: Sejuani Feedback Thread
Am I the only one that almost wishes that E wasn't an active but would automatically go off when you land any of your other abilities on an enemy or auto them at max stacks. Or it was similar to her old E and it would just go off on all enemies in range with frost on them? It's not a deal breaker just feels clunky to use the way it is now to me.
: Sejuani Feedback Thread
She has the same problem but in a more extreme case. Her passive stun pop does too much damage and forces the rest of her kit to be really sub par. It also feels bad to max literally any ability as W only does good damage to monsters, Q is weak and has the longest cooldown, and it takes to long to stack frost on a target in most cases. I have to say I am extremely disappointed in the execution of this rework it had good intentions but it drastically missed its mark. It feels that in most cases Sejuani is a bad champion without a 4 melee champion team. Here is how I think it can be fixed. First up nerf the Stun Pop to 10 or 15%. If you do this make it so her ultimate doesn't reset frost timer landing long range ults feels really bad because you can't close the cap to even abuse your passive. Secondly, W damage is too weak. I understand why it doesn't scale from AP but I don't get why it does physical damage. I believe 1 you should change scaling from total HP to bonus HP and also raise the ratios (a lot) to keep the incentive of building tank and 2 change damage to magic. I also believe that the second proc of W should auto pop Permafrost on targets with maximum frost, the skill shot is long and thin enough to be a skillful fair way of procing her E (even if it is on CD). Lastly, I just want to say I understand the direction is that she is a warleader and that she is there to lead her team into battle. But I feel less of that she is preparing her team for battle and more that she needs her team to do anything in a battle. I don't mind the idea of her being more utility based but she is a jungler not a support she needs to be able to do more on her own than you have her now. The unreliable damage rotation of her abilities make me sad nearly every other good tank has atleast decent base damage on their abilities and they are much easier to land/proc. Don't feast/famine a tank kit she should be a reliable source of CC and decent AoE damage as of now the CC is hit or miss and AoE damage is non-existent. P.S. her first clear is garbage wtf
: Sejuani Critique and Suggestions
Passive Stun Auto is too strong all her other moves are super weak. It is really disappointing to play Sej to me now she was better w/o rework and she still has the same problem as before. Too much power on 1 ability making the rest of her kit subpar except this case is more extreme than the last imo.
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
Raise Mana Cost please feels so oppressive in lane.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
Hey I'm a Plat mid main and Zed is my favorite champion I would like to know how the Zed's uhh Villain like mechanic works because it will feel bad if a mage is constantly the strongest champion and I gain low amounts of AD from killing them. It might make more sense to give Zed a higher % of Base AD from Villain I feel. Also I would have preferred you gut Zed's Passive and rebuff his Q because damn it is so weak atm.
: Why is the shockblade zed chroma pack removed from testing?
im literally a little ticked at riot for not releasing any zed skins it makes me wonder would zed even have another skin other than release if SKT1 didnt win worlds? and ekko gets one.... EKKO has been out less than a year zed has been out for almost 3
: Mordekaiser changes feedback
he is meant to replace an adc since when he last hits he doesnt get reduced exp when allies are around so he will be hitting level 6 while everyone else in the duo lane is level 4
: Ekko Feedback Thread
Ekko character design reminds me of Bastion mixed with Transistor is this a coincidence?
: Zed Ult Change
zed is in a dry spell atm 47% win rate i dont really see a need to nerf him atm
: Ideas to improve Warrior and Magus
I agree that right now Cinderhulk is casting a huge shadow over Magus and Warrior right now but idk if buffing Warrior and Magus is the way to go. I think maybe dialing back the speed at which Cinderhulk scaling stats becomes overwhelming is probably the better way to go. Or else we may have to go back to a time where assassin junglers reap havok deciding games before 20 minutes. I think the window for Warrior and Magus junglers to snowball thier team just needs to be larger than what it is now Cinderhulk becomes too effecient too early.
: State Of Reksai
Dude she doesn't need nerfs tank junglers outscale her so fast now with Cinderhulk their really isn't a need to nerf her.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Is it possible that we can get Blue and Red buff to spawn at 2:15 and the other camps to spawn at 1:55 so early invades are less stammering to junglers especially ones that need blue buff to clear quickly. So a jungler can clear with no leash and use there Smite on Gromp or Krugs to aid them in clearing the buffs. If a late invade were to happen laners would miss minions so there would be risk to it. Also junglers could have a choice of smiting a Gromp or Krug camp to help the clear buffs or wait a bit longer and start with the buff.
