: More RP in Daily mission
Pretty sure the reason they only give 3k RP is to not allow a large influx of players spam the store and cause a lot of traffic through the store. I believe they said it causes stress on the server so they chose a fine line. I mean we already get 3k which pretty much allows you to choose any skin you want in the game at least once a day.
: Can we think of a better way to work Tenacity In URF
I'd much prefer the current system than that. Currently there are champs in Urf where if you get hit with one of their CC and you don't have any tenacity other than the URF buff, you're dead because you can't move. (Morg and Viegar). This is pretty much handing them the golden spatula and allowing them to spank anyone so long as they land 1 ability. A combination of that and 80% cool down is a recipe for disaster and causing a bigger meta shift in URF. Currently the only real problem I have is the full AP support Lee Sin. He's very annoying to play against and there's little to no counter player against it since the shield blocks all damage. I agree that shields in general are broken but Lee Sin can literally shield someone infinitely and their target would take no damage. The only way to deal with it is to either CC Lee Sin and kill his carry or just one shot them before the shield could even come out.
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: Fail To Connect
Were you and are you playing Jhin? It happened 4 times when I got Jhin. All those 4 times it counted as me leaving the game and not loading in at all. It won't allow me to connect. Whenever I play something other than Jhin I can connect and it's all fine, but if it's Jhin, it just flat out says I cannot connect.


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