: [Alert Ping Cursor] Suggestion For Texture Update
I think that's too much to try to do with a quick motion. BUT, the danger ping and the yellow retreat ping are pretty much the same thing. I suggest there should be a ward ping instead there. (ults and enemy escape down shouldn't really be pings... there's go in and get out for that.)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster -- a new system for aggressively tackling Leavers and AFKs
**TL;DR - Riot, if you guys are busy, just skip to the SUGGESTIONS part.** My take on this. **ABOUT ME:** Hi, I've had a ranked 56% winrate in season 4. Mained support, have ACTIVELY tried my best to provide a positive attitude to the team, get people to work together, communicate with them etc. Had a green ribbon at some point (but never seen it again once I climbed in rank, people just forget to honor :(... hell I forget to honor :(... anyways.). **ABOUT MY ISP:** At the same time, I have a shitty connection. My ISP is crap and I CANNOT!! change it (studying abroad, stuck to this ISP, cannot do anything about it). Also, I'm using the MAC client which I must say is not the most stable client in the world (it's quite ok in the latest patches, but crashes are a COMMON thing here). **ABOUT WHEN I LEAVE:** I have never willingly left a game, or if I really had to leave, I told everyone on my team before hand. It happened 1-2-3 times that yeah, I had to be somwhere in 10-15 minutes - I never played ranked when I expected this to happen. Yes, this not 100% stable ISP and not 100% stable MAC client HAVE CAUSED me to leave ranked games without the possibility of reconnection (even though I tried) on more than a few occasions. Probably around 2-3% of my games if I do the math (5-10 out of my ~330 games? I'm guessing here). **ABOUT OTHER PLAYERS:** Whenever someone leaves, someone on the team starts raging. I never report someone for leaving unless he also raged in the game, as I usually understand that as a DC. Especially if the leave doesn't seem to be a ragequit. What I find more bothersome, on the other hand, are people who go AFK while still being connected! THAT'S BAD! DOES LEAVER BUSTER HANDLE THIS? People who just stay in base, place random wards and just dance/joke and rage in chat without playing? Screw people who DC, punish THOSE AFKs. **ABOUT RIOT:** If you guys start punishing me for having a bad connection, even though I try to be a model for the people I play with and a be team player, I will consider suing you! **SUGGESTIONS:** You want to improve player behaviour and reduce leaves and AFKing. I'm pretty sure leaving the game is connected to player toxicity, and it's not a single data point to show how much a player is damaging games. I agree, punish people for leaving, but don't punish them JUST because they were not in the game. Don't indiscriminately ban everyone who leaves, use all other data you have to "separate" jerks who leave from good players who are having a bad connection. I guess you don't want to force people into buying better internet subscriptions because you punish them, I hope your goal is to stop jerks from leaving.
: Player toxicity and machine learning
Of course there are a ton of different (good) things you can do once you know a player is toxic (like notifications, emails and so on). But my point here is not about what to do with toxic players, but about finding them. Riot has some pretty good ideas of what to do with toxic players and some really good intentions and goals from that angle (reform and such). I posted this to raise the question: Is being reported a good metric to determine if someone is toxic? Mainly because I agree with you, I either don't listen to toxic players, forget to report them, and in some cases I actually succeeded in turning them around mid game (by just being a nice guy). Could an algorithm detect if a player (or game) is toxic better than reports can? > and thanks that player for participating in cleaning the League of Legends community Oh yeah, I haven't seen a ribbon on practically anyone in AGES :(. Everyone forgets to click the honor button as well...
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: Minion Support
Haha, customising minions, sounds fun, like giving them mini skills or something. The problem with minions though is that they are not an ally/enemy, they are a resource pool. What is really important about them is that they have to be predictable at any point in the game (you know, melee minions have to take 2 hits from a turret + 1 from a champion to die and such). I'm afraid upgrading minions would break that. Would break anything that's related to wave and resource predictability (where minions are, who they target, how long they take to kill etc). I don't expect riot to make a move in this direction considering it breaks clarity (which is as far as I remember one of the core values when designing the game).
: Make New Icons and Champion Skins with Visual/Kit Rework cost IP?
