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: 7.5 cycle - Aatrox changes coming to the PBE
he feels the same to me passive a little harder to get going but when it does its nice to have
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: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
anyone else thinking they are gonna listen to the community and improve his solo lane
: Morde buff concepts.
only one left would be the 3rd one since all you have to do for the 4th one is build rylais or gunblade and burst kill them before they get out of range
: It might be. I certainly didn't start at 325. In fact, I was very hesitant and moved him down 5 MS at a time as opponents reported being completely unable to escape his onslaught. A major factor for this is that Mordekaiser has the base damage and base survivability to invest into a lot of movement speed items as the game progresses (Our playtesters often build him Targons-->Ninja Tabi->Phage->Trinity Force->Raptor Cloak->Rylai's). I think you might also be coming at this from the perspective of someone who has played "traditional" melee bot lanes, that must function as aggressive kill lanes in order to find any success. Mordekaiser has the scaling and defenses to whittle his opponents down and wait for a good opportunity (like a Thresh hook).
you missed out on the ap part for ludens giving 10% ms
: [Elise] - Q extreme damage and duration bug
the bug sounds like it goes off on the spider form q for the dot damage
: Morde W, let him self cast.
thinking the same thing just dont give the healing part of it
: Harvesters of Sorrow (W) is not castable without an ally champion present. If you are alone as Mordekaiser, you'll have to do without it unless an ally ganks/roams for you. As others mentioned, Morde is still able to solo lane/jungle in our testing, but doesn't shine as brightly as he does in a duo lane. I'm comfortable with that mainly because I do not think that Mordekaiser can ever be a marquee example of a healthy solo lane champion given how stark his strengths and weakness profile is -- An excessive number of his lane matchups are determined either at champion select or through jungler intervention, not through the relative skill of Mordekaiser and his lane opponent. As I began to work on his mechanics though, the thing that stood out was how defined Mordekaiser was by those stark strengths and weaknesses. To round out his kit would have been to compromise him as a champion.
as he is right now most the match ups i been in with him the other team needs jungler intervention due to the harrass you can put out with e and the ult can change the fights
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
my only issue is the w butchering his solo lane potential if you could self cast without the healing reactivate or on a minion without the healing would be nice so you can at least still have the push potential and a potential escape on ganks so you can get away easier
: Is Warmogs supposed to be healing this much?
you would need to do the math to see if it is broken because you get like 4% of max health out of combat on warmogs plus if you have spirit visage you get 150% wich makes it 6% and not 4% so if you have just that 6% of 5000 hp 300 health regen out of combat for the passive plus the 450% of the base health regen of the champ which might be around lets say 40 which is also buffed from spirit visage so it is now 60hp5 so you get a tottal of 360hp5 about
: Regarding the Garen Changes..
the Infinitely stacking shouldn't be like that but they should bring back the tank aspect of his w with the tenacity like they got irilia who can have like 80% tenacity with her passive boots and masterys
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