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: PBE Lag
In my customs especially, the turrets are taking forever to actually target and attack stuff.
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: About Galio after sadness and playing (Day five)
He honestly has so many new weaknesses. The new ult is rather useless in retrospect and unless he gets the ability to use it on himself in some way shape or form he's going to under perform heavily. They just tried to make his ult less messy by putting it on his w, but that came at the cost of his old shield and sustain. He can no longer protect carries at a longer distance now and he HAS to be up close and person to get anything done. They also changed too much of his identity, and he really has no capacity to be an anti-mage any longer.... wtf...
: Possible nerf to annie?
50-75% I feel would be appropriate.
: new player
How the hell did you run out of RP?
: Teemo Guerrilla Warfare Bug
Thanks for posting this despite it being on the wrong boards... Now I know why he's disabled.
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: Thanks for the video! This is really helpful :) We think this is due to the texture for the blue screen blink (warning particle) being too big (resolution of the texture, not amount of screen space). We're going to cut it down a bit and see how that fixes it. That change should be on PBE tomorrow. Visually there should be very little to no difference, but hopefully it resolves the hitching. :)
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: What you mean at step number 2?
The giant "League of legends" icon on the top left of your client. This pulls you to the home menu.
: i have all champ on pbe
It all balances out in the large scale. You could feasibly get singed 100 times in a row without significantly impacting the overall average. (It would suck like hell though)
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: Lower Priority Queue
PBE is an exclusive environment, treat it as such. If you goof off, even a bit, they could replace you :O
I'm downvoting you because I hate conchs, have a mediocre existence.
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: Client Updating at 40KBps?
It's likely that the client has to unpack and repack when you update. I too have 100MB but get horrific downloads at times while updating league.
: Grasp of the Undying on ranged Champs
I feel like this is really to target {{champion:41}} {{champion:78}} Which whom I'm perfectly fine with if they change it.
: They do read it all, and they don't comment on all; Riot has already answered similar threads like this before. PBE is not really about balance changes and feedback on them, though (unless they ask for it through a sticky thread, take Sona for example): we're more about bug reports and stuff. Riot can gather way more data on live than they can ever hope to gather here. Edit: yeaaaahhhhh you can down vote me all you like but if you want a better answer then I suggest you go look for it through the threads yourself~
Eh, don't look at me, must have been a downvote bot. Too bad riot's too stubborn to actually engage in conversations and work through tough choices with the community. Cause gathering data is clearly not enough.
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