On the other hand, most upcoming reworked skins just have a texture update. The animations didn't change, sound effects are the same, Riot announced a huge effort to do texture updates. There's not much to test about a new image. Therefore Riot may not really need to test most of them... PS. Yes, I agree with OP, that any new or updated content should be 1 IP on PBE to help with testing it.
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: Thanks for the response, it seems now that it is fixed. But I do have a recommendation. I don't like that I can't just click on it in the "Match History" spot in the client and the stats that would show up prior pop up. I wish it still did that but had a button to open up the more detailed stats. I find it kind of annoying that every time you click one it has to open it up in an internet browser.
As far as I know, they are updating the client (new landing page and such on PBE? new visual style for Team Builder compared to the rest of the UI?...). We may see the new charts included in the client at some point. My guess is we'll have a visual overhaul in the next few months...
: I can't even seem to access the match history. When I click it it opens up a page in google chrome saying "500 error"
I sometimes have issues when accessing direct links there... but if I go to leagueoflegends.com, then click the match history button... I have no problems
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: Why we need Team Builder on the PBE
Also note, it's important to test how other champs work against the new champion (ie Braum in this case), not just how Braum works.
: Game Chat Room
This is not about PBE, this is in general. I just get better constructive feedback on ideas here, than on general forums, sorry if this is not posted properly. Just tried to find a very simple solution to a problem I have. The inability to contact my team when bugs happen.
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: PBE Forum Bug - Can't see ANY text from some browsers (inconsistent)
I have the same problem in Chrome 32.0.1700.102 on OSX. The site works fine in Safari. I was unable to read anything in this forum for the past 2 days in Chrome.
: I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned or not, but it could also be helpful if Captains could pick what roles they wanted to search for instead of just positions. Last night, I tried to do 2 top, 1 mid, 1 jungle, and 1 bot and all I kept getting was supports and ADCs for bot (this was sort of expected because it is the most common way to play) when I really wanted to be able to have a good solo-laner bot. If I could have specified what roles I wanted I could have avoided this, although I would have had to wait a lot longer. This could also help with OP's problem of making a good team composition, if you want to go something squishy and really want a tank top then you could specify that (and hopefully someone didn't queue up as top lane, tank kog'maw or something...)
This is the plan, but they can't do it on PBE because there are too few people.
: As I suggested in bugs forum posting there, I guess the Captain role should be "earned" with a system similar to the ARAM rerolling points. As far as the Captain is allowed to kick out players from the lobby and every solo player can quit at any moment I don't see where the problem is for all this people complaining. Players have been given freedom to choose what to play. If You want a meta based game, go for it. Maybe You're in the mood for a different meta, go for it, is your choice. And if anything happening dislikes You just quit! Meta based compositions will be freely accepted by the team members because they've been given the option to stay or quit. Being away from meta game, or why not, even trolling, will be an option for every single player aswell because they've been also given the option to stay or quit. Further away, my experience with the team builder games was that everyone participated in the lobby chat, we could not change roles or champs, but with this communication about getting close or away to meta game some kind of "commitment" was born. This got us all to enjoy the meta based games aswell as the trolling games because everyone talked about it in the lobby and if just anyone disagreed just friendly quitted to look for another team. That was all. Easy. Nice, nice feature. When released to normal games this will change for good the way we play this game. Sorry for my englando, not a native speaker here! ;)
I'm glad you think that way :) and so do I. I found one game where it went haywire because of this system... and I kinda had to set everything up to go haywire. I'm really glad most people do not have issues with TB. Nonetheless, since I'm testing, I also wanted to exploit to find potential problems when people may start exploiting it. Now it's up to Riot to decide whether this is a problem or not. I'm quite happy that there are mixed feelings about the toxicity issue in this thread and people do not expect it to be a serious problem. Go Riot! Bring us TB on Live :).
: I joined a game today that had all 5 players top. We literally took out the top two turrets about 3-4 mins into the game. It was fun actually. What I don't really understand about your post is that once people enter your team they can clearly see what the current setup is. If they don't like it they can leave or you can kick them. The TB gives you like and hour to set up and get playing. That leaves plenty of time to discuss what is happening and possibly change some things around. I do agree that the way you set up your social experiment does allow some circumventing of the TB system, but it's bound to happen. Toxic players will always exist, and toxic situations will happen from time to time. It really depends on the willingness of the team to be "team players" really. Not everyone is a team player. One thing that can always be accomplished in the TB is communicating the intended outcome. If there's no communication to start off with then start booting people and take the chance waiting to find a team willing to follow that intended outcome.
