravenous hit each time it's cast, whereas before these changes, it was everything for him. I don't mind a slight transition of power, but don't completely remove it. His power was essentially cleaved off him, and placed in an aoe buff, that he may or may not even get. EDIT: My concerns were addressed below. Disregard this post or read down a ways to see a more detailed explanation.
: We wanted to give something to Skarner to optimize around other than just run at a guy. Adding potent zones of threat was our take on that for him. Also, I think there's a misunderstanding about how much potential gold these things give out as well, but I'll look into that to make sure they're not giving out too much.
They are only threats if Skarner's team controls them. All this emphasizes is that if he is at any point not in his jungle, there is the potential he will immediately lose that buff, and the enemy team will get a little something-something out of it as well.
: Skarner should still have a pretty reliable tank/lockdown threat (probably even greater than before in this regard, given how is E now works) outside of his passive zones. What the zones really provide to him is incredibly boosted DPS and stickiness
I'm sorry, but that's just not true at all. The E only grants a stun if you land the basic attack afterwards. Once players get acquainted with these new changes, most squishies will immediately back off if they get E'd, ergo no stuns AT ALL. Not to mention, since the stun was moved to his E, his Q just lost a TON of meaning and usefulness.
: So what does this change? He's beefier, and has lost what appears to be a significant amount of his ability to threaten enemy champions with his kit outside of his ult. My question here doesn't concern that, however. What I'm worried about is the strategic niche he's supposed to occupy as one of these 'Juggernauts'. With his power budget now being shifted into self-defense and area-specific damage, what subset of games is Skarner expected to be good in? I can see him having a very narrow band of success against an invade heavy composition, but the enemy team has the ability to undo that as well. From what I'm aware, most of the 'heavy hitters' are meant to have the ability to have a meaningful sustained impact on the game. Skarner's old passive was an assured stun, eventually, with ramping combat damage that pushed him into the role of a sustained fighter with respectable tankiness and damage as well as a heavily disruptive ult. These changes appear to push him more into being a disruptive ult machine without having much of an influence on the teamfight (unless he's standing on a very specific area) The question remains, what strategic niche is Skarner expected to full with these changes, as it does not read very clearly. While his new spires are important to him, their application is narrow, worryingly narrow. On a lighter note, Skarner finally found his kind?
: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
Riot. You guys. Just killed. My favorite. Jungler. Let me start with the Good: -The crystals do offer a counter to notorious counterjunglers and a way to quickly cross the map. -The shield on his W will be a lot more useful and will scale a lot better in accordance with something that he will be building more of. The Bad: -Unless you intend to spend a lot of time in the enemy teams jungle, that's just free 30g and vision they get at the beginning at the game. Say goodbye to invades, and now the enemy teams jungler will have a 30g lead on Skarner, which though it may not be much, is basically a free potion when paired with Scuttle Crab. -His Q is now garbage. This change was fairly major, so it will take a bit of explaining. The Q no longer grants him bonus: damage, attack speed, movement speed, or stacks of his passive. This is VERY significant, as it will excruciatingly cut down on his clear time. I realize he will have the crystals, but his ganking potential pre six with these changes in effect is pretty much halved. In addition to this, when multiple enemies are around him, he will only have the potential to stun those in a small line. This means during teamfights, botlane skirmishes, contesting dragon/baron, he now lacks a LOT of utility in fights and will become more oriented on focusing down one to two targets, as opposed to being able to change targets almost simultaneously if the need arises. Old Skarner had brawling potential. He could not only hold his own in a fight, but also had a lot of utility and cc that he could bring to a team. New Skarner replaces this with a mediocre system that grants him slight control over the jungle, IF his team is good about keeping the crystals, which is just another thing him and his team have to worry about if they lose control of their side of the jungle. He lost a lot of cc, a lot of utility, and most importantly, a lot of ganking potential with these changes. Please, Riot... at least let him keep his old Q, and simply move his old passive to the E and leave it at that. Keep the crystals to give him a hint of uniqueness and some cool bonuses that he can bring to his team, but don't let these other changes ruin an otherwise fairly balanced champion.


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