: Practice tool selects champion at random
First Time i every tried practice tool was today and it happened to me but it thought that it was supposed to be that way lol idk
: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
First off Rakan : Rakan feels like the perfect support, best champ I've seen so far for his role. Perfect meaning : * CC * Healing * Shields * Mobility Everything you could ever need in a support, PERFECTION. I personally think the Cosmic Skin is better than Stock Skin. Next Xayah : I've seen her on all lanes. Toplane she got smashed by a Lee Sin. Midlane she ABSOLUTELY dominated a Yasuo and carried that game. Jungle she was useless early game because of bad gank potential but was very essential late game in team fights . ADC she seems weak, because on the rare occurrences I see an ADC against Xayah that isn't another Xayah, she gets smashed, about 5 games worth of info to elaborate, she lost lane in all of them. As a support she was AFK whole game and came back at 19 mins in to say FF20 and left again. I personally feel the stock Skin looks way better than the Cosmic skin for 1 sole reason, when the feathers land on the ground they look weird and unappealing, maybe if they were a star with 1 point longer than the other 4 it would look more appealing to me but the moon doesn't really spike my interest. My personal Experience against these champs Xayah She's meant to be an ADC right? But she's built with so much burst, it's like Jhin all over again, her late game is extremely strong. Take this scenario for example : 40 mins in game, a Kassadin 16 kills 250 cs at full HP who just bought items and an Ult at 3 stacks randomly jumps on a Xayah 11 kills 320 cs with full HP, with his ult, it hits, 30% of her HP is gone, he tries to E, she ults and avoids it, he's too far to W so he Qs, she WQs, he's at roughly 60% hp, she's at 40%, he tries to walk into her to W her while waiting for his ult to come off CD, while doing this she's kiting him back and healing, when his R comes up he ults in, by this time she's about at 50% again and he pulls her down to 10%, before he could WQ and kill her she Es the 40% HP Kassadin ( ~1000HP ) and Kills him. This story is 4 seconds long. TL;DR > Xayah has too much lategame burst for an ADC. It's the whole Jhin thing over again. Rakan This guy is the perfect support, have I said that before? In teamfights he is the bomb, knockups, charms, small ally shields, personal shields, small AOE heals, In howling abyss he is the most annoying champ to face. He supplies a great deal to the team in the form of utility. He changed the course of the battlefield, and the best thing about him, in my OPINION, is that, he's balanced. All his skills are perfectly balanced although I feel his Q could use a little more range and projectile speed, he's good. He's for the support mains that play mainly champs like Karma and Zyra but aren't as balls deep as the Nautilus, Alistar, Thresh mains. He's that one initiator that doesn't die while waiting for his team to react because of his mobility. The support mains will thank you for this champ for sure. TL;DR > Rakan is the perfect support with his heals, shields, CC and mobility
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It's an issue and a suggestion in 1 cute little bundle
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