Toxic players will always exist and I agree that by going as a team builder you have all the control you want to not get a toxic game, at the expense of waiting longer for the game to start. You have some control when going solo, but not as much. But even on Live - you tend to have the more toxic players in blind pick then in draft. Where will team builder fit in?
: @laserbeam 3 Hey i completely agree with what you're saying and your opinions. I understand that team builder was designed as a way to help create a better environment for League players but the several games i played turned out horrible. Maybe it was just my luck but it wasn't so much the game mode as it was the players. I understand that error will happen but i feel that they allow a lot of freedom in the picking process, that leads to problems and toxic games. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for breaking the meta but there is a line and i feel people cross without realizing it because of this freedom.
This is what I'm interested to see. I love Team Builder and it's brilliant but it may create too much tension before the game. Must explore this aspect more in depth.
: I think the Teambuilder should have something like "standard meta" or "classic team" so that solo queue players can choose if they just want the standard meta which will be 1 Top 1 Jungle 1Mid and 2 bot,and then the other option should be for players who are ready for an experiment or are ready to get into a really crazy matchup.If such things get implemented at least no one could flame about it(probably some rather intelligent idividuals will still do so) and there should be an extra report option for such situations.What i thought of is that if the Tribunal finds ypu guilty based on a Teambuilder report, you should be banned for a limited time just from the TB.
I do not agree with a "standard meta" option. Riot does not want to enforce a meta upon players. Everyone should be able to play in their own style. The current way Riot does it tells you nothing about how the game should be played - the roles are the same ones you see on the website when looking through champions and filtering them, and the lanes are not restricted in any way.
: It seems like most of your concerns stem from the long queue times with Team Builder. Please keep in mind that you are playing on the PBE, where the total number of players in queue is on the order of several hundred times fewer than on NA or EUW. Overall I'm not sure what your concern is. If you're saying that players will resort to tricking people in order to get a full team, I don't believe that will be a problem when TB ships live. With hundreds of thousands of players on NA/EUW it shouldn't be very hard to find some one to play any role.
Sorry I was not clear. My concern was: does breaking the meta with random people lead to higher toxicity? Does giving people the ability to force other players to play by other rules than what they expect, lead to higher toxicity? I wanted to start a discussion and see if other people noticed this as well. On the other hand, related to anti-abuse, people may circumvent the system to get shorter queue times by playing a bogus meta - I managed to do this. I abused the system with ease (I know anti-cheat/abuse mechanisms are not in place). Although I do not know how you would detect this, or if there is any point in detecting this. Also, all of the people in my team were looking for the standard meta and neither of them dodged to look for a new team. Does this mean it is not obvious enough what they are queue-ing for? or does it mean there should be a longer minimum time in the team lobby before they can click "Ready" for them to understand their team and decide to go with it?
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: Changelogs
Hi Riot, A few patches ago, you changed the notification system in PBE (the one where you say servers are down, maintanace is coming, ranked is disabled and such). Would it be too hard to write 2 lines there when you make a balancing change? Such as: > Riven's base regen was lowered from A to B while her shield's strength was increased from X to Y. > AwesomeNewChampion is available for testing. > Champions with reworks live on PBE: Xerath, Skarner... > New skins on PBE for: Renekton, X, Y... The current system let's you see way more notifications than before, and I think it would work well to use it for this on PBE as well. You could leave these posts there for 2-3 days and either delete them automatically or manually if you revert the particular change. This could work as a mini changelog for which you don't have to implement anything, and would instantly show people what needs testing. It's already in the interface, you can already write messages there, and more than one, why not use it?
: Currently there's an automated feature that replenishes your RP and IP on a weekly basis if you are running low. However, I'm looking into potentially changing this. For example, is there any reason you would need more IP when you run out?
Technically, if we should be able to test everything, we should be able to get all the skins and runes eventually. The current system makes it ok that you don't get overwhelmed by all the choices at once. It also makes it that players buy stuff from the shop every once in a while, and thus they enter the shop (to find bugs in the shop) As much as anyone may want to have infinite IP and RP, I think the current system is better for the sake of testing.
