: Kindred - Two Wolves?
Looks more awesome thoe.
: Can't play custom game with Kindred
Agreed. Having the same problem here. Maybe when everyone will test it out ,you will get the chance. Try in a couple of hours or maybe tomorrow.
: Windows 10 PRO Client Issue
I installed windows 10 also. But did you install directx? I had to install it ,because it didn't came with the new windows.
: Visual bug with the items box
How I fixed it: Just change the windows type to windowed and then back to fullscreen(vice versa). It removes the arrows and when I do that , it removes them for the rest of the game. Hope this helps.
: Nocturn e bug
Can confirm. I used the eternum nocturne skin and the dragon was bugged. Not sure about the other skins. SCREENSHOT: http://prntscr.com/7zjv1p
: Yes,lets copy WoW.
If LoL isn't copied from DotA 2 enough. Just look at tahm kench. There isn't a single unique thing about him that makes a difference between DotA 2.
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: I have this same issue, looking for a fix as well
The next day i updated it well and i am playing it Try to restart PC so maybe you got some updates or smth. I think it worked for me
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: Black Market Brawlers Crash at Loading Screen
Still isn't fixed. I can confirm. Happens to me every single game.
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: HUD: Moving items
: [BUG] MIss Fortue's picture ingame
Already posted. Do you even read what other people write ?
: Healthbar-manabar hud bug
It is already posted. Look below -_-
: ***
With this attitude you should clearly be kicked out of PBE. Don't disrespect other peoples work if only u with your friend don't like it. Go play live servers and stop crying about the perfect HUD on the PBE. I just don't understand you people.
: if you like it thats fine but at least support the the fact that they should have a revert button to go back the the old one please?
I just don't understand what you don't like about it. The design is so fancy and everything. The animations are awesome. It takes a whole less space ,so you can see your enemies more cleraly. It's perfect. I just don't understand you people.
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: Fizz instant crash in Black Market Brawl
It's not fizz's problem. I played 2 or 3 games in BMB and every single one of them crashed before I got in to the game. But my game didn't crash so many times. I just crashed one time before loading and one time 2 seconds after loading. Probably will be fixed soon.
: (7/9) New HUD Minor Bug
This was already posted and they're working on a fix for it.
: Miss Fortune Ult bug in Black Market Brawlers
Everything worked completely fine with me. But still worth checking out.
: I know you are trolling
I'm not trolling. And why does everyone who hate the HUD dislike people who like it ?
: Should be a fix coming in soon. Thanks for reporting.
There are a LOT of HUD visual bugs. I can't see how many levels did I level up for my abilities. (can be seen in the picture) The champion picture has black corners so it looks like a square not a circle.
: Suggestion for champion select
Brilliant idea. With this option you could see what champion you can play in top instead of searching through all of them. It's really a time issue.
: Can't test new chroma packs
I already asked for this. No answer from riot.
: Idea for skins
If you don't like it. Don't say that everyone dislikes it. I personally love the new HUD. I like everything new that riot makes in league of legends.
: Disabled, because we are nearing the end of the Patch.
And how long is the PBE testing cycle until a new patch comes to live?
: Devourer needs potential nerfs
> [{quoted}](name=DBDpurekiller,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=5nw58LQR,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-02T22:18:56.956+0000) > make it so that the second one does 50% damage of on hit. Totally agree with that. They should nerf it ,because it just is too OP.
: Sated Devour, need to go.
I agree that Irelia would be OP with SD and normal devour is also good ,but you don't need to remove an item just because a single champion is OP with it. RIOT will figure out a way. Probably better nerf irela (get it?) and it will be ok. But remember , it's still PBE and everything could change.
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: > [{quoted}](name=LatvianDude,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=ZtxE65Ex,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-02T19:46:18.658+0000) > > The reason that PBE is so calm is that there are no toxic players. NO TOXIC PLAYERS?! O_O You should come join me in almost EVERY SINGLE GAME I've EVER played on the PBE for the YEAR+ I've been here.
I have seen one bad player on the PBE and it was a 0/17 tank syndra. So I disagree with you.
: This is already the case. Riot is our personal Tribunal. Report toxic players so Riot spots them.
Then there would be no players left in EUNE.
: [Karthus Dance] - Anoying scream sound
Going to try this out. It will be fixed soon ,but hopefully I will get my chance to laugh.
: Reporting in the lobby screen
I just played a game with a syndra tank with 1/17 score. That kind of people should be in EUNE ,but not in PBE. The PBE playerbase is much smaller than the live server so RIOT could manually search out for people and maybe kick them from the PBE.
: I just wanted to say, i appreciate nothing more than my account on the PBE
The reason that PBE is so calm is that there are no toxic players. I personally couldn't get in because I rage at my teammates ,so I exchaned my acc with a couple of skins with a friend then I got in. When I was in and launched my first game , I was pumped to test things out and of course do everyones job - trace bugs etc. PBE Has tought me to be calm ,because the community here is just awesome. I like the responses and oppinions of the user wich are good. Compare PBE to eune comments sections. It's horrible. I'm glad to play on PBE instead of live ,because the community was driving me insane ,but now I have changed and I think other normal players should too ,because the community on live servers is just ,excuse me, horrible.
: I want to help improve the HUD!
I disagree that the HUD looks horrible ,but the ability to move stuff around would be decent.
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: might be exclusive to kayle then
: Did you have rangers trailblazer?
Yes. I bought it for faster clear speed and everything was ok.
: Ranger's Trailblazer - Sated Devourer Bug
Everything worked fine for me. Tested the sated devourer with {{champion:121}} and everything was fine.
: Sated Devourer Visual Bug
I have seen brofresco with this problem ,but I played a game today and it had really cool purple particles where the black boxes should be. I guess they haven't uploaded the new textures yet.
: I've never seen the Phantom hit every single AA before. 0.o You may have found an odd bug since I've literally NEVER done a single AA and gotten Phantom to proc, it's always taken 2 AA's.
: Bug with the New HUD
You're not the only one. I have this same problem ,but it isn't on the items section it is above the team player icon section above the minimap. And on my screen they were like in 12 stacks and it was really hard to watch. Hope it will be fixed soon.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: New Chroma Packs are Here!
Will you make the chroma packs cost IP? Because I spent all my RP and I wanted to see , how cool does the chroma packs look.
: As long as he still can't eat Dragon or Baron, I'd say that would be a nice change.


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