: I have managed to turn it on while having the curse voice in-game overlay enabled. Did they change it?
Could be the size you have your display set up as but with mine the overlay covered her opt-in note. Anyhow, Curse Voice just pushed through an update for DJ Sona support so no one should have any issues!
: In a ranked? Thought the max was 2 premade.
My B. I usually play SoloQ by myself and didn't realize there was a cap. It could still give too much power to a DuoQ. Especially if one of the duo partners was toxic or picked a champion some would cconsider a troll pick. If it went to vote their partner would more than likely vote in their favor. Also it could create a negative atmosphere before the game even started similar to a surrender vote bringing team moral down. Also I mean this in a seemingly normal start-up, not as an example when someone is blatantly trolling.
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: [PBE Bugs & Feedback] DJ Sona - Feature Highlights
This is not really a bug but it would be nice if there was a chat command to opt-in to Sona's music. I usually have Curse Voice on while playing and their in game overlay blocks her music note by her portrait.
: Vote to Kick Certain Players in Champion Select in Ranked
Could give too much power to 4 man pre-mades
: [Splash Preview] Riot Girl Tristana showing wrong splash
I think I read somewhere that the one in the store is showing the Chinese splash art of the skin. EDIT: http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2ulpbp/new_riot_girl_tristana_splash_art_on_pbe/
: Scared to play Normals in PBE
I think you should be fine. I jumped right in and maybe I got lucky but the PBE community seems a bit friendlier and all the games have been fun.
: It is actually REALLY REALLY REALLY slow, it happened to me too, i just waited a while and it goes back to normal. but with a bit of client lag.
Same. Did not crash jus took awhile. Granted it is a lot of added info all at once.
: Reorder Rune & Mastery pages
This would be a great feature. It may be hard to code with instant switches but I would even be happy with an option to move an existing page up or down in the list. It would take a bit longer to organize but would still be an improvement
: I can sometimes see my enemy respawn.
I had this happen recently too and on the regular client.
: Nemesis games don't appear in match history


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