: Question: Are you playing with a different language setting?
Nope, one of the english choices... do not know which one.
: What is "a long time" ? It is possible that it is noticeably longer than you're used to when using the store because usually when you buy something it only adds one thing to your account. If you're talking longer than ~20 seconds let me know.
It takes longer than 20 seconds. I tried buying it just to see what happens (already had all the champions). My client hanged for about a minute. It's understandable that it takes a while, but there should at least be a warning that the client may hang when purchasing this. - it came back to normal after 1-2 minutes. As most people do, when a piece of software is unresponsive for more than 5-10 seconds, I tried to kill the client. I also fired up the Activity Monitor (MAC client here - aka task manager) but did no see any abnormal CPU/MEM usage.
: Well lets say there is a bug when leveling up with champion XY you wont be able so see it unless you create a bots game and level yourself up which is at the end same as before. It should have some -pbe or so startup parameter so you can (bots game only) change your level ingame.
yeah, a dev console would be great, but that may be harder to implement or take time
: New Audio Engine on PBE!
Equipment: Stereo headphones on a MAC. Default drivers (not using soundflower or any form of equalization, both disabled for this test. Test ran for Xerath, Irelia and Teemo on PBE and Teemo on Live. For all tests sound levels WERE aranged until I got to a point where I liked the balance (music didn't overpower other sounds, announcer voice was not extra lound and so on. 1. Sound effects feel a bit cleaner on the new engine and panning is a bit improved. The clarity of sounds MIGHT BE JUST PLACEBO. I may be just expecting a cleaner sound because it's a new engine and hearing it... or just the volume levels are slightly differently aranged. Note the difference is minor and I kinda have to struggle to notice it. 2. Panning is a bit better, I'd really consider just changing how panning works in the old engine than write a new one as that seems to be the only thing that was improved. On Live panning just jumps like crazy and one HAS to position their camera quite specifically if they want to hear champion voices. 3. There are bugs with sounds not playing. These were already mentioned. Only ones I want to talk about were Xerath's skills: his Q, W and R made NO sound effects and his E seemed delayed. Projectile hit enemy and the sound felt 0.1 seconds late. I'm really not sure if immersion justifies an engine remake for sound. The choice of sounds is much more important for immersion than the engine. Do you have any research to back out that the changes you want to make will actually improve immersion? (This would also be helpful for my university projects). I think it would have worked for you guys to just adjust panning so it wouldn't be so extreme when moving the camera.
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: Team Builder Bugs!
I've experienced a router failure during team building. I wrote a somewhat lengthy post here about this: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/W6EwZP6k-teambuilder-pvpnet-disconnect-behaviour-mac-client Riot, if you need more data feel free to contact me, I can give any additional data you need. I am running from the MAC client.
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: If the banning is made after the champions, roles and positions are picked, won't you think that it will work weird? Shen, ammumu, etc... are repeatedly banned specially in low ELO/MMR. Don't you think that most people that would queue with these champions are just queuing with the purpose of changing them later? I don't know the real answer to those questions. I just suspect that they are true with the knowledge I have. What do you think?   That's a good extension idea the same way that it is in riot's TB TODO list. Nothing against it and it is probably a good idea ^^.   Hum... Good point. Also because the matchmaking of this system is more complex (AKA verbose) than TB's. There's more to compare and match than anything we know that exists on LoL. You got a serious point there. I don't know what the best way of testing this is, actually. I also have absolutely no clue about the tools (includes frameworks) riot uses to develop this. One thing's for sure: There's a decent amount of code for this system that is a reuse of code from other queues and systems that riot already made for LoL.
The only way I see this could work is to que for lane & role, instead of champion & lane & role.... once you got the role assigned everything can go as usual in picks and bans
: [Idea TB][Comment/Discuss pls] Team builder for draft pick
There's a problem with over complicates banning. I really think nothing should be changed to banning, once matchmaking was done do banning and picking as usual. You have plenty of time as a team to discuss bans in team setup before matchmaking, use it. Don't add a weird convoluted system in play, that can break and that people don't want to deal with because it takes time. It may even work if you queue for multiple positions... so you would have 3 options (e.g. mid assassin, top assassin, mid mage) and you could get picked in a team with any of those 3. But as with the current TB, you need some tests to see how this would work. You first need to test queueing for positions, then test the complex banning system of yours. Trying everything at once would be much too much to handle for any team developing these features.
