: The damage on Cinderhulk only turns on during combat, meaning that if you haven't taken damage or attacked, the fire aura isn't on. This is built specifically for the situations you list.
Ahh that makes sense. I did my testing with Bami's Cinder which did pull agro out of combat during my testing though. I will update as soon as I can test if Cinderhulk does the same. EDIT: Just tested it again and Cinderhulk aura is turned off when not in combat so my mistake. Bami's Cinder aura remaining on makes sense from the comment regarding it progressing into Sunfire though. At the current item build price and typical build order (machete > upgrade > Bami's Cinder > 150 gold to Cinderhulk) doesn't seem like the aura will be an issue. Thanks for the response!
: Tanks on Fire - Incoming Cinderhulk + Gromp changes
From several games using Cinderhulk I feel this is a step in the right direction for tank junglers. However, seeing as how this item will be a must buy for tank junglers I feel it comes with 1 potentially major drawback. With it being an aura, the jungler must maintain a certain distance from monsters in order to not draw agro. This can be problematic when trying to remain hidden in the brush near blue or red buff looking for a steal or kill due to the aura drawing agro. Another problematic area (while much easier to remedy) is near baron, and to a lesser extent, dragon pit. The jungler must be aware when attempting to bait/ wait for teammates that standing too close will draw agro. A possible solution to this problem would be to add a toggle feature which would allow the aura to be turned off when necessary.


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