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: Heimer Swag Not Correctly Executed
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: There are a lot of things that have a secondary action in the projectile that Yasuo's wall just cancels out, this is no exception to it
well Sivir's Q bounces off of it it doesn't completely cancel it. Zed's shadows, Orianna's ball, and Maokai's sapplings will stop at the wall and not be destroyed by the wall.
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: Skarner Rework Back on PBE
Why did you just nerf Skarner in the most recent PBE update?
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: Kha'Zix Changes
How about we put the damage back on his Q but increase the cooldown. I think what bothered people the most is he had a 3 second execute nuke. This way it would opt people to get more CDR or so building brutalizer first over Hydra >> LW.
: Skarner Rework Thread
Skarner feels like he has no niche before he would annoyingly stick to a target now he is just scorpion with no reliable cc aside from his ult. His ganks are really weak because of this no one has to burn flash unless his ult is up. His kit really doesn't make any sense. He can be kited far too easily now. I mean you can only move so quickly before you get diminishing returns and if you stop to AA even if you are trying your best to stick to your opponent he out runs you.
: I still think that morello and executioners dont actually stop tanks all that well - other than mundo and perhaps Nasus, you're more worried about the huge amount of health and resistances the tanks already have, than their health regen. Additionally, by the time morello begins working (below 40% health) The perseverance and second wind masteries begin working overtime as well.
Then perhaps riot should change how Grievous Wounds works in general.
: Xerath Rework V9
I think Xerath ult fires to quickly and is hard to dodge as the enemy.
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: New Vision Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
The 2 trinkets that do work feel really lack luster it honestly feels like every 2 minutes you are playing a guessing game and I don't really find an incentive to use them. Edit: Oracles lens is only good one imo
: Team Builder Bugs!
When I join a group, then look for another, all the cropped images on the mini map are offset for those in the room before me.
: PBE Forum Switchover
@RiotSeb can you be more clear on how long a cycle is and what type of players you are looking for in each cycle. As a jungle main I am not sure why I got accepted because there isn't really much for me to test. Does this mean that this cycle will last until you had some preseason changes? (Wishes you kept Skarner #firstchamp) edit: i play a lot of mid but i never play heimy or xerath
: Rammus gets a texture update next patch
Texture update isnt the same thing as a relaunch
: I think that Yordles as a whole could receive a little pass on things. tasteyimpulse above mentioned Poppy, and I think that Tristana and Poppy are equally in need of some new visuals. As far as kit goes though, I think one of those probably needs it a bit more than the other.
Good sir you have misspelled my summoner name by spelling tasty correctly.
: UX of Team Builder discussion
In regular blind pick there was a way to find out what side you were of the map you were on by looking at the color of the text in queue. Is there a way for us to tell that in Team Builder that I am just not seeing or will their be a way. (Honestly I hope not people may just keep scrolling through teams until they get on blue side) Just some food for thought.
: Team Builder Bugs!
When you are making a room as a captain if you click the search for solo players you cannot switch your champion.
: Personally, I would love a Galio relaunch. He is a very unseen champion who has tremendous potential. I feel like if his kit was manipulated in a bit more of a self centered or carry type, he would be a phenomenal mid laner. You could also go the opposite way and make him a terror in the bot lane!
I believe if you rework Galio you should also rework Rammus in someways since they are similar being direct counters to auto attacking and mage champions.
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: Team Builder Bugs!
My summoner spells default to ghost and heal everytime I queue up is this suppose to happen or is this a bug?
: UX of Team Builder discussion
I joined a group as a solo player, and I was wondering can only a leader kick you or is a group vote to kick someone from the group. If it is only captains I believe this should be changed to a group decision where someone request a kick and the rest of the group votes on it.
: UX of Team Builder discussion
Will team builder only be for blind pick or will there eventually be a draft version of this where you only lock in your role and then go to champion select like normal?
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: [Client]Icons menu crashing client.
Ditto my friends the icon screen is quite fed he keeps shutting me down.

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