: Hum... Do you mean something like this? http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/AJcHfEK1-idea-tbcommentdiscuss-pls-team-builder-for-draft-pick
No, this is not related to ranked. All I mean is TB works great at experimenting with the meta and trying champions in unorthodox roles AND also having the consent of your teams. At the same time, there should be some system for anti-abuse. I cannot imagine how that system would work though. My opinion on ranked games is that TB should not be used there YET, maybe with some changes. I'll give feedback on your idea at your own post ;)
: 1. Supposedly not an issue outside the PBE. 2. Give it TIME. wait before TB is outside the beta state then this could be considered. 3. Interesting idea and point...
2) sure, I never said do it NOW... it's just :) my feedback. I'm just explaining this in as much detail as I can.
: AIR Client Bug in Store: Sort Skin by Champion [Mac Client]
I found another problem with this. After this bug occurs, any other sorting option will not work. Going back to sort by prince, release date or name only affects skin sorting for each individual champion (say popstar ahri and dinasty ahri might swap places...). This bug does not only break the visuals, but breaks sorting until ending the shopping session.
: [Request]Team builder at EU times
As far as I understood yesterday, enabling team builder requires an active crew from Riot (to monitor, collect data, spectate... whatever) - I think this means it has to be during their work hours, and at a time when they have a lot of people online. Kinda hard to place it at any other time :(. Yeah, I'm from EU, I'd love other times as well.... but 22-01 is reasonable for 2-3 games to test.
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: team builder queue time management suggestions
There are some similar ideas of showing what captains need from solos to select in order to complete their team rather than what's generally unpopular. See http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/gameplay/aBJibOTR-some-teambuilder-ideas (and search the forum) for other similar topics :).
: Going to add on to this since this thread has a good label for what I wanted to suggest. This system alone will be a godsend for not only normal que but also Solo Ranked ques, since EVERY troll out there thinks its still role call and not pick order. Being able to que for the Role you want and then pick a champ when it comes time for you in the pick order, will kill most of the trolling happening now in ranked. It wont kill it all, since someone could still que as support, and not play a support champ ect ect. Locking out champs would be one of the best ways to kill trolling (by not playing a proper champ in XX role). Example: You que as a Support just because you don't want to wait 8 million years for an ADC que. You plan to still be an ADC, even tho you are not qued for that. Your time comes to choose, and you see only the 3 support champs you own. Now granted this system would "enforce the meta" since champs like Annie are not support champs, but people still use her as such (she is by no means labeled one). You would only see champs that are labeled Support (in both Primary and Secondary role Lables). Now this would be for RANKED only, and not Normals where the meta can be changed/challenged all the time. However in Ranked.....that kind of stuff just doesn't belong (I am all for changing the meta, but not at the cost of ranked games where crap matters). Anyways thats my 2 cents in on what I Would like to see for this game mode to save the ranked solo que. No more squabbles or crybabies over lane preferences and pick orders. Everyone will get the lane they want.
Ranked games are a little different than this. There's still the aspect of banning which is important in ranked games that you can't include here. Yes, there will be trolls queueing as supports for short queues and still going mid, but the whole idea of selecting your roles and lanes unrestricted by anything means you can explore the meta. Up to now, you could only explore the meta in a premade scenario 90 seconds was BY FAR not enough time to discuss a strategy in blind pick and even in draft mode there was rarely enough. You could never discuss: guys, what if we run 2 junglers and constantly gank mid until we get an early turret, how would this play out? This is what TB should do, you have a captain thinking of a strategy who then looks for players to try that strategy out. Also, for solos, they can break the meta by specifically telling what role they want in a team. There have been discussions about playing Vi as a support in chat yesterday. This is much easier to try out with this new interface. The downside of both these are longer waiting times and poorer matchmaking quality. I do agree there have to be some anti-cheat and anti-abuse systems. Yes, exploration is brilliant, as long as it does does not kill the experience of your team mates. However I do not think locking out champs is a good idea. I strongly believe anyone should be able to play any champ in any role, but if you do not agree with me, it's perfectly fine to refuse a champion in team builder if it does not fit your needs.
: I can chat a little bit about these efforts. Since the changes to the PBE platform last year all PBE accounts are linked to their owner's NA or EUW/EUNE accounts. This has been a major step forward for PBE anti-toxicity for two reasons-- 1. We can take into account the toxicity of players before we let them into the PBE. We're currently tracking toxicity data for a large group of players we let into the PBE last month and so far the numbers show a lower toxicity ranking on PBE (for these players) than the average on NA. There are still quite a few legacy PBE accounts that were let in before we started pre-screening based on their live accounts but we intend to remove these over time. 2. Since we can look up your main account based on your PBE account this may be a large incentive to behave on the PBE. We're not currently tracking any data on this because at the moment we think the pre-screening based on behaviour approach is very promising, but still we do have this option.
If you lock PBE accounts to main accounts, is there any chance you could give a little IP on the main server when playing on PBE? Doesn't need to be full amount. It's still time spent in the game and the IP gained on PBE is a bit less meaningful considering the huge inflow of currency every week.
: Thanks for the feedback. We'll be keeping a very close eye on queue times, but the PBE is also traditionally a smaller server. We're definitely interested in expanding Team Builder in the future with more features, such as possibly allowing multi-role or multi-champion selection; however, we're taking it a step at a time with Team Builder because we're testing so many different things and completely re-designing the Champion Select experience. The current version of Team Builder also doesn't have a few of the anti-abuse systems in for Captains/Solos, so we're seeing a little more leaving than usual on the PBE.
Lyte, keep in mind that some of the leaving is for testing purposes. I for one have only played 3 games, but left several times to test different things. Trying different lane and position choices, looking for bugs testing out how invites work and so on. I tried to not break the experience of fellow players and I did not stay in a lobby for more than a few seconds when leaving on purpose and I presume some other players left for testing purposes as well ;)
: Some Teambuilder ideas
I do not wish to start a new thread because this is really close to what I wanted to say :). Great job Riot. Beautiful and intuitive interface, kudos to everyone on the UX team. I'd like to build on top of 4. 4.1) Show different players different things in this "most needed section". For example supports may be needed for silver and bronze MMRs but junglers for gold and platinum. Tailor "most needed" to player skil to help with your matchmaking. 4.2) This reduces the paradox of choice. It's much harder to choose from 50 champions than from 5, sometimes you want to try new things but there's an overwhelming choice in front of you... and you finally decide to go with a comfort pick. A bit of randomness in this "most needed section" could help players explore the game. 5) When being a Solo player, there's not a lot of feedback on what the captain is doing. So far I was unable to tell when a captain refused someone (it may be the case that so far all 3 captains I played with accepted everyone). On Live servers, I'd like to know when a captain keeps refusing players. Furthermore, it may be very annoying when a captain leaves the game and all solos now have to return to the queue. It may be a better option to promote one of the solos to captain. After all, all other players in the team can come and go as they please. Beautiful interface. Much better than what was in blind or draft picks. Information is much better structured! Can't wait to see how blind and draft modes will look in this style once you guys update them (and would love to test that UI as well). So far I haven't seen any UI bugs (other than what's already reported in the dedicated thread). I think it would be quite easy to have the exact same layout and have enemy champion icons and names where the map currently is for draft pick, and blind pick doesn't even need to look any different.
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: AIR Client Bug in Store: Sort Skin by Champion [Mac Client]
I've managed to reproduce this bug in the Mac client in both the Live and PBE client. This does not happen every time. The first time I went to the skins menu and tried sorting by champions everything worked fine. If I then went to a different menu in the shop and returned to Skins the bug manifested as described by Deathmaffo.
: Nidalee Spear & Nocturnes Q Interaction
Tried replicating this with a Nidalee and both an allied and enemy Nocturne. We were unable to get the spear to disappear for any of the players taking part in the tests. We tried shooting from bushes, from outside visual range, having nidalee hit by duskbrinker, shooting from duskbringer trail without being hit, shooting from outside duskbringer trail across the trail... nothing seemed to work. The spear was visible at all times when it should have been. Test 1: classic nidalee, classic ally nocturne, eternum enemy nocturne on Summoner's Rift Test 2: headhunter nidalee, classic ally nocturne, haunting enemy nocturne on Howling Abyss If the bug exists, it didn't show up for us - Client version: 4.1.14_01_10_19_11
: Twisted Fate Q minor bug, confusing
I can confirm this bug. The middle skill shot indicator is aimed in the direction {{champion:4}} is looking while the other 2 are aimed as if he was looking directly up (north). http://i.imgur.com/FUzpl1V.jpg
: We're currently evaluating how to serve the need this feature addresses. Here's a bit of the conversation that's been going on: * Convo started because I wanted a way to give testers a basic level of feedback on their bug reports without adding "You have to type a response to every report you read" to our QA team's workload * Would it feel weird to have your report marked, but not be reflected in the bug megathread? * Ex. our testers can't reproduce the bug or it's something working as intended. The people who collect tester reports aren't generally the same people who develop fixes so it's very hard to reliably have the expert track down the original report and say "this isn't actually an issue", especially since that's time they could be spending fixing further issues * If you write a report on the same issue as someone else, but their thread gets flagged and yours doesn't, how does that feel? * "I reported this first" is definitively spam (though "I saw this too, and here's some more information" is definitively **NOT** spam) * What is the saturation threshold before the tag becomes meaningless? As we do more exploration we'll likely be asking you guys for your thoughts as we roll out prototypes and concepts. In the meantime if you have any thoughts (especially from the devil's advocate perspective so we can get a gauge on what we might be chicken little-ing) I'd love to hear them.
This sounds great. How about having a set of tags related to feedback you often need to give, not just one tag. "Riot read this" is probably not very meaningful, but you could use something like: * bug confirmed by Riot * bug fixed by Riot * feature is being discussed internally by Riot Obviously tailor these to what you often feel you need to say. Related to flagging a tread or another - is there any simple way of marking a thread as a duplicate or closing a thread? Do moderators have this ability? I doubt it would be a problem if a between 2 duplicates of a thread only one would get marked by riot. Yes, a person may not get gratification for finding a bug, but the community would still know: Riot is on the case. Bonus points for tags - allows filtering of threads. May help you internally to keep track of community submitted bugs (but since you guys have been working on LoL for quite a few years now, I presume you already have a system for this ;) )
: I spoted a gingerbread pink ward just walking around
Pink wards are visible. You do not need stealth wards (green) to see them. It is perfectly normal to just walk around and see them. Replays are either disabled or they do not work, but nothing new here.
: [Summoners Rift] - [Katarina] - In game Level reset from 13 to 1
(I am not a riot employee, this is speculation, if anyone can confirm this is the actual behaviour - please do) The game state and logic is handled by the server. All damage, movement, buffs and so on are calculated by the server. What you see on your computer is just updates you get from the server - aka the server tells you your champion actually moved 20 pixels left. In case of extreme lag, some packets may end up corrupted or not reach your computer at all, and then you only get parts of the current game state. As in you see only half your stats as they should be. I once got stuck with Kogmaw in lane because my movement speed got set to 0 in one of these (I presume to be) packet losses. As I can see in your screenshots, something similar happened (your AP, LvL, Armor and Mr were messed up over wifi). I believe this is a quite hard to fix problem, but riot, best of luck solving it! PS. Riot, if the servers handle logic and I get a wrong packet from the server saying my movement speed is 0, if I right click somewhere why can't I move? Why doesn't the server take my MOVE THERE command and use the movement speed stored there to recalculate the position of my champion? PSS. In my personal experience with these kinds of bugs (on live servers) the information the client receives is usually reset and corrected upon death.
: [Runes] Build rune page
I confirm this current behaviour. Besides fixing this bug, there should also be some clear indication in the rune page editing interface, that right click can be used to add or remove runes from a page. As far as I can see in guides online (and as far as I build rune pages) most people use same runes in all 9 slots (or 3 for quints). I suggest using middle click to add (or remove) all available runes of a type to (or from) a page. E.g. middle click your 6 flat AP marks in the rune list would add them all to the page. Middle clicking your 5 magic penetration marks afterwords would add 3 of them to the page (because there are only 3 slots left). Not sure how middle click would work for removing runes, it would either remove all runes of a certain class (e.g. marks), remove all runes of a certain type (e.g. flat AP marks) or do nothing thus players having to remove runes individually or to use the clear